Bruce Manley

ProfessorBruce Manley

Head of School
School of Forestry Rm232

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include the development of methodology for the valuation of plantations, modelling of forest estates to incorporate wood and non-wood benefits and log and wood quality & linkage to products and markets.

Recent Publications

  • Marshall GR., Wyse SV., Manley BR. and Forbes AS. (2023) International use of exotic plantations for native forest restoration and implications for Aotearoa New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 47(1)
  • Manley B. (2022) Trends in radiata pine tending regimes being applied by large-scale entities. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 67(1): 31-32.
  • Manley B. and Manley B. (2022) Discount rates used for forest valuation - results of 2021 survey. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 67(2): 36-44.
  • Manley B., Morgenroth J. and Xu C. (2021) Map of the small-scale forest estate of New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 66(1): 33-37.
  • Manley B. (2020) Impact on profitability, risk, optimum rotation age and afforestation of changing the New Zealand emissions trading scheme to an averaging approach. Forest Policy and Economics 116