Luis Apiolaza

Associate ProfessorLuis Apiolaza

School of Forestry Rm 133
Internal Phone: 95998

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include tree breeding and quantitative genetics, maximisation of sustainable site productivity through the use of genetical-statistical tools and general ‘quantitative forestry' - which involves problems with numbers to improve forest management. Specific interests are:
-geographic patterns of genetic variability for forest trees
-development of economic breeding objectives
-simulation and optimisation of breeding strategies
-large scale genetic evaluation
-genetics of wood properties
-breeding/population genetics of non-tree species

Recent Publications

  • Li Y., Apiolaza L. and Altaner CM. (2018) Genetic variation in heartwood properties and growth traits of Eucalyptus bosistoana. European Journal of Forest Research 137(4): 565-572.
  • Altaner C., Apiolaza L., McConnochie R., Millen P. and Murray T. (2017) Section 1: NZDFI Breeding Research Plan..
  • Davies NT., Apiolaza LA. and Sharma M. (2017) Heritability of growth strain in Eucalyptus bosistoana: a Bayesian approach with left-censored data. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 47 5: 5.
  • Li Y., Dungey H., Yanchuck A. and Apiolaza LA. (2017) Improvement of non-key traits in radiata pine breeding programme when long-term economic importance is uncertain. PLoS ONE 12(5) e0177806: 1-15.
  • Lin H., Murray TJ., Mason E. and Apiolaza L. (2017) Impact of simulated Paropsis charybdis defoliation on growth of young Eucalyptus bosistoana in a dryland field trial. Wellington: 66th Entomological Society of New Zealand Conference, 19-21 Apr 2017.