Mathieu Sellier

ProfessorMathieu Sellier

Head of Department
Civil Mechanical E508
Internal Phone: 92383


Research Interests

1/ Primary research interests
- Fundamental research in theoretical/computational fluid mechanics: my research interests span a wide range but typically revolve around interfacial fluid mechanics at small scales with applications in microfluidics, for example, or at much larger scales such as geophysical flows. Another speciality of mine relates to inverse problems such as the identification of rheological laws or the optimization of slider bearings.
- Modelling of material forming processes
2/ Secondary research interests
- Modelling geothermal systems
- Combustion in lime kilns
- Aerodynamics of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft
- Modelling blood capillary networks

Recent Publications

  • Aghajannezhad P., Sellier M. and Becker S. (2021) Patching Hele-Shaw Cells to Investigate the Flow at Low Reynolds Number in Fracture Networks. Transport in Porous Media 136(1): 147-163.
  • Manickavasagam AK., Gutschmidt S. and Sellier M. (2021) Hydrodynamic loading profiles of viscously-interacting blocks subject to different stimulus locations. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand (TNZR)
  • Mohebbi F., Evans B. and Sellier M. (2021) On an Exact Step Length in Gradient-Based Aerodynamic Shape Optimization—Part II: Viscous Flows. Fluids 6(3): 106-106.
  • Zhao D., Ni SL., Sellier M., Li W., Li X., Chen X. and Cao F. (2021) Thermal Performances and Emitter Efficiency Improvement Studies on Premixed Micro-combustors with Different Geometric Shapes for Thermophotovoltaics Applications. Energy
  • Bideau DL., Chocron O., Mandin P., Kiener P., Benbouzid M., Sellier M., Kim M., Ganci F. and Inguanta R. (2020) Evolutionary design optimization of an alkaline water electrolysis cell for hydrogen production. Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 10(23): 1-30.