Honour Roll 2019

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Institution and Research interest

Accounting and Information Systems

Professor Cameron Graham York University, Canada
Accounting and Poverty, Accounting and Indigenous People, Accounting and Society
Dr Scott Morrison Oxford Brookes University, UK
Capital and Securities Market and Regulation; Listing and Prospectus Rules; Banking and Finance Laws and Legal Frameworks
Professor Brooke Harrington Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Groups and Organisations, Markets, Offshore Banking
Associate Professor Allen Johnston Culverhouse College of Business, USA
Human Behaviour in the Adoption and Use of Information Security Technologies, Practices, and Policy

Aotahi: School of Maori and Indigenous Studies

No visitors for 2019  

Biological Sciences

Professor Peter Kotanen University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada
Plant Ecology (Biological Invasions/Plant-herbivore Interactions)
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Professor Meeghan Gray Truckee Meadows College, USA
Physiology, Reproduction, Animal Behaviour, Teaching Scholar, Equity, and Diversity
Professor Emeritus Tom Laue University of New Hampshire, USA

Chemical and Process Engineering

Professor Janet deGrazia University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Chemical Engineering

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Professor James Mihelcic University of South Florida
Humanitarian and Development Engineering; Environmental Engineering
Professor Steven Kramer University of Washington, USA
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Professor Michael Delichatsios University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
Combustion; Fire Safety Engineering; Fire Science; Fire Risk Analysis
Professor David Hill Oregon State University, USA
Water Resources Engineering/Sustainable Water and Energy Systems, Humanitarian Engineering
Professor Kendra Sharp Oregon State University, USA
Water Resources Engineering/Sustainable Water and Energy Systems, Humanitarian Engineering
Dr David Baska University of Washington, USA
Professional Practice, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Engineering Seismology
Professor Santiago Pujol Purdue University, USA
Earthquake Engineering, Reinforced Concrete Structures


No visitors for 2019

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Bodo Rosenhahn Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany
Computer Vision; Machine Larning; Digital Signal Processing
Associate Professor Chris Johnson University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, USA
Programming Languages; Computer Graphics
Professor Keith Martin Royal Holloway University of London, UK
Cryptography, Cyber-Security

Economics and Finance

Professor Ian Crawford University of Oxford, UK
Macroeconomics; Nonparametric Empirical Methods; Behavioural Economics; Consumption; Econonic Measurement
Professor Ai-ru Cheng Northern Illinois University, USA
Asset Pricing; Option Pricing; High Frequency Data; Econometrics; International Finance

Professor Olivier Gergaud

KEDGE Business School, France
Cultural Economics; Wine Economics; Sports Economics; Economics of Pro-Social Behaviour and Restaurant Economics
Associate Professor Emeritus Stratford Douglas WVU College of Business and Economics, USA
Energy Economics; Competitive Restructuring of the US Electricity Markets; Applied Econmetrics
Professor Duncan James Fordham University, USA
Econometrics (decision making under risk and uncertainty) and Finance (asset pricing, venture capital financing)

Educational Studies & Human Development

Dr Paul Matthews University of Georgia, USA
University-community Engagement, Academic Service Learning Outcomes and Best Practices, Civic Engagement in Tertiary Education

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Professor Alexander Dmitriev University of Gotheburg, Sweden
Photonics; Nano Plasmonics
Emeritus Professor Victor Gosbell

University of Wollongon, Australia
Electric Power Engineering with an Emphasis on Power Quality

Professor Roberto Langella

University of Campania 'Luigi Vanvitelli', Italy
Power Systems Analysis, Power Quality, Harmonic, Interharmonics, Voltage Dips and Voltage Unbalance

Mr Timothy Atkins

TriVectorServices Inc.
Manages Requirements, Verification and Analyses of Avionics Timing for NASA's Space Launch System

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys

Queen Mary University of London, UK
Materials Science, Commercialising Research


Professor Sudesh Mishra

University of the South Pacific, Fiji
Diasipa Criticism 


Associate Professor Harry Nelson

University of British Columbia, Canada
Forest Policy and Economics

Gateway Antarctica

Associate Professor Ronald Doel

Florida State University, USA
History of Sciene, Environmental History, Diplomatic History


Professor Sara Fabrikant  University of Zurich, Switzerland
Geographic Information Science
Emeritus Professor Colin Ballantyne University of St. Andrews, Scotland
Geomorphology and Quaternary Science 
Dr Katharine McKinnon La Trobe University, Australia
Community Economies, Gender, Development and Care

Geological Sciences

Associate Professor Colin Amos Western Washington University, USA
Tectonic Geomorphology
Professor Eric Cowgill University of California, Davis, USA
Structural Geology and Tectonics/Igneous and Metamorhic Petrolog; Geochemistry
Professor Kari Cooper University of California, Davis, USA
Structural Geology and Tectonics/Igneous and Metamorhic Petrolog; Geochemistry
Professor David Smith Smith College, USA
Coastal Marine Ecology; Marine Bioinvasion; Environmental Change; Conservation Biology

Health Sciences

Professor Ian Coulter UCLA School of Dentistry, USA
Integrative Medicine; Complentary and Alternative Medicine; Politics and Health; Community Health; Philosophy and Health
Professor Vince Mor Brown University, USA
Aging; Health Services Research
Distinguished Professor Laura Justice (DVCR Award) Ohio State University, USA
Early Childhood Literacy and Learning Success - Expertise in Language, Disability, Learning and Well-Being of Children across these Disciplines 
Dr Krista Malott Villanova University, USA
Multicultural Counselling, Racial and Ethnic Identity Development, Antiracism.


Professor Anthony Steed University College London, UK
Virtual and Augumented Reality; Computer Systems; Networking


Dr Bradford Wilson Princeton University, USA
American Political History and Jurispudence - US Constiution, Fourth Amendment, Privacy, Early American Political History


 No visitors for 2019  


Emeritus Professor Sarah Hawkins University of Cambridge, UK

Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Professor Stefan Gössling Lund University, Sweden
Tourism; Transport
Professor David Boje New Mexico State University, USA
Narrative Methods; Storytelling Theory; Antenarrative Ethics; Systems Theory
Emeritus Professor Grace Rosile New Mexico State University, USA
Storytelling in Organisations; Organisational Behaviour; Academic Integrity; Ethics
Associate Professor Chad Navis Clemson University, USA
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Associate Professor Pedro Reyes Baylor University, USA
Supply Chain & Operations Management
Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele Griffith University, USA
Social Marketing and Behavioural Change

Māori and Indigenous Studies

No visitors for 2019  

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Glen Van Brummelen

Quest University, Canada
History of Mathematics; Mathematical Pedagogy; Mathematics Education
Professor Bodo Rosenhahn Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany
Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Digital Signal Processing
Professor John Hinde University of Galway, Ireland
Methodology, Computation and Application of Statistical Modelling with a Focus on Biostatistics
Professor Mat Simpson Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Biology
Associate Professor Michel Lavrauw Sabanci University, Turkey
Combinaorics, Algebra, Galois Geometry, Finite Geometry, Incidence Geometry, Finite Fields, and Coding Theory
Associate Professor Regina Burachik University of South Australia, Australia
Smooth, Non-Smooth, and Global Optimisation, Interior Points Methods, Convex and Variational Analysis

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Robert Pitz Vanderbilt University, USA
Thermodynamics; Combustion; Laster Diagnostics; Gas Dynamics
Dr Mark Reeves MRA Technology Limited, UK
Biomedical Device Engineering; Sensing and Data Intergration
Dr Hezy Ram Ram Energy Inc, Israel
Geothermal Engineering and Project Development

Media and Communication

Professor Robert Hackett Simon Fraser University, Canada
Reporting of Social Movements and Dissent, Democratic Role of the Media, Media Democratisation


No visitors for 2019  


Professor Adina Roskies Dartmouth College, USA
Philosophy of Mind; Cognitive Science; Epistemology; Metaphysics; Ethics
Associate Professor Karen Green University of Melbourne, Australia
Political Philosophy; Feminist Philosophy; Philosophy of Language; Philosophical Logic; Ethics

Physical and Chemical Sciences

Professor Thisbe Lindhorst Christian-Albrects University of Kiel, Germany
Biological Chemistry of Carbohydrates and Glycocojugates
Professor Mark Distefano University of Minnesota, USA
Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry
Assistant Professor Rosmarie Friemann Centre for Antibiotic Resistance, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Enzyme Structure and Function; Structure and Biology of Membrance Proteins; Methods in Structural Biology
Professor Philipp Richter University of Potsdam, Germany
Galactics and Extragalactic Astrophysics; Interstellar and Intergalactic Matter; Cosmology
Dr Markus Puschenreiter BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria
Safe Food Production, Rhizosphere Processes, Trace Element Biogeochemistry
Associate Professor John Finke University of Washington
Biochemistry, Systems Biology
Dr Michael Mills National Centre for Atmospheric Research, USA
Stratospheric Chemistry, Aerosol Microphysics, Climate Modelling, Geoengineering
Professor Gunther Andersson Flinders University, Australia
Molecular Structure of Soft Matter Surfaces and Interfaces

Physics and Astronomy

No visitors for 2019  

Political Science

No visitors for 2019  

Product Design

Professor Alex Milton and Ms Suzanne Martin National College of Art and Design, Ireland
Product Design
Assistant Professor Rosanna Veneziano University of Campania 'Luigi Vanvitelli', Italy
Industrial Product Design, Social Design, and Costmetics Product Design

Psychology, Speech, & Hearing

Professor Linda Worrall The University of Queensland, Australia
Speech Pathologist - Rehabilitation of Aspasia after Stroke
Associate Professor Vinaya Channapatna Manchaia Lamar University, USA
Audit Audiologic Rehabilitation
Professor Tammy Allen University of South Florida, USA
Work and Family; Careers/Career Development; Occupational Health Psychology; Mindfulness; Mentoring Relationships
Associate Professor Anna Mitchell University of Oxford, UK
Neuroscience - How, Why and When Does the Mediodorsal Thalamus Interact with the Frontal Cortex to Optimise Learning and Decision Making
Associate Professor Jorge Gomes ISEG - Lisbon, School of Economics and Management
Human Resources Management, Organisational Behaviour, and Strategy Management
Assistant Professor Sarah Smits-Bandstra University of Toronto, Canada
Speech Therapist and Fluency Specialist - Motor Sequence Learning in Relation to Speech
Associate Professor Carolyn Baylor University of Washington, USA
Patient-reported Outcome Measures, Voice Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders

Teacher Education

No visitors for 2019  

Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management

No visitors for 2019