Honour Roll 2015

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy and Information Systems

Professor Sue Conger University of Dallas, USA
Business process management, IT Services management/ITIL, IT governance, innovative use of IT in organisations, privacy & ethics in IT use n
Professor Sven Modell University of Manchester, UK
Social, political & institutional aspects of management accounting & control, with particular emphasis on public sector organisations
Professor Kerrie Sadiq Queensland University of Technology, AustraliaInternational taxation (including taxation of multinationals); small business concessions; superannuation; Islamic finance taxation 
Professor Ulrich Remus University of Innsbruck, Australia
Business process management; knowledge management; collaborative technologies

Biological Sciences

Associate Professor Matthew Bracken University of California Irvine, USA
Uncovering the causes & consequences of biodiversity changes in marine ecosystems, through experimental & isotopic analyses of communities
Associate Professor Adam Chippindale Queen's University at Kingston, Canada
Evolutionary biology
Associate Professor Jeff Johnson University of North Texas, USAConservation genetics/genomics of birds, with an emphasis on the incorporation of genetic- and genomic-based methods in active conservation programs 
Dr Axel Moehrenschlager Calgary Zoological Society, CanadaRecovery of threatened species, with an emphasis on the science, policy and practice of species reintroduction 
Professor Scott Wissinger Allegheny College, USAFreshwater ecology; esp aquatic invertebrates, their functional roles in streams & wetland ecosystems & their interactions with vertebrate predators
Associate Professor Andre Hudson Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
A key focus in the Hudson laboratory is the enzymology of amino acid metabolism in plants and bacteriay

Chemical and Process Engineering

Associate Professor Ketul Popat Colarado State University, USABiomaterials; tissue engineering; nanotechnology
DR IAN WILSON University of Cambridge, UKChemical engineering, particularly heat transfer; fluid flow; complex fluids; surfaces and food processing


Professor Alistair Boxall University of York, UK
Fate, transport & environmental & human health effects of emerging environmental contaminants (including veterinary medicines, degradates & nanomaterials)
Associate Professor Greg Metha University of Adelaide, Australia
Spectroscopy of metal clusters; reactivity and catalysis of metal clusters; computational chemistry of metal clusters
Dr Derek Wann University of York, UK
Molecular structure determination using gas electron diffraction; time-resolved electron diffraction to observe molecular processes incl bond-breaking

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Professor Jack Baker Stanford University, USA
Earthquake-induced ground motion characterisation; applications of probability & statistics in civil engineering
Dr Claudia Cenedese Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Environmental engineering, contaminated site remediation, phytoremediation
Professor Greg Deierlein Stanford University, USAStructural engineering; earthquake engineering
Professor Norbert Delatte Cleveland State University, USAForensic civil engineering; engineering professional issues; engineering history; concrete pavements
Professor Thomas D O'Rourke Cornell University, USA
Geotechnical engineering; earthquake engineering; lifeline engineering
Professor Marco Savoia University of Bologna, Italy
Structural & earthquake engineering; structural identification & health monitoring; reinforced concrete design & assessment; composite materials.

Communication Disorders

Professor Barbara Cone University of Arizona, USA
Paediatric audiology
Associate Professor Bronwyn Davidson University of Melbourne, Australia
Aphasiology (aphasia, stroke, everyday communication), Communication disability (interactional communication, mobile technologies)
Professor Nelson Roy Washington University, USA
Voice disorders (treatment efficacy, epidemiology, acoustic indices, diagnostic markers) & anatomy & physiology
Professor Nancy Tye-Murray Washington University, USAAural rehabilitation

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Associate Professor James Atlas University of Delaware, USA
K-12 computer science education, optimization algorithms, AI, mobile and distributed systems, and software engineering
Emeritus Professor Paul Wagner University of Wisconsin, USA
Database systems; computer security; computing education; social & ethical implications of computing; OO software development

Economics and Finance

Associate Professor Christina Atanasova Simon Fraser University, Canada
Empirical corporate finance; corporate governance; capital structure; corporate risk management; pension economics and finance
Professor William Schulze Cornell University, USA
Environmental economics, experimental economics, behavioural economics
Professor Daniel Schunk Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany
Behavioural economics & microeconomics, public & education economics, applied econometrics, experimental economics
Professor Juergen Wolters Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany
Macro-oriented time series econometrics
Professor Roger Stover Iowa State University, USA
Banking and Finance

Educational Studies & Leadership

DR KRISTINE BLACK-HAWKINS University of Cambridge, UKInclusive and special education policy and practice in schools and classrooms; student-teacher and teacher research in inclusive education
Professor Marilyn Fleer Monash university, Australia
Child development and learning; pedagogy of early childhood education; science and technology; cross-cultural and family studies

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Professor David Beebe Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research, USAMicrofluidics; BioMEMS; cancer biology (tumour microenvironment)
Emeritus Professor James Cavers Simon Fraser University, CanadaCommunications; wireless systems; power amplifiers and electronics
Emeritus Professor Vic Gosbell University of Wollongong, AustraliaPower quality; harmonic, voltage dips and voltage unbalance
PROFESSOR WILLIAM MILNE University of Cambridge, UKGraphene, CNT and their applications
Professor Sumit Roy University of Washington, USACommunications; networks; the internet of things


Professor Paul McFarlane University of British Columbia, Canada
Forest products industry; sustainable manufacturing, including plant design; material flow and life cycle analysis

Gateway Antarctica

Emeritus Professor Colin Summerhayes Scott Polar Research Inst, Cambridge University, UK
Antartic Environmental Science, Climate Change and Oceanography


Professor Paul Cloke University of Exeter, United Kingdom
eographics of: nature-society relations, poverty & homelessness, religion & ethics, voluntarism and the third sector
Dr Ronan Foley National University of Ireland, Ireland
Health geography
Associate Professor Patrick Wassmer University of Strasbourg, France
Geomorphology, sedimentology and natural hazards

Geological Science

Professor Rachel Beane Bowdoin College, USAMineral science with emphasis in ductile deformation and igneous processes
Professor J Dykstra Eusden Bates College, USA
Structural geology and regional tectonics

Health Sciences

Professor Ilsa Schwarz University of Tennessee, USAReading comprehension, child language, vocabulary development, early intervention, children with hearing impairment
Dr Chris Bain Queensland Institute of Medical Research, AustraliaCancer epidemiology and applied epidemiology

Humanities and Creative Arts

Dr Jenny Macleod University of Hull, UK
History of WW1 with special expertise in Gallipoli campaign & the war's commemoration

Languages, Social & Political Sciences

Professor Steven Livingston George Washington University, USA
Media & political processes; advanced media & IT's role in foreign & military policy making & operations; media & terrorism
Professor Peter Culicover Ohio State University, USASyntactic theory; English syntax; language learnability; computational models of language acquisition and language change; grammar & complexity
Dr Graeme Trousdale University of Edinburgh, UKThe history of English; linguistic theory; sociolinguistics

Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Professor Kathy Lund Dean Gustavus Adolphus College, USA
Teaching organisational behaviour topics using experiential learning techniques; leadership; ethics
Professor Leyland Pitt Simon Fraser University, CanadaMarketing and entrepreneurship

Māori and Indigenous Studies

Dr Tom Cavanagh Colorado State University, USA
Restorative justice; culturally responsive pedagogy; culturally responsive research methods; qualitative research

Mathematics and Statistics

Dr Magnus Bordewich University of Durham, UK
Mathematics, particularly enumerative combinatorics, randomised algorithms, Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling techniques, & phylogenetics
Professor Ian Frigaard University of British Columbia, Canada
Applied mathematics; non-Newtonian fluid mechanics
Dr Jon Pitchford University of York, UK
Mathematical Ecology

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Christian Puttlitz Colorado State University, USA
Fluid mechanics; particle laden flows; human breathing; turbulence modeling; aerodynamics
Mr Yeheskel (Hezy) Ram Ram Energy Inc, USA
Geothermal engineering and project development
Professor Wen-Hwa Wu National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan
Dynamics & vibrations; sensing & instrumentation; structural health monitoring; structural control; soil-structure interaction
Professor Jack Zable University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Industry relations


Professor Ludger Kühnhardt Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University, GermanyEuropean Integration


Professor Elijah Millgram University of Utah, USAEthics, metaphysics; epistemology; early modern; theories of rationality
Professor Tim Bayne University of Manchester, UKPhilospohy of Mind, Consciousness, Intentionality

Physics and Astronomy

Dr Philippe Goldner Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, France
Spectroscopy of rare earth minerals, with a particular emphasis on development of the technology of quantum information processing
Professor Krystina Tack Oregon State University, USA
Medical physics, with particular emphasis on radiation therapy, especially prostrate brachytherapy


Professor Kevin Bennett Wright State University, USA
Human factors; sensation and perception; cognitive psychology
Professor Edward Morris University of Kansas, USA
Historical and conceptual foundations of behaviour analysis and psychology
Professor Rosemary Tannock University of Toronto, CanadaADHD, Learning disabilities
Mr Joseph Wallace University of Limerick, Ireland
Industrial relations; organisation restructuring; negotiation

UC Innovators' Summer Start Up

Dr Rudolf Domotor WU Vinenna, AustriaEntrepreneurship, Start-Ups, Opportunity Recogniction, Interdisciplinary Collaboration