Dr Barbara Garrie

Modern and contemporary art history, photography

Barbara Garrie - liaison

Possible topics, she can talk about include:

  • Canon Formation: Remembering and Forgetting Art’s Histories
  • Feminist Art Histories: Focus on Linda Nochlin’s ‘Why have there been no great women artists?’ 
  • An introduction to Artists’ Books

Dr Barbara Garrie is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Art History and Theory at UC. After beginning her studies in Art History at Nayland College, Barbara completed her undergraduate degree and PhD at UC. She teaches in the fields of modern and contemporary art history and has a specialist research interest in photography, artists’ publishing, and aspects of contemporary art practice in New Zealand.

She can also talk about:

  • New Zealand Art History – for example: colonial representations of Aotearoa; regionalism in Canterbury (1930s/1940s); Contemporary New Zealand art
  • Contemporary Art – for example: performance art, photography, installation art, contemporary painting 

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