Mark Stringer

Senior LecturerMark Stringer

2nd Year Director of Studies
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E436
Mark's main research interest is in the cyclic behaviour of New Zealand soils.


Research Interests

Mark obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, following research on the axial load distributions on piled foundations in liquefiable soils using a geotechnical centrifuge.

Since joining the department at the University of Canterbury, Mark has been involved in a series of element testing projects on New Zealand soils, including the silty soils around Christchurch and more recently, the pumice-rich deposits of the North Island. As a core part of this work, Mark has been trialling the use of the innovative gel-push samplers developed by Kiso-Jiban consultants in Japan.

Mark is currently a co-supervisor of Ross Waters, who is building a true-triaxial device to investigate the potential for hydraulic fracturing in dam core materials.

Recent Publications

  • Stringer ME. (2012) The axial behaviour of piled foundations in liquefiable soils. Cambridge, UK. University of Cambridge.
  • Cappellaro C., Cubrinovski M., Bray JD., Chiaro G., Riemer MF. and Stringer ME. (2021) Liquefaction resistance of christchurch sandy soils from direct simple shear tests. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 141
  • Beyzaei CZ., Bray JD., Cubrinovski M., Bastin S., Stringer M., Jacka M., van Ballegooy S., Riemer M. and Wentz R. (2020) Characterization of silty soil thin layering and groundwater conditions for liquefaction assessment. Canadian Geotechnical Journal 57(2): 263-276.
  • Orense RP., Asadi MB., Stringer ME. and Pender MJ. (2020) Evaluating liquefaction potential of pumiceous deposits through field testing: Case study of the 1987 edgecumbe earthquake. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering 53(2): 101-110.
  • Stringer ME., Cerna-Alvarez E. and Kutter BL. (2020) Effects of the ratio between body forces and inter-particle forces on maximum void ratio. Soils and Foundations 60(1): 1-12.