Andrew Cockburn

ProfessorAndy Cockburn

Jack Erskine 313
Internal Phone: 92119


Research Interests

My research interests cover a range of topics within empirical Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

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Recent Publications

  • Mairena A., Gutwin C. and Cockburn A. (2022) Which emphasis technique to use? Perception of emphasis techniques with varying distractors, backgrounds, and visualization types. Information Visualization 21(2): 95-129.
  • Suwanaposee P., Gutwin C. and Cockburn A. (2022) The influence of audio effects and attention on the perceived duration of interaction. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 159
  • Leung J. and Cockburn A. (2021) Design framework for interactive highlighting techniques. Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction 14(2-3): 96-271.
  • Claypool M., Cockburn A. and Gutwin C. (2020) The Impact of Motion and Delay on Selecting Game Targets with a Mouse. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications and Applications.
  • Cockburn A., Dragicevic P., Besançon L. and Gutwin C. (2020) Threats of a Replication Crisis in Empirical Computer Science. Communications of the ACM 63(8).