Mark Davidson

Head of DepartmentMark Davidson

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E427
Internal Phone: 95879

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include environmental fluid mechanics; including the numerical and physical modelling of advection and dispersion phenomena, with particular reference to ocean outfall design. Other interests include unsteady friction effects in pipelines, inverse problems, non-intrusive measurement techniques (image processing) and the application of multimedia tools and information technology in engineering education.

Recent Publications

  • Alexander JM., Lee PJ., Davidson M., Li Z., Murch R., Duan HF., Meniconi S. and Brunone B. (2020) Experimental Investigation of the Interaction of Fluid Transients with an In-Line Air Pocket. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 146(3)
  • Alexander J., Lee PJ., Davidson M., Duan HF., Li Z., Murch R., Meniconi S. and Brunone B. (2019) Experimental Validation of Existing Numerical Models for the Interaction of Fluid Transients With In-Line Air Pockets. Journal of Fluids Engineering, Transactions of the ASME 141(12)
  • Li Z., Lee P., Davidson M., Dosso SE. and Murch R. (2019) Nonlinear Bayesian inversion for estimating water pipeline dimensional and material parameters using acoustic wave dispersion. Journal of Sound and Vibration 453: 294-313.
  • Lee P., Tuck J., Davidson M. and May R. (2017) Piezoelectric wave generation system for condition assessment of field water pipelines. Journal of Hydraulic Research 55(5): 1814-2079.
  • Whittaker CN., Nokes RI., Lo HY., Liu PLF. and Davidson MJ. (2017) Physical and numerical modelling of tsunami generation by a moving obstacle at the bottom boundary. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 17(5): 929-958.