Honour Roll 2016

Visiting Canterbury Fellows names appear in bold. Visiting Oxford Fellows names appear in bold+italics. Visiting Cambridge Fellows names appear in BOLD+CAPS. Please click on the name of the visitor to make e-mail contact.

Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy and Information Systems

Professor Selwyn Piramuthu University of Florida, USA
RFID systems, data science, supply chain managment, cold chains, recommender systems
Professor Joanna Gray Birmingham University, UK
Law and Regulation - financial markets law and corporate finance law
Professor Breda Sweeney NUI Galway, IrelandPerformance management 
Emeritus Professor Bill Foster III New Mexico State University, USA
Financial accounting
Professor Christopher Evans The University of New South Wales, Australia
Associate Professor David Schwartz Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Knowledge management, mHealth Internet, IS Strategy, Crowdsourcing, Computer-Mediated Communications, Cybersecurity

Aotahi: School of Maori and Indigenous Studies

Dr Te Raukura Roa University of Hawaii in Manoa, USA
Te Reo Maori, Maori language revitalisation, Maori performing arts
Biological Sciences (School of)
Dr Caitlin Gabor Texas State University, USA
Behavioral ecology, behavioural endocrinology and conservation biology
Dr James Murphy Walter and Eliza Hall Medical Institute, Australia
Protein interaction within cells and how genetic mutations that perturb these interactions can cause human disease

Chemical and Process Engineering

Dr Chunbao Xu Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources, CanadaChemical Engineering, Bioenergy and Biochemicals


Professor Stephen Loeb University of Windsor,Canada
Inorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry
Professor Amanda Ellis Flinders University, Australia
Chemistry/Nanotechnology: macromolecular and materials chemistry, medical biotechnology, nanotechnology and physical chemistry
Dr Pierre-Francois Loos Australian National University, Australia
Theoretical and Mathematical Chemistry
Associate Professor Peter Teasdale Griffith University, Australia
Analytical and environmental chemistry (measurement of the speciation of trace elements)

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Associate Professor Carlo Lai University of Pavia, Italy
Engineering, Engineering Seismology
Professor Michael Thomas University of New Brunswick, Canada
Concrete materials, infrastructure repairs
Professor Hennes A J De Ridder TU Delft, NetherlandsDesign and Construction Management, Risk Management,Project Management, Procurement
Professor Adrian Rodriguez-Marek Virginia Tech, USAGeotechnical earthquake engineering, site responsive analysis, probabilistic seismic hazard assessment, risk analysis of geotechnical systems
Professor Ian Burgess University of Sheffield, UK
Structural fire engineering
Professor Russell Green Virginia Tech University, USA
Liquefaction triggering,manifestation and impacts. Geotechnical earthquake engineering
Professor Charles Jahren Iowa State University of Science and Technology, USA
Construction Management, Construction Equipment, Hybrid Learnng
Associate Professor James Stone South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA
Environmental Engineering (fate and transport of trace metals in the environment)
Professor Hugo Corres Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Structural Engineering with focus on conceptual design, integration with architectural design, bridge engineering with reinforced concrete structures


Dr Jennifer Wallace University of Cambridge, UK
English Literature and Classics; comparative drama
Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson University of Oxford, UK
Latin and Greek language education, Roman rhetoric, Classical education and contemporary curricula

Communication Disorders

Associate Professor Cathy Lazarus Yeshiva University, USA
Swallowing and swallowing disorders
Associate Professor Judith Widen University of Kansas Medical Center, USA
Paediatric audiology
Professor Peggy Nelson University of Minnesota, USA
Auditory psychophysics,speech perception and sensory aids
Associate Professor Cheryl Messick University of Pittsburgh, USAMethods of optimising clinical education, speech/language services to young children particularly those with developmental disabilities

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Dr David Bowes Univesity of Hertfordshire, UK
Software engineering
Emeritus Professor Paul Wagner University of Wisconsin, USA
Database systems; computer security; computing education; social & ethical implications of computing; OO software development
Professor Paul Tymann Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Computer Science education, Bioinformatics, Data Analytics, Parallel and Distributed Computing

Economics and Finance

Professor Rossitsa Yalamova University of Lethbridge, Canada
Derivatives, investments, portfolio management, fianancial modelling, corporate finance, trading and market microstructure
Professor Martin Bohl Westfalische Wilhelms-University Muenster, Germany
Commodity markets, financial deriviatives,financial managment, monetary economics
Professor Aaron Smith University of California, USA
Ecomentrics, Commodity markets, finance
Professor Nicolas Schmitt Simon Fraser University, Canada
International Trade, Industrial Organisation
Professor Guido Erreygers University of Antwerp, Belgium
Macroeconomics, health inequality and history of economic thought

Educational Studies & Leadership

Dr Sharon Feiman-Nemser Brandeis University, USA
Curriculum and pedagogy in teacher education, learning to teach, mentoring and new teacher induction, professional development of teachers

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Associate Professor Roberto Langella Seconda Universita Degli Studi Napoli, ItalyPower system analysis. power quality, harmonic interharmonics, voltage dips and voltage imbalance
Associate Professor Bart Vanrumste KU Leuven, Belgium Digital signal and image processing; biomedical engineering
Dr Thomas Ackermann CEO Energynautics GmbH, GermanyRenewable and distributed generation


Professor Stephen Burt Harvard University, USA 
Literary critic, poet and Professor - particular interest in James K. Baxter, a NZ poet.


Dr Raffaele Spinelli CNR IVALSA, Italy
Forest engineering, biomass harvesting systems, mechanization, Italian forest industry

Gateway Antarctica

Polar research, specifically glaciology and the geology of polar continental margins
Professor Lloyd Peck Cambridge University, UK
Antarctic biodiversity


Dr Stephen Healy Western Sydney University, Australia
Dr Mathieu Schuster University of Strasbourg, France
Geomorphologist and sedimentologist, spatial and temporal evolution of palaeoenvironments

Geological Sciences

Professor Paul Santi Colorado School of Mines, USAEngineering geology
Professors Paul Fitzgerald and Suzanne Baldwin Syracuse University, USA
Tectonics, orogenic evolution and long-term landscape development (Fitzgerald). Pressure-temperature-time-deformation (P-T-t-D) evolution of crustal terrains (Baldwin)
Professor Eric Hiatt University of Wisconsin, USA
Chemical sedimentology and biogeochemistry

Health Sciences

Professor Robert Wilton McMaster University, CanadaGeographies of disability, addiction and mental health and social geographies of exclusion
Professor John Luckner University of Northern Colorado, USADeaf education and experiential learning
Professor Robert Didden Radboud University, the Netherlands
Developmental disabilities, applied behavioural analysis, psychology and autism spectrum disorder


Professor Sigrid Beck Universitat Tubingen, GermanySemantics
Professor Katie Drager University of Hawaii at Manoa

Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Professor William Starbuck University of Oregon, USA
Research design and methodology, organisational theory and change, strategic management
Professor Narongsak Thongpapanl Brock University, CanadaMarketing and new product development
Professor Timothy Coles University of Exeter Business School, UK
Tourism, international business, mobilities and transnationalism, governanace and regulation
Professor Jeanie Forray Western New England University, USA
Responsible leadership/management and organisational behaviour
Professor Arch Woodside Boston College, USA
Marketing, research methods and publishing

Māori and Indigenous Studies

Mr Clarence Jules First Nations Tax Commission, Canada
Distinguished First Nation leader and innovator. Member of the Kamloops Indian Bnad and was their cheif from 1984 to 2000.

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor John Hinde National University of Ireland
Methodology, computation and application of statistical modelling
Professor Andrew Francis Western Sydney University
Algebra, combinatorics, mathematical biology
Professor Timothy Robinson University of Wyoming, USA
Applied statistics
Professor Krishna Ramasubramanian Indian Institute of Technology
History of mathematical astronomy
Dr Wolfgang Graf Zu Castell-Rudenhausen Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen, Germany
Approximation theory, kernel based methods, special functions, learning with kernels
Professor Huaxiong Huang York University, Canada
Industrial mathematics, fluid mathematics, scientific computing, mathematical modelling

Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor James E. Wittig Vanderbilt University, USA
Failure analysis of engineering materials, structure-property processing relationships of mechanical, magnetic and electronic materials
Professor Norman Dowling Virginia Polytechnic, USA
Mechanical behaviour of materials
Professor Christian Puttlitz Colorado State University, USA
Biomechanics, biomedical engineering
Professor Raghu Echempati Kettering University, USA
Mechanical design and analysis

Media and Communication

Professor Justin Lewis Cardiff University, UK
Media and public debate, cultural policy, political communications, journalism practice, broadcasting, consumerism


Emeritus Professor Peter Wenz University of Illinois, USAEthics, political philosophy
Professor Piotr Boltuc University of Illinois at Springfield, USAMachine consciousness, moral and political philosophy, e-learning in philosophy
Professor Oron Shagrir The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Cognitive science, philosophy of mind and computational philosophy

Physics and Astronomy

Professor George Ellis University of Cape Town, South Africa
General relativity and theoretical cosmology
Dr Andrew Gettelman National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
Climate dynamics and climate modelling
Professors Zoila Barandiaran and Luis Seijo University of Madrid, Spain
Quantum chemistry calculations focusing on Lanthanide and Actinide Ions in crystals and linear scaling models
Professor Elizabeth Winstanley University of Sheffield, UKGeneral relativity, quantum field theory in curved space-time, black holes

Political Science

Mr Austin Mitchell British politics, New Zealand politics and political sociology, parliamentary reform, progressive political change


Professor Cindy Bulik University of North Carolina, USA
Eating disorders and pregnancy, genetic and environmental risk factors in eating disorders, comorbidity, treatment of children and/or adults with eating disorders, psychiatric genetics
Professor Arla Day Saint Mary's University, Canada
Industrial and organisational psychology, occupational health psychology
Associate Professor Cheryl Kaiser University of Washington, USADiscrimination, stigma, diversity science, status-legitimising beliefs, social identity, organisational behaviour
Dr Samudragupta Bora Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Mecial School, USA
Neuroimaging and neurodevelopmental follow up of high risk infants, longitudinal research methodology, quantitative data analysis
Professor Geoff Cumming La Trobe University, AustraliaResearch methods and data analysis in Psychology, especially the new statistics approach