Bruce Manley

ProfessorBruce Manley

School of Forestry Rm232
Internal Phone: 92407

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include the development of methodology for the valuation of plantations, modelling of forest estates to incorporate wood and non-wood benefits and log and wood quality & linkage to products and markets.

Recent Publications

  • Manley B. (2020) Impact on profitability, risk, optimum rotation age and afforestation of changing the New Zealand emissions trading scheme to an averaging approach. Forest Policy and Economics 116
  • Manley B., Morgenroth J. and Xu C. (2020) Quantifying the area of the small-scale owners’ forest estate in the East Coast, Hawke’s Bay and Southern North Island. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 64(4): 18-26.
  • Manley B. (2019) Interim 2018 discount rate survey. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 64(2): 46-47.
  • Manley B. (2019) Trends in discount rates used for forest valuation in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 49
  • Xu C., Manley B. and Morgenroth J. (2019) Describing area and yield for small-scale plantation forests in Wairarapa region of New Zealand using RapidEye and LiDAR. .