Dominic Lee

Dominic Lee

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include computational, Bayesian and nonparametric statistics, with applications in medical research, signal processing and image processing.

Recent Publications

  • Lee D. (2008) Exact Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms and their applications in probabilistic data analysis and inference. In Wang HF (Ed.), Intelligent Data Analysis: Developing New Methodologies Through Pattern Discovery and Recovery: 161-183. New York: IGI Publishing.
  • Innes CRH., Lee D., Chen C., Ponder-Sutton AM., Melzer TR. and Jones RD. (2011) Do complex models increase prediction of complex behaviours? Predicting driving ability in people with brain disorders. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 64(9): 1714-1725.
  • Lee DS., Zahari M., Russell G., Darlow BA., Scarrott CJ. and Reale M. (2011) An Exploratory Investigation of Some Statistical Summaries of Oximeter Oxygen Saturation Data from Preterm Babies. IRSN Pediatrics 2011 Article ID 296418
  • Lin J., Parente JD., Chase JG., Shaw GM., Blakemore AJ., Le Compte AJ., Pretty C., Razak NN., Lee DS. and Hann CE. (2011) Development of a model-based clinical sepsis biomarker for critically ill patients. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (102): 149-155.
  • MacDonald A., Scarrott CJ., Lee D., Darlow B., Reale M. and Russell G. (2011) A Flexible Extreme Value Mixture Model. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 55(6): 2137-2157.