ProfessorGeoffrey Rodgers

Civil Mechanical E511
Internal Phone: 92270


Research Interests

Research interests include:
- dynamic systems and control
- signal processing
- finite element methods
- smart structures and devices
- civil structural control (active, semi-active and passive)

Recent Publications

  • Chanchi Golondrino JC., MacRae GA., Chase JG., Rodgers GW. and Clifton GC. (2019) Asymmetric Friction Connection (AFC) design for seismic energy dissipation. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 157: 70-81.
  • Chanchi Golondrino JC., MacRae GA., Chase JG., Rodgers GW., Scott ACN. and Clifton GC. (2019) Steel Building Friction Connection Seismic Performance – Corrosion Effects. Structures 19: 96-109.
  • Rad AA., Hazaveh NK., MacRae GA., Rodgers GW. and Ma Q. (2019) Structural straightening with tension braces using aftershocks – Shaking table study. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 123: 399-412.
  • Rodgers GW., Chase JG. and Mander JB. (2019) Repeatability and high-speed validation of supplemental lead-extrusion energy dissipation devices. Advances in Civil Engineering 2019
  • Zhou C., Chase JG. and Rodgers GW. (2019) Degradation evaluation of lateral story stiffness using HLA-based deep learning networks. Advanced Engineering Informatics 39: 259-268.