Aluna Everitt

LecturerDr Aluna Everitt

Internal Phone: 92853
My research focuses on democratising the design & development of emerging technologies such as wearables, robotics, and physical user interfaces.


Research Interests

As a multi-disciplinary researcher, my areas of interest and expertise lie across the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Design, and Engineering. These include:

Shape-Changing Interfaces
Human-Robot Interaction
Cyber-Physical Systems
Wearable & Tangible Interfaces
User Experience (UX)
Robotics / Actuation
Digital Fabrication
Collaborative Design (Co-Design)

I have a particular interest in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research which combines a mix of engineering fabrication approaches for prototyping, together with collaborative design (co-design) to encourage users and experts from different domains to develop content and applications for the next generation of interactive hardware systems and interfaces (e.g., shape-changing displays, wearables, and robotics).

Recent Publications

  • Hong J., Wang X., Everitt A. and Roudaut A. (2023) Interacting with actuated walls: Exploring applications and input types. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 172
  • Everitt A. and Sturdee M. (2022) Supporting Prototyping of Novel Interfaces Using Laser Cut Clear Perspex. In ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
  • Everitt A., Roudaut A., Hornbæk K., Fraser M. and Alexander J. (2022) Investigating Pointing Performance for Tangible Surfaces with Physical 3D Targets. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 6(ISS)
  • Golodetz S., Vankadari M., Everitt A., Shin S., Markham A. and Trigoni N. (2022) Real-Time Hybrid Mapping of Populated Indoor Scenes using a Low-Cost Monocular UAV. In IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2022-October: 325-332.
  • Everitt A., Eady AK. and Girouard A. (2021) Enabling multi-material 3D printing for designing and rapid prototyping of deformable and interactivewearables. In ACM International Conference Proceeding Series: 1-11.