Geoff Chase

Distinguished ProfessorGeoffrey Chase

Advisor to Students with Disabilities
Civil Mechanical E502
Internal Phone: 92182
Dynamic systems modelling and control applied to medicine and structures, with focus on intensive / acute care medicine and earthquake engineering

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:

- dynamic systems and control

- biomedical and physiological systems modelling

- intensive and critical care medicine

- system identification

- sensors and sensor design

- signal processing

- finite element methods

- smart structures and devices

- structural health monitoring (SHM)

- civil structural control (active, semi-active and passive)

- smart product design

Recent Publications

  • Chanchi Golondrino JC., MacRae GA., Chase JG., Rodgers GW., Scott ACN. and Clifton GC. (2019) Steel Building Friction Connection Seismic Performance – Corrosion Effects. Structures 19: 96-109.
  • Ismail HM., Pretty CG., Signal MK., Amies AC., Haggers M. and Geoffrey Chase J. (2019) Laser doppler vibrometer validation of an optical flow motion tracking algorithm. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 49: 322-327.
  • (2018) Creating smooth SI. B-spline basis function representations of insulin sensitivity. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 44: 270-278.
  • (2018) Next-generation, personalised, model-based critical care medicine: A state-of-the art review of in silico virtual patient models, methods, and cohorts, and how to validation them. BioMedical Engineering Online 17(1)
  • (2018) Nutrition delivery of a model-based ICU glycaemic control system. Annals of Intensive Care 8(1)