Andreas Willig

Associate ProfessorAndreas Willig

Jack Erskine 310
Internal Phone: 92208

Qualifications & Awards

Research Interests

In general, I am interested in the design and performance evaluation of architectures and protocols for packet-oriented networks.

Recent Publications

  • Barry D., Willig A. and Woodward GK. (2018) Empowerment-Driven Single Agent Exploration For Locating Multiple Wireless Transmitters. Wellington: 31st Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 11-14 Dec 2018.
  • Willig A. (2018) Autonomous Allocation of Wireless Body-Sensor Networks to Frequency Channels: Modeling with Repeated "Balls-In-Bins" Experiments. Wireless Networks.
  • Curtis-Black A., Galster M. and Willig A. (2017) High-level concepts for northbound APIs: An interview study. In 2017 27th International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference, ITNAC 2017 2017-January: 1-8.
  • Curtis-Black A., Galster M. and Willig A. (2017) High-Level Concepts for Northbound APIs: An Interview Study. Melbourne, Australia: International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ITNAC), 22-24 Nov 2017.
  • Kobayashi T., Seimiya S., Harada K., Noi M., Barker Z., Woodward GK., Willig A. and Kohno R. (2017) Wireless Technologies to Assist Search and Localization of Victims of Wide-scale Natural Disasters by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Yogyakarta, Indonesia: International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, 17-20 Dec 2017.