Chris Price

Associate ProfessorChristopher Price

Jack Erskine 601
Internal Phone: 92447


Research Interests

Research interests include optimisation and acoustics.

Recent Publications

  • Robertson BL., McDonald T., Price C. and Brown J. (2018) Halton iterative partitioning: spatially balanced sampling via partitioning. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 25(3): 305-323.
  • Price CJ. (2017) A direct search quasi-Newton method for nonsmooth unconstrained optimisation. The ANZIAM Journal. 59(2): 215-231.
  • Price CJ. (2017) Stochastic filter methods for global optimization. Bremen, Germany: 4th European Optimization in Space Engineering Workshop, 28-30 Mar 2017.
  • Robertson BL., McDonald T., Price CJ. and Brown JA. (2017) A modification of balanced acceptance sampling. Statistics & Probability Letters : 107-112.
  • Robertson BL., Price C. and Reale M. (2017) Random search global optimization using random forests. Auckland, New Zealand: 2017 IASC-ARS/NZSA Conference, 10-14 Dec 2017.