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Ian Coope

Adjunct Associate Professor
Internal Phone: 6676


Research Interests

Research interests include numerical optimization, linear algebra and applications and computational science.

Recent Publications

  • Broughton RL., Coope ID., Renaud PF. and Tappenden RE. (2011) A box constrained gradient projection algorithm for compressed sensing. Signal Processing 91(8): 1985-1992.
  • Broughton R., Coope I., Renaud P. and Tappenden R. (2010) Determinant and exchange algorithms for observation subset selection. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 19(9): 2437-2443.
  • Coope ID. (2010) On a conjecture of J.C. Butcher and H. Podhaisky, UCDMS2006/1.Commissioned by Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Canterbury.. 1-10.
  • Coope ID. (2010) On calculating generalized Cayley transforms of bounded norm. Numerical Algorithms 52(4): 575-583.
  • Coope ID. and Macklem MS. (2010) Parallel Jacobi methods for derivative-free optimization on parallel or distributed processors. ANZIAM Journal 46: C719-C731.