Conan Fee

Acting Executive Dean – EngineeringConan Fee

Amo Matua
John Britten 111
Internal Phone: 94078

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:
-3D printing of porous media
-Fragrance Design
-Adsorptive membranes
-Purification of PEGylated proteins
-Protein Purification
-Virus Purification

Recent Publications

  • Ariyadasa S., Abeysekera G., Billington C., Fee C. and Pang L. (2021) Growth phase-dependent surface properties of Legionella pneumophila and their role in adhesion to stainless steel coated QCM-D sensors. Letters in Applied Microbiology 73(2): 257-267.
  • Clarke DA., Dolamore F., Fee CJ., Galvosas P. and Holland DJ. (2021) Investigation of flow through triply periodic minimal surface-structured porous media using MRI and CFD. Chemical Engineering Science 231
  • Crowther JM., Gilmour LH., Porebski BT., Heath SG., Pattinson NR., Owen MC., Fredericks R., Buckle AM., Fee CJ. and Göbl C. (2021) Molecular basis of a redox switch: Molecular dynamics simulations and surface plasmon resonance provide insight into reduced and oxidised angiotensinogen. Biochemical Journal 478(17): 3319-3330.
  • Feast S., Fee C., Huber T. and Clarke D. (2021) Printed monolith adsorption as an alternative to expanded bed adsorption for purifying M13 bacteriophage. Journal of Chromatography A 1652
  • Moleirinho MG., Feast S., Moreira AS., Silva RJS., Alves PM., Carrondo MJT., Huber T., Fee C. and Peixoto C. (2021) 3D-printed ordered bed structures for chromatographic purification of enveloped and non-enveloped viral particles. Separation and Purification Technology 254