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Associate ProfessorLuis Apiolaza

School of Forestry Rm 133
Internal Phone: 95998
Mobile: 027 836 0610

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include tree breeding and quantitative genetics, maximisation of sustainable site productivity through the use of genetical-statistical tools and general ‘quantitative forestry' - which involves problems with numbers to improve forest management. Specific interests are:
-geographic patterns of genetic variability for forest trees
-development of economic breeding objectives
-simulation and optimisation of breeding strategies
-large scale genetic evaluation
-genetics of wood properties
-breeding/population genetics of non-tree species

Recent Publications

  • Apiolaza L. and Sharma M. (2023) Selection history affects very early expression of wood properties in Pinus radiata. New Forests
  • Elissetche JP., Apiolaza LA., Alzamora RM., Soto LO. and Lasserre JP. (2023) Peeler core and slabwood fibre properties for Pinus radiata D. Don pulp production. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science.
  • Gavilán E., Alzamora RM., Apiolaza LA., Sáez K., Elissetche JP. and Pinto A. (2023) Modelling the influence of radiata pine log variables on structural lumber production. Maderas: ciencia y tecnologia 25(3): 15.
  • Ghildiyal V., Iyiola E., Sharma M., Apiolaza LA. and Altaner C. (2023) Genetic variation in drying collapse and heartwood properties at mid-rotation age of Eucalyptus globoidea. Industrial Crops and Products 201 116891: 116891-116891.
  • McLean D., Apiolaza LA., Paget M. and Klápště J. (2023) Simulating deployment of genetic gain in a radiata pine breeding program with genomic selection. Tree Genetics and Genomes 19 33: 16.