Chris J Williamson

Chris Williamson

Senior Lecturer (retired)
Civil Mechanical E541
Internal Phone: 94085

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:-Wood gasification for combined heat and power systems in the wood processing industry and for the production of liquid biofuels via the Fischer-Tropsch process.-Modelling of manufacturing processes in the wood processing industry.-Process control of chemical engineering plant, especially in the pulp and paper making process.-Neural Network Applications in Chemical Engineering: Neural networks have been investigated to find suitable applications in chemical engineering, including the prediction of atmospheric pollution levels and in improving process control.

Recent Publications

  • Alabi, SB. and Williamson, CJ. (2015) Neural-Network Based Model for the Joint Prediction of the Newtonian and NonNewtonian Viscosities of Black Liquor. International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications 6(3): 195-200.
  • How, SS., Williamson, CJ., Carradine, D., Tan, YE., Cambridge, J. and Pang, S. (2014) Predicting the young's modulus of defect free radiata pine shooks in finger-jointing using resonance frequency. Maderas: Ciencia y Tecnologia 16(4): 435-444.
  • Alabi, SB., Williamson, CJ. and Lee, J. (2013) A Quartic Model for the Prediction of Black Liquor Viscosity Using Centrifugal Pump Parameters. Journal of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers 28(1): 8-19.
  • Alab, SB., Williamson, CJ. and Lee, J. (2012) Non-Newtonian behaviour of black liquors: A case study of the carter holt harvey kinleith mill liquor. Appita Journal 65(1): 63-70.
  • Alabi, SB. and Williamson, CJ. (2011) Centrifugal pump-based predictive models for kraft black liquor viscosity: An artificial neural network approach. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 50(17): 10320-10328.