Chris pretty

ProfessorChris Pretty

Co-Director of Mechatronics/ Director of Studies - Mechatronics 2nd Year Engineering
Civil Mechanical E513
Internal Phone: 92393


Research Interests

My research interests are predominantly focused towards bioengineering and mobile robotics.

Within bioengineering, my primary interest is in model-based therapeutics, which is at the intersection of engineering, clinical medicine, and physiology. I am involved with the modelling, sensing, and control of dynamic physiological systems for clinical medicine, especially in the critical care environment. My research has particular emphasis on solutions that provide significant, improved clinical outcomes for patients and reduced cost/effort for clinicians. Examples of my current research activities in this area include:

• Cardiac output modelling
• Blood glucose control
• Optimal mechanical ventilation
• Blood oxygenation monitoring

At the intersection of bioengineering and mobile robotics, my research involves assistive robotics, particularly for stroke rehabilitation. A specific focus in this area is the integration and interaction of the users muscles with external actuators in a hybrid system to reduce weight and cost, and enable new rehabilitation strategies.

My mobile robotics research also includes accurate localisation methods, inspection, and collaborative robotics involving unmanned aerial, ground, and underwater vehicles.

Recent Publications

  • Smith R., Rolfe A., Cameron C., Shaw GM., Chase JG. and Pretty CG. (2022) Low cost circulatory pressure acquisition and fluid infusion rate measurement system for clinical research.. HardwareX 11: e00318.
  • Su Y., Chen X., Zhou T., Pretty C. and Chase G. (2022) Mixed reality-integrated 3D/2D vision mapping for intuitive teleoperation of mobile manipulator. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 77
  • Su Y-P., Chen X-Q., Zhou T., Pretty C. and Chase G. (2022) Mixed-Reality-Enhanced Human–Robot Interaction with an Imitation-Based Mapping Approach for Intuitive Teleoperation of a Robotic Arm-Hand System. Applied Sciences 12(9): 4740-4740.
  • Balmer J., Smith R., Pretty CG., Desaive T., Shaw GM. and Chase JG. (2021) Accurate end systole detection in dicrotic notch-less arterial pressure waveforms. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 35(1): 79-88.
  • Chatfield LT., Pretty CG., Fortune BC., McKenzie LR., Whitwham GH. and Hayes MP. (2021) Estimating voluntary elbow torque from biceps brachii electromyography using a particle filter. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 66