Krys Pawlikowski

Krzysztof Pawlikowski

Professor Emeritus
Jack Erskine 307
Phone: +643367772
Internal Phone: 7772
My research focuses on developing new methodologies for automated analysis of dynamic stochastic systems by means of discrete-event simulation.


Research Interests

Main research interests of Prof. Pawlikowski’s have been in area of quantitative discrete-event simulation and credibility of its final results, in particular in applications to telecommunication networks. One of research goals is to extend the functionality of Akaroa2, a unique controller of quantitative stochastic simulation, designed under his leadership by the Simulation Research Group.
The first version of Akaroa2 received an international commendation in Science category in the 1993 Computerworld Smithsonian Award, USA, as the first full-scale implementation of the concept of grid processing. Its documentation is kept in archives of Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. He works on developing automated methods for conducting credible quantitative stochastic simulation, in particular for performance evaluation of computer networks.
He graduated from Gdansk Univ. of Technology, Poland, with Ph.D. (Distinction) in Computer Eng, and worked there until 1983. Since 1984, he had been an active academic of the Univ. of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ, until he retired in 2014. Currently, as Professor Emeritus of the University of Canterbury, he is involved in research only.
He is the author or co-author of over 200 peer-reviewed research papers and 4 books on computer networks, and gave over 170 invited lectures at over 100 universities and research institutions around the globe.
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Recent Publications

  • Arfeen A., Pawlikowski K., McNickle D. and Willig A. (2019) The role of the Weibull distribution in modelling traffic in Internet access and backbone core networks. Journal of Network and Computer Applications 141: 1-22.
  • Arfeen MA., Pawlikowski K., McNickle DC. and Willig A. (2019) Global and local scaling analysis of link streams in access and backbone core networks. Computer Networks 149: 154-172.
  • Asad Arfeen M., Pawlikowski K., Willig A. and McNickle D. (2014) Internet Traffic Modeling: From Superposition to Scaling. IET Networks 3(1): 30-40.
  • Tabatabaei Yazdi E., Willig A. and Pawlikowski K. (2014) Frequency adaptation for interference mitigation in IEEE 802.15.4-based mobile body sensor networks. Computer Communications 53: 102-119.
  • Lee JH., Jeong HDJ., Boreli R. and Pawlikowski K. (2013) Performance modeling and simulation for future mobile networks. Mathematical and Computer Modelling 57(11-12): 2718-2719.