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Associate ProfessorDong Ngoduy

Director of Studies (Transport Engineering)
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E406
Internal Phone: 95119
A model should be as simple as possible but not simpler ...


Research Interests

My research interests include (but are not limited to) the understanding of how traffic flow systems operate given complex interactions between different vehicle types (buses, trucks, cars), applications of AI and machine learning to predict and monitor traffic conditions in short-term, and the investigation of the fundamental changes in dynamics of our future transport systems where a significant proportion of driverless cars are available via the development of connected and autonomous systems. Besides, I am also participating in the following professional organizations in the field:
1) EPSRC (the UK research council) peer review college: member since 2012; 2) Transportmetrica A: associate editor since 2016; 3)Transportmetrica B: associate editor since 2013; 4) Mathematical Problems in Engineering: editor since 2012; 5) The Open Transportation Journal: editorial board member since 2016; 6) The Open Civil Engineering Journal: editorial board member since 2017; 7) Sustainable Transportation: editorial board member since 2019.

Recent Publications

  • Ahmed A., Mehdi MR., Ngoduy D. and Abbas M. (2019) Evaluation of accuracy of advanced traveler information and commuter behavior in a developing country. Travel Behaviour and Society 15: 63-73.
  • Ahmed A., Naqvi S., Watling D. and Ngoduy D. (2019) Real-time dynamic traffic control based on traffic state estimation. Transportation Research Record 2673(5): 584-595.
  • Hoang HN., Vu HL., Panda M., Ngoduy D. and Lo H. (2019) An information-based system optimal dynamic traffic assignment for connected autonomous vehicles. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  • Jia D., Ngoduy D. and Vu H. (2019) A multiclass microscopic model for heterogeneous platoon with vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics 7(1): 448-472.
  • Kieu LM., Ngoduy D., Malleson N. and Chung E. (2019) Stochastic schedule-following simulation model of bus route. Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics 7(1): 1588-1610.