Clementine Gritti

Senior LecturerClementine Gritti

Jack Erskine 304
Internal Phone: 90523


Research Interests

My research interests include applied cryptography, information security and network security. In particular, my work focuses on the design of cryptographic primitives and the proof of their security, applied to the Internet of Things. I have also been working on distributed ledger technologies (blockchains), electronic health systems and electronic voting systems.

Theme leader for UC Biosecurity Innovations.

Recent Publications

  • Gritti C. and Li H. (2022) Efficient Publicly Verifiable Proofs of Data Replication and Retrievability Applicable for Cloud Storage. Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal 7(1): 107-124.
  • Mamun AA., Azam S. and Gritti C. (2022) Blockchain-Based Electronic Health Records Management: A Comprehensive Review and Future Research Direction. IEEE Access 10: 5768-5789.
  • Przytarski D., Stach C., Gritti C. and Mitschang B. (2022) Query processing in blockchain systems: Current state and future challenges. Future Internet 14(1)
  • Stach C., Behringer M., Bräcker J., Gritti C. and Mitschang B. (2022) SMARTEN—A Sample-Based Approach towards Privacy-Friendly Data Refinement. Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy 2(3): 606-628.
  • Stach C., Gritti C., Bräcker J., Behringer M. and Mitschang B. (2022) Protecting Sensitive Data in the Information Age: State of the Art and Future Prospects. Future Internet 14(11)