Bahareh Shahri

LecturerBahareh Shahri

Len Lye
Internal Phone: 93064


Areas of interest and research:

  • Human-centred design
  • Aesthetics of interactions
  • Playful interactions in product design
  • Design for communities
  • Research ethics in design


Research projects:

  • Research Ethics in Industrial Design Practices [In Collaboration with Dr. Nasrin Moaghadam]
  • Playful engagements in product design: Developing a theoretical framework for ludo-aesthetic interactions in kitchen appliances [Ph.D. thesis title]
  • The Kitchen, A playground for adults [In Collaboration with Dr. Juliette MacDonald]
  • Narratives: Stories of products or people?
  • Decoding computer games: Studying “The Special Operation 85” [In Collaboration with Dr. Behzad Dowran]
  • Aesthetic values in furniture design