Chris Price

Associate ProfessorChristopher Price

Deputy Head of School
Jack Erskine 601
Internal Phone: 92447


Research Interests

Research interests include optimisation and acoustics.

Recent Publications

  • Price C., Reale M. and Robertson B. (2021) OSCARS-II: an algorithm for bound constrained global optimization. Journal of Global Optimization 79: 39-57.
  • Robertson BL., Reale M., Price CJ. and Brown JA. (2021) Quasi-random ranked set sampling. Statistics and Probability Letters 171
  • Price C. (2020) A direct search method for constrained optimization via the rounded ℓ1 penalty function. Mathematics of Computation and Optimisation Group: Variational Analysis and Optimisation Webinar Series, 16 Sep 2020.
  • Price C. (2020) A modified Nelder-Mead barrier method for constrained optimisation. Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization
  • Price CJ. (2020) Direct search nonsmooth constrained optimization via rounded ℓ1 penalty functions. Optimization Methods and Software