Nu’man comes to UC from KPM Bandar Melaka in Malaysia where he studied Islamic Banking and Finance. At UC he is studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

I never expected that I would get to come to UC. I chose Accounting because it offers broader prospects for my future.

Nu’man has found it easy to make friends at UC through sports and clubs.

At first I was shy about making friends. But I started kicking the ball around with people and we got to chatting. They invited me to hang out with them and now we've become good friends. I play for the UC Football team. I’m the only Malaysian but there is a big mix of us – Kiwis, Indians, Vietnamese, and lots of other nationalities!

He went to Auckland to represent UC at the Bersatu Games, an annual sports event for Malaysian students from the eight New Zealand universities.

It’s an event made up of a number of different sports from football and volleyball to e-sport and dodgeball. I competed in volleyball, table tennis, football and sepak takraw. I ended up winning silver medals for volleyball and sepak takraw, and a gold medal for football.

Nu’man loves the way UC feels like a home away from home.

At UC there are a lot of Malaysian students. We hang out together in the library and there’s a Malaysian Students Association which has lots of events. We've just finished the Eid celebration, and there are sports and food carnivals. I feel like I belong here.

He enjoys the campus feel at UC, and loves exploring more of New Zealand when he can.

I've never experienced a campus like this before. It’s big, but everything is all together and the facilities are really good. The lecture halls are great and there are lots of cafés and green spaces. New Zealand is beautiful. In my holidays I’ve travelled to Lake Tekapo, Pukaki, Castle Hill and Mount Cook. It's the first time I've experienced snow!

Studying in English is a new experience for Nu’man but he’s found all the support he needs.

It's my first time studying accounting in English so at first it was a bit hard. But after a few classes I started to understand, and if I miss anything I can go see the lecturers after class. It’s easy to make an appointment and they’re really helpful. Also, most lectures are recorded at UC so you can listen to them again when you get home and catch up on any parts you missed.

Nu’man says that with so many clubs for different nationalities and interests there’s no need to be alone at UC.

Everyone is super helpful and friendly at UC – there’s no need to be shy. Fitting in is not as hard as you think. Being here is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make friends with Kiwis and enjoy the New Zealand lifestyle. The weather is nice, it’s easy to get around and you can ride your bike to class. It's great!

Nu’man says he’s grown a new sense of independence since coming to UC.

Back in Malaysia I depended on my parents. Here I live with my friends. That’s pushed me to learn how to cook, to tidy my room, to motivate myself to go to class. I’ve become a much more independent person here. UC has encouraged me to become my best physical and mental self. I’ve really learned a lot!