Maan Alkaisi

Emeritus ProfessorMaan Alkaisi


Research Interests

Research interests include:
-Nanolithography and nanofabrication
-Micro and nano-scale devices
-Surface texturing for solar cells

Recent Publications

  • Hayali A., Reeves RJ. and Alkaisi MM. (2022) Influence of FK209 Cobalt Doped Electron Transport Layer in Cesium Based Perovskite Solar Cells. Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 12(18)
  • Hayali A., Reeves RJ. and Alkaisi MM. (2022) Wavelength Selective Solar Cells Using Triple Cation Perovskite. Nanomaterials 12(19)
  • Warren A., Alkaisi MM. and Moore CP. (2022) Finite-size and disorder effects on 1D unipartite and bipartite surface lattice resonances. Optics Express 30(3): 3302-3315.
  • Hayali A. and Alkaisi MM. (2021) High efficiency perovskite solar cells using DC sputtered compact TiO2electron transport layer. EPJ Photovoltaics 12
  • Onal S., Alkaisi M. and Nock V. (2021) A flexible micro-piston device for mechanical cell stimulation and compression in microfluidic settings.