Chin Long Lee

Associate ProfessorChin-Long Lee

On Sabbatical Sept-Nov 2022
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E413
Join me, if you enjoy playing with elegant modeling techniques using principles and beauty of mechanics and mathematics.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

1) Develop efficient, robust and accurate analytical tools for simulating seismic response of large-scale structures,
2) Test and analyse the seismic response of large-scale structures, and
3) Provide recommendations to structural engineers for simulating, analysing and designing sustainable earthquake-safe buildings.

Recent Publications

  • Chang TL. and Lee CL. (2022) Numerical simulation of generalised Maxwell-type viscous dampers with an efficient iterative algorithm. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 170
  • Dong W., Li M., Sullivan T., MacRae G., Lee C. and Chang T. (2022) Direct displacement-based seismic design of glulam frames with buckling restrained braces. Journal of Earthquake Engineering
  • Farshbaf M., Moghadam AS., MacRae GA., Lee C-L., Soleimankhani H. and Chang TL. (2022) Energy Considerations for Estimating Displacements of Oscillators with Different Hysteresis Shapes. In Proceedings of the 2022 NZSEE Conference.
  • Lee C. and Chang T. (2022) Numerical Evaluation of Bell-Shaped Proportional Damping Model for Softening Structures. In 15th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM-XV) and 8th Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM-VIII) CIMNE.
  • Lee CL. (2022) Type 4 bell-shaped proportional damping model and energy dissipation for structures with inelastic and softening response. Computers and Structures 258