Julie Qui heading with quote

Every year, a group of UC students head over to Mahidol University in Thailand where they complete an internship and get to experience Thai culture up close. For Julie, taking part in this programme has been the best part of her time at UC so far.

What has been your favourite thing about your study so far?

I completed a five-week internship at Thailand’s best university, Mahidol University. I worked in their Division of Legal Affairs and Centre for Intellectual Property Management. It gave me valuable practical experience.

Did you get to see the sights as well?

Absolutely. I went to Thailand with a group of 13 other UC students and we were able to experience every aspect of Thai culture – becoming friends with the locals, eating delicious food and seeing all of the attractions. We also explored the nightlife and had many overnight trips. It was an experience I will never forget.

Are there a lot of travel opportunities at UC?

Yes, there are many travel opportunities. UC offers six month long exchanges with a range of top universities from around the world. There are also papers which offer travel – such as going to China with a commerce paper.

Tell us about being a mentor.

It's a really rewarding role. I started mentoring international and study abroad students last year. I get paired up with people who have similar interests. I talk to them, have coffee with them, and go to different events with them. It is about including new students and also making new friends.

Why are mentors important?

If you're from a foreign country you can feel quite isolated when you first arrive. It really helps to know someone. To me, it is more about being a great friend who can offer a bit of guidance if necessary.

How else does UC make new students feel welcome?

They have lots of events during O-week which allow you to meet new people. UC also has many different clubs that cater to different interests. People can always find a club that’s right for them.

How do you feel for having come to UC?

It's been the best decision of my life. Everyone is incredibly friendly, I love the exciting atmosphere and also all of the unique opportunities that UC offers.