ProfessorGeoffrey Rodgers

Civil Mechanical E511
Internal Phone: 92270


Research Interests

Research interests include:
- dynamic systems and control
- signal processing
- finite element methods
- smart structures and devices
- civil structural control (active, semi-active and passive)

Recent Publications

  • Chanchi Golondrino JC., MacRae GA., Chase JG., Rodgers GW. and Clifton GC. (2020) Asymmetric Friction Connection Bolt Lever Arm Effects on Hysteretic Behaviour. Journal of Earthquake Engineering
  • Chanchi JC., MacRae G., Chase JG., Rodgers G. and Cligton GC.. (2020) Towards a better understanding of the development of the strength in Asymmetrical Friction Connections (AFC). In Proceedings of the 2020 NZSEE Annual Technical Conference.
  • Cook J., Rodgers GW. and MacRae GA. (2020) Design and Testing of Ratcheting, Tension-Only Devices for Seismic Energy Dissipation Systems. Journal of Earthquake Engineering 24(2): 328-349.
  • Crozier E., Zhou C., Chase JG. and Rodgers G.. (2020) Modelling of vertical control in magnetic levitation for building isolation during earthquakes. In Proceedings of the 2020 NZSEE Annual Technical Conference.
  • Hazaveh NK., Chase JG., Rodgers GW., Pampanin S. and Kordani R. (2020) Seismic Behavior of a Self-Centering System with 2–4 Viscous Damper. Journal of Earthquake Engineering 24(3): 470-484.