Giulio Dalla Riva

Senior LecturerGiulio Dalla Riva

Internal Phone: 90278


Research Interests

As a data scientist I explore and try to make sense what happens in complex, dynamical networks. I'm interested in ecological networks and the evolutionary processes that modify them in time; in particular I develop mathematical and statistical tools to study the relationship between ecological biodiversity and evolutionary diversity.

I'm also interested in Social Networks, especially online. I try to understand what makes them work in the way they work.

Recent Publications

  • Vitale A., Svegliati-Baroni G., Ortolani A., Cucco M., Dalla Riva GV., Giannini EG., Piscaglia F., Rapaccini G., Di Marco M. and Caturelli E. (2023) Epidemiological trends and trajectories of MAFLD-associated hepatocellular carcinoma 2002-2033: the ITA.LI.CA database. Gut 72(1): 141-152.
  • Runghen R., Stouffer DB. and Dalla Riva GV. (2022) Exploiting node metadata to predict interactions in bipartite networks using graph embedding and neural networks. Royal Society Open Science 9(8)
  • Strydom T., Bouskila S., Banville F., Barros C., Caron D., Farrell MJ., Fortin MJ., Hemming V., Mercier B. and Pollock LJ. (2022) Food web reconstruction through phylogenetic transfer of low-rank network representation. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 13(12): 2838-2849.
  • Giovinazzo F., Avolio AW., Galiandro F., Vitale A., Riva GVD., Biancofiore G., Sharma S., Muiesan P., Agnes S. and Burra P. (2021) Solid organ transplantation during covid-19 pandemic: An international web-based survey on resources' allocation. Transplantation Direct 7(3)
  • Strydom T., Dalla Riva GV. and Poisot T. (2021) SVD Entropy Reveals the High Complexity of Ecological Networks. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9