Giulio Dalla Riva

LecturerGiulio Dalla Riva

Internal Phone: 90278


Research Interests

As a data scientist I explore and try to make sense what happens in complex, dynamical networks. I'm interested in ecological networks and the evolutionary processes that modify them in time; in particular I develop mathematical and statistical tools to study the relationship between ecological biodiversity and evolutionary diversity.

I'm also interested in Social Networks, especially online. I try to understand what makes them work in the way they work.

Recent Publications

  • Cirtwill AR., Dalla Riva GV., Baker NJ., Ohlsson M., Norström I., Wohlfarth IM., Thia JA. and Stouffer DB. (2020) Related plants tend to share pollinators and herbivores, but strength of phylogenetic signal varies among plant families. New Phytologist 226(3): 909-920.
  • Cantalapiedra JL., Aze T., Cadotte MW., Dalla Riva GV., Huang D., Mazel F., Pennell MW., Ríos M. and Mooers A. (2019) Conserving evolutionary history does not result in greater diversity over geological time scales. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286(1904)
  • Delmas E., Besson M., Brice MH., Burkle LA., Dalla Riva GV., Fortin MJ., Gravel D., Guimarães PR., Hembry DH. and Newman EA. (2019) Analysing ecological networks of species interactions. Biological Reviews 94(1): 16-36.
  • Mora BB., Dalla Riva GV. and Stouffer DB. (2019) Unmasking structural patterns in incidence matrices: An application to ecological data. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16(151)
  • Cirtwill AR., Dalla Riva GV., Gaiarsa MP., Bimler MD., Cagua EF., Coux C. and Dehling DM. (2018) A review of species role concepts in food webs. Food Webs 16