Honour Roll 2018

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Institution and Research interest

Accounting and Information Systems

Professor Noel Hyndman Queen's University Belfast, UK
Management Accounting, Management Control and Not-for-Profit Accounting
Professor Jacob Rose Oregon State University, USA
Behavioural/Experimental Accounting
Professor Richard Watson University of Georgia, Athens - USA
Information Systems, Data Analytics, Database Management, Energy Informatics

Aotahi: School of Maori and Indigenous Studies

No visitor for 2018  

Biological Sciences

Associate Professor Aron Fenton University of Kansas Medical Center, USA
Allosteric Regulation of Enzymes, Enzymatic Control of Metabolic Pathways
Associate Professor Matthew Reudink Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Behavioural Ecology, Conservation Biology
Professor Martin Serra Allegheny College, USA
Biochemistry, Biophysics, Chemistry
Associate Professor Mark Silby University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
Professor Borries Demeler University of Texas Health Science Centre at San Antonio (UTHSCSA), USA
Professor Christopher Eckert Queen's University, Canada
Rapid Evolution in Plants, Ecology of Sexual Systems

Chemical and Process Engineering

Professor Robert Davis University of Colorado, USA
Separations, Membrane Systems, Fluid Mechanics
Associate Professor Matthew Liberatore University of Toledo, USA


Professor Scott McIndoe University of Victoria, Canada
Organometallic Catalysis and Synthesis, Development and Use of Novel Mass Spectrometric (and Orthogonal Spectroscopic) Techniques to Enable Rapid Catalyst Discovery
Professor Jonathan Morris University of New South Wales, Australia
The Chemical Synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant molecules with a particular interest in the preparation of natural product skeletons with biological activity

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Dr Giuseppe Modoni University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy
Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering
Dr Simon Eveson University of York, UK
Mathematical Analysis, Computational Wave Propagation and High Performance Computing
Professor Bruce Kutter University of California Davis, USA
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Professor Michael Griffith University of Adelaide, Australia
Earthquake Engineering of Masonry Structures
Professor Susan Masten Michigan State University, USA
Drinking Water Treatment, Environmental Engineering
Professor Bryan Karney University of Toronto, Canada
Hydraulics, Transients and Unsteady Flow, Energy Systems, Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Professor Phillip Yen Tongji University, China
Structural/Earthquake Bridge Engineering
Professor Michael Delichatsios University of Ulster, UK
Combustion, Fire Safety Engineering
Professor Thomas Boothby The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Integrated Design of Whole Buildings


Dr William Allan University of Oxford, UK
Classical Languages and Literature

Communication Disorders

Professor Arlene Carney

University of Minnesota, USA
Paediatric Audiology

Professor Lynne Hewitt

Bowling Green State University, USA
Speech and Language Disorders
 Associate Professor Amy Neel Bowdoin College, USA
CS Sequence, Computer Science Education and Algorithms

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Ms Carola Fellenz Thompson So Good Design, LLC. USA
Human-Computer Interaction
Professor Sungdeok Cha Korea University, South Korea
Cyber Security and Software Engineering
Dr Gabor Erdelyi University of Siegen, Germany
Computer Science (Computational Social Choice, Algorithmic Decision Theory)
Associate Professor Laura Toma Bowdoin College, USA
Computer Science Education and Algorithms

Economics and Finance

Professor Paul Heald University of Illinois, USA
International intellectual property, copyright, international business transactions, law and economics
Professor Ehud Ronn University of Texas, USA
Derivatives, Energy Finance, Financial Risk Management
Professor Douglas Allen Simon Fraser University, Canada
Institutional economics, property rights, economics of family, economic history, transaction costs

Associate Professor John Landon-Lane

Rutgers University, USA
Econometrics and Macroeconomics
Associate Professor Ryan Whitby Utah State University, USA
Investments and security analysis, equiy valuation, real estate finance, corporate finance

Educational Studies & Leadership

Professor Lynne Schrum Nova Southeastern University, USA
E-learning, research methods, educational leadership
Professor Toby Greany UCL Institute of Education, UK
Understanding the way in which educational policy and practice interact, the roles of both leadership agency and evidence in this process and the impact this has on equity and social justice

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Professor Khashayar Khorasani Concordia University, Canada
Control systems, cooperation control, diagnosis and health monitoring, computational intelligence


No visitor for 2018  


Dr Raffaele Spinelli CNR IVALSA, Italy
Timber harvesting in Italy, time studies, biomass harvesting and chipping, transportation logistics of biomass, biomass design project
Dr Horacio Bown University of Chile, Chile
Tree Physiology, Silviculture, forest production, forest management
Associate Professor Enrico Marchi University of Firenze, Italy
Harvest System Planning, Productivity and Efficiency

Gateway Antarctica

Polar research, specifically glaciology and the geology of polar continental margins


Professor Jamie Shulmeister University of Queensland, Australia
Paleoclimatology, geomorphology, glacial geology, coastal evolution
Professor Martin Raubal ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Geographic Information Science
Professor Paul Cloke University of Exeter, UK
Geographies of nature-society relations, geographies of poverty and homelessness, geographies of religion and ethics, geographies of voluntarism and the Third Sector
Professor Adrian Moore University of Ulster, UK
Medical Geography, GIS Technologies, Quantitative Analysis

Geological Sciences

Professor Harry Jol University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, USA
Near surface geophysics, geophysical imaging, geomorphology, remote sensing
Professor James Faulds University of Nevada, USA
Structural Geology, tectonics, geothermal systems, geological mapping
Associate Professor Guiherme Gualda Vanderbilt University, USA

Health Sciences

Professor Simon Dein University College London, UK
Palliative Medicine, Psychiatry and mental health, health and culture, religion and spirituality
Professor Frank Thomas Texas Christian University, USA
Counselling, Counsellor education, solution-focused brief therapy, counselling supervision, systemic family therapy
Associate Professor Russell Lang Texas State University, USA
Evidence-based practice, applied behaviour analysis, developmental disabilities, early intervention, learning and behaviour
Professor Kathleen Wermke University of Würzburg, Germany
Child Health and Wellbeing


No visitor for 2018  


 Dr Natasha Hodgson Nottingham Trent University, UK
Medieval History - Crusades


Associate Professor Gregory Breetzke University of Pretoria, South Africa
The geospatial analysis of crime and criminal offenders, with particular interest in examining crime patterns and trends and how they vary across space and time
Professor Paul McCutcheon University of Limerick, Ireland
Law, Criminal Law, Sports Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Systems


Professor Daniel Schreier Universitat Zurich, Switzerland
Language Variation and change, sociolinguistics, dialectology, English historical linguistics

Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Professor Guy Holburn University of Western Ontario, Canada
Sustainability, public policy, energy, international business
Professor Gyan Nyaupane Arizona State University, USA
Socio-ecological approaches to tourism sustainability, links between tourism and sustainable development, heritage tourism, tourist behaviour
Professor Jeanie Forray Western New England University, USA
Organisational behaviour, management education
Professor Emeritus Charles Snow Penn State University, USA
Strategic Management
Professor Nancy Niemi Yale University, USA
Gender and its intersections with higher education, education and its impact on social and economic equity
Professor David Boje New Mexico State University, USA
Narrative methods, storytelling theory, antenarrative ethics, systems theory, critical theory, relational process ontologies
Professor Nir Kshetri University of North Carolina, USA
Blockchain, e-commerce, cybersecurity, big data
Professor Cory Searcy Ryerson University, Canada
Sustainability, Supply Chains, Quality Management

Māori and Indigenous Studies

No Visitor for 2018  

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Stefano de Marchi

University of Padova, Italy
Approximation theory and numerical analysis
Associate Professor Frank D'Amico Universite de Pau et Pays de L'Ardour (UPPA), France
Environmental statistics
Professor Christopher Bose University of Victoria, Canada
Ergodic theory and dynamical systems
Professor Octavio Manero-Brito National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
Rheology, non-Newtonoan fluid mechanics

Mechanical Engineering

Professor R Edwin Garcia Purdue University, USA
Computational materials science and engineering, development of open-source computational tools and integration of computational tools into Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching
Professor Emeritus Michael Brandemuehl University of Colorado, USA
The modelling and simulation of HVAC&R systems
Professor Timothy Weihs John Hopkins University, USA
Materials science and engineering (reactive materials, structural materials, thin films, woven materials, biomaterials)

Media and Communication

Professor Robert Hackett Simon Fraser University, Canada
Journalism studies, media activism, social movement theory, communication rights, democratic communication models, alternative media, political engagement


No visitor for 2018  


Professor Stephen Stich Rutgers University, USA
Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind
Professor Per Hasle Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark
Temporal logic, rhetoric, information architecture
Professor Carl Posy The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Philosophy of Mathematics, Kant's philosophy, Leibniz's philosophy, logic

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Christian Knigge University of Southampton, UK
Astrophysics, compact binaries, binary evolution, accretion and outflows, (astro-)statistics
Professor Sally Seidel University of New Mexico, USA
Experimental particle physics
Professor Darin Toohey University of Colorado, USA
Atmospheric Science

Political Science

No Visitor for 2018  

Product Design

Professor Eujin Pei Brunel University, UK
Industrial product design and product design engineering
Mr Alistair McDonald University of Southampton, UK
Multidisciplinary engineering design


Professor Mark Olver University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Forensic psychology, clinical psychology, psychological assessment
Professor Ralph Miller Binghamton University. USA
Professor Don Hine University of New England, Australia
Applied Social Environmental Psychology

Teacher Education

Professor George Noblit The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Sociology of Education, race equity, school reform, sociology of knowledge, qualitative research methodology

UC Business School

Professor Jacqueline Mohr University of Montana, USA
Marketing Strategy, Marketing of High-Technology Products/Innovations, Technology and Innovation

Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management

Professor David Maidment The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Geographic Information Systems applied to hydrologic processes