Jeremy Watson

LecturerJeremy Watson

Internal Phone: 91810


Research Interests

My research focuses on the control and optimization of power networks. In particular, I am interested in the control, analysis, and optimization of microgrids and hybrid AC/DC networks. A considerable focus of my work has been on control design for power converters in these settings, aiming to stabilize the network while achieving various other control objectives. Other interests include: integration of new technology into distribution networks, hosting capacity of electrical networks, power quality, and computer modelling of electrical power systems.

Recent Publications

  • Laib K., Watson J., Ojo Y. and Lestas I. (2023) Decentralized stability conditions for DC microgrids: Beyond passivity approaches. Automatica 149
  • Li M., Watson J. and Lestas I. (2022) Distributed Optimal Secondary Frequency Control in Power Networks with Delay Independent Stability. .
  • Ojo Y., Watson J., Laib K. and Lestas I. (2022) A distributed scheme for voltage and frequency control and power sharing in inverter based microgrids. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.
  • Laib K., Watson J., Ojo Y. and Lestas I. (2021) Decentralized Stability Conditions in DC Microgrids. In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2021-December: 5659-5664.
  • Ojo Y., Watson JD., Laib K. and Lestas I. (2021) A decentralized frequency and voltage control scheme for grid-forming inverters. In Proceedings of 2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe: Smart Grids: Toward a Carbon-Free Future, ISGT Europe 2021