Chris Hann

Associate ProfessorChristopher Hann

Director of Postgraduate Studies
Link Rm 502
Internal Phone: 94305

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include: 1. Biomedical Systems: Modelling of Glucose-Insulin system, development of macro-physical cardio-vascular system models including ventricular interaction, integral based Inverse Problem Solutions for a Digital Image-Based Elasto Tomography Breast Cancer Screening System, agitation sensing with Image Processing based on patient motion and facial grimacing. 2. Image Processing and Computer Vision: High Speed 3D Motion Sensing for a Digital Image-based Elasto Tomography Breast Cancer Screening System, intensive care patient motion detection and measurement (facial grimacing detection for the development of an agitation sensor), measuring morphological change in the Waimakariri River using a rotating camera system with zoom on a 33m power pylon and on a 12m portable mast. 3.Structural Health Monitoring: Developing real time integral based structural Health Monitoring algorithms, applying integral based methods to detect stiffness changes to the structure of multi-storey buildings during and after an earthquake using only accelerometer data 4. Development of real-time modeling and system identification techniques for implementation during rocket flight, 6DOF rigid body dynamic modeling of rocket response, Minimal modeling of shock waves and turbulence during rocket flight, Vertical wind tunnel testing and control system development, Orbital mechanics calculations and optimization for small payload low earth orbit insertion

Recent Publications

  • Milne B., Hann C. and Chen X. (2017) The "α-Invariant": An Energy-Based Nonlinear Minimal Damping Model for Robotic Joints with Friction. Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics 12(4): 10.
  • Hann C., Clapham K., McNeill R. and et al. (2022) Simultaneous S/X 3.7 m-Diameter Earth Station. In 36th annual Small Sat Conference, Logan, Utah..
  • Hann C., McNeill R., Clapham K. and Bull C. (2022) A Bistatic Multi Spacecraft per Aperture UHF Ground Station - submitted. In SpaceOps 2023 conference.
  • Hann C., Olatunji J., Rao A. and et al. (2022) Toward On-Orbit Demonstration of a High Temperature Superconducting AF-MPD Thruster. In Proceedings of the 37th International Electric Propulsion Conference.
  • Hann C., Clapham K. and McNeill R. (2020) Development of an Antenna Positioner for S- and X- Band Ground Segment, Small Satellite Conference, Logan, Utah. In Digital Commons.