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Visiting Canterbury Fellowships may be awarded to distinguished scholars from overseas who speak the English language fluently in schools/departments within the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Law that do not have access to the Erskine Fund. The purpose of a Canterbury fellowship is to give lectures to UC students.  

In each yearly round up to a total of five Canterbury fellowships and/or grants may be awarded. Nominations from eligible schools/departments are assessed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic on a competitive basis. Applications are called for each February with a closing date end of early May. Decisions are expected to be notified to all applicants in August/September. Applications forms are available on the intranet for UC staff only.

Please note that applications for Canterbury Fellowships were not open 2021 for travel in 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impacts on international travel. The Erskine Programme Office hopes to re-open applications in 2022 for travel in 2023.


  1. Visiting Canterbury Fellowships may be awarded to distinguished scholars from overseas in those schools/departments within the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts that do not have access to the Erskine Fund, for the purpose of giving lectures in such subjects to UC students.
  2. An award will normally be for a period of from 1 to 3 months. The maximum funded period of a Visiting Canterbury Fellowship may be increased to 4 months (120 days) if a case is made and approved at the time of the nomination.
  3. A visiting Canterbury Fellow will receive a grant-in-aid which takes account of an economy class return airfare by the most direct and economical route, accommodation (either UC campus accommodation or private accommodation in Central Christchurch) and a daily allowance of NZ$100 towards living expenses. When appropriate, a second airfare will be offered for a spouse, partner, or another immediate family member for a minimum visit, excluding travelling time, of 28 continuous nights during the period of the Fellowship proper. The person need not travel with the visitor in either direction. The University does not remit cash overseas for travel purposes or make cash reimbursements for visitors' travel.

Please contact the Erskine Programme Office for further information at or read the Information for nominees‌ .

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