Douglas Bridges

Douglas Bridges

Emeritus Professor

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include: constructive foundations of mathematics: in particular, constructive foundations of analysis (real and functional) and topology (the axiomatic theory of apartness), and ring theory; constructive reverse mathematics: classifying constructive proofs by the principles they require, and nonconstructive proofs by the nonconstructive principles they depend on; computability and abstract complexity theory; mathematical economics: the numerical representation of preference relations; demand functions; equilibrium theory; and quantum logic and operator-theoretic foundations of physics.

Recent Publications

  • Baroni MA. and Bridges DS. (2008) Continuity Properties of Preference Relations. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 202: 19-25.
  • Baroni MA. and Bridges DS. (2008) Continuity properties of preference relations. Mathematical Logic Quarterly 54(5): 454-459.
  • Berger J. and Bridges D. (2008) The anti-Specker property, a Heine-Borel property, and uniform continuity. Archive for Mathematical Logic 46(7-8): 583-592.
  • Berger J. and Bridges D. (2008) The Fan Theorem and Positive-Valued Uniformly Continuous Functions on Compact Intervals. New Zealand Journal of Mathematics 38: 129-135.
  • Bridges D., Ishihara H., Schuster PM. and Vita L. (2008) Apartness, compactness and nearness. Theoretical Computer Science 405(1-2): 3-10.