Ranchana Poosa heading with quote

As part of UC’s partnership with Mahidol University in Thailand, students from there join us every year to undertake an academic internship, as well as visiting a range of local attractions. Rancha was one of seven students to come to UC in 2016.

Tell us about your internship here at UC.

I’m here in Christchurch for 8 weeks. I’m one of three exchange students teaching Thai to the UC students who are going to Mahidol next year. My main objective is to teach them basic Thai words and culture so that they can manage in Thailand for 6 weeks. I’ve called my course ‘Survival Thai’!

How do you like teaching?

Actually, this is my first time teaching! It’s hard teaching students who are true beginners. It’s also my first time planning a whole course myself. I’ve learned a lot. Being a teacher is one of my goals in life so this is great practice.

Have you had good support?

Yes, the staff here are awesome. They always take care of us. They answer every question we might ask. Before we teach, we do run a through with them to practice the lesson. They act just like real students! It helps a lot.

How do you find the people here?

So, so nice. My students are enthusiastic and willing to learn. Everybody here is positive and optimistic. They help each other. Thai people and Kiwi people are both very friendly, kind and generous. It’s been really easy to make friends.

What ‘Kiwi’ experiences have you had?

We've been to see a lot attractions – Hamner Springs, Sumner Beach. I especially loved going to Akaroa Harbour. The sky was so blue and the ocean was green. I saw a lot of dolphins and took some really cool photos.

Are you looking forward to hosting UC students at Mahidol?

Definitely. I’m looking forward to showing them the attractions. I want them to experience the real Thailand.

It sounds like you’ve really enjoyed your exchange!

Yes I have! My host mother has been so amazing. The internship has given me a chance to teach real students who are willing to learn. UC is like a ‘school of life’. Here, you don’t just learn knowledge, you learn from people too. The places are beautiful, the people are nice. I really want to live here!