Jennifer Haskell

Jennifer Haskell

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E443
Internal Phone: 92258

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

In the area of geotechnical earthquake engineering my research focuses on the development of more robust and resilient infrastructure, the development of mechanism-based guidance for design, and the interpretation of field data of infrastructure performance.

Specific projects include the development of design guidance for pile foundations in laterally spreading soils and research concerning the seismic and whole-life performance of large earth dams and embankments.

In the area of micro-mechanics of soils, my research focuses on experimental and data processing techniques for the study of soil behaviour at the grain and sub-grain scales. This work is motivated by the idea that microstructural and micro-mechanical data have the potential to clarify the underlying physics of geo-phenomena, to relate previously unrelated mechanisms, and to provide much needed micro-mechanical insights into macro-scale soil behaviour.

Recent Publications

  • Cubrinovski M., Haskell J., Winkley A., Robinson K. and Wotherspoon L. (2014) Performance of bridges in liquefied deposits during the 2010-2011 Christchurch (New Zealand) earthquakes. ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities 28(1): 24-39.
  • Cubrinovski M., Winkley A., Haskell J., Palermo A., Wotherspoon L., Robinson K., Bradley B., Brabhaharan P. and Hughes M. (2014) Spreading-induced damage to short-span bridges in Christchurch, New Zealand. Earthquake Spectra 30(1): 57-83.
  • Haskell JJM., Madabushi SPG., Cubrinovski M. and Winkley A. (2013) Lateral spreading-induced abutment rotation in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake: observations and analysis. Geotechnique 63(15): 1310-1327.
  • Cubrinovski M., Haskell JJM. and Bradley BA. (2012) Macro Element for Pile Head Cyclic Lateral Loading. Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering 16: 147-174.
  • Haskell JJM., Cubrinovski M. and Bradley BA. (2012) Sensitivity analysis and its role in pseudo-static design of pile foundations. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 42: 80-94.