Honour Roll 2014

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy and Information Systems

Professor Sue Conger University of Dallas, USA
Business process management, IT Services management/ITIL, IT governance, innovative use of IT in organisations, privacy & ethics in IT use n
Professor Taylor Foster New Mexico State University, USA
Financial accounting
Dr Stewart Karlinsky San Jose University, USA
International taxation; US taxation; tax policy; tax compliance; tax professionals; comparative taxation

Biological Sciences

Professor Elisar Barbar Oregon State University, USA
The assembly, structure, and function of large protein complexes, including the molecular motor dynein and nuclear pore complexes.
Professor Michael Lawes Charles Darwin University, Australia
Forest ecology & conservation; behavioural & evolutionary ecology; primatology
Professor Jerry Turnbull University of Liverpool, UK
Glycobiology expert, specialising in heparan sulphate biology in cell regulation, disease and drug discovery


Professor Bryan Brooks Baylor University, USA
Water quality & reuse; toxicology; risk assessment, aquatic ecology & harmful algae blooms
Dr John Brown University of Oxford, UK
Organic chemistry; transition metal catalysis; reaction mechanism
Professor Philip Gale Univeristy of Southampton, UK
Supramolecular chemistry, in particular the molecular recognition, sensing and lipid bilayer transport of anionic species
Professor Richard McCreery Univeristy of Alberta, Canada 
Surface spectroscopy; molecular electronics; electrochemical kinetics; advanced carbon materials
Professor Andrew Phillips Yale University, UDA
Chemical biology; new biologically active small molecules; transcription factors & non-coding RNAs in cancer biology
Professor Stephen Withers University of British Columbia, Canada
Chemical biology; mechanistic enzymology; glycoscience

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Professor Daniel Abrams University of Illinois, USA
Structural engineering; earthquake engineering; masonry
Dr Joel Burken Missouri University of Science & Technology, USA
Environmental engineering, contaminated site remediation, phytoremediation
Professor Rachel Davidson University of Delaware, USA
Risk analysis; natural hazards; engineering decision making
Professor Michael Mamlouk Arizona State University, USA
Pavement design, evaluation & maintenance; material characterisation; road asset management; rehabilitation design; pavement modelling

College of Science

Professor Christiaan Sterken Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Optical spectrophotometry of variable stars, scientific writing for young astronomers

Communication Disorders

Dr Louise Brown James Cook University, Australia
Development and assessment of professional competence in speech pathology and audiology
Dr Josephine Marriage Independent Children's Hearing Centre, UK
Paediatric audiology
Associate Professor Jane Pimentel Eastern Washington University, USA
Anatomy & physiology of the speech mechanism, communication neuroscience, aphasia
Professor Nancy Tye-Murray Washington University, USAAural rehabilitation

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Andrzej Bargiela University of Nottingham, UK
Operational research applied to public utility, transport & optimised scheduling systems; Computational Intelligence focused on uncertain information processing
Dr Scott Grissom Grand Valley State University, USA
Human-computer interaction
Dr Andrew Nuxoll Grand Valley State University, USA
Artificial episodic memory; artificial intelligence; cognitive architectures

Economics and Finance

Professor Richard Froyen University of North Carolina, USA
Macroeconomic theory; monetary policy; analysis of economic fluctuations and stabilisation policy
Associate Professor Robert Mohr University of New Hampshire, USA
Environmental & natural resource economics; innovation & technology adoption; job design; human resources practices
Professor Ray Rees University of Munich, Germany
Applied microeconomic theory, with special interest in problems involving risk
Professor Ajai Singh University California Santa Cruz, USA
Corporate finance; financial markets
Associate Professor John Spraggon University of Massachusetts, USA
Experimental economics; environmental economics; microeconomics; game theory

Educational Studies & Leadership

Professor Paul Resta University of Texas at Austin, USA
Web-based collaborative & virtual learning environments; indigenous education; advanced instructional design; technology & teacher education


Associate Professor Horacio Brown University of Chile, Chile
Tree physiology; silviculture, forest production
Dr Raffaele Spinelli CNR IVALSA, Italy
Forest engineering, biomass harvesting systems, mechanisation, Italian pulp forest industry
Dr Lei Wang University of Helsinki, Finland
Forest products marketing

Gateway Antarctica

Professor Mahlon Kennicutt II Texas A & M University, USA
Antarctic environmental science and oceanography


Professor Christophe Claramunt Naval Academy Research Instit, France
Computer science; spatial information theory; geographical information science; web GIS; urban and environmental GIS
Professor Gerry Kearns (Joint Fellowship) National University of Ireland, Ireland
Historical, political & cultural approaches to medical themes including HIV/AIDS
Dr Karen Till (Joint Fellowship) National University of Ireland, Ireland
Urban, cultural & political geography; memory politics; urban design & planning; and art, public engagement & placemaking

Geological Science

Dr Simon Brocklehurst University of Manchester, UK
Glacial geomorphology, landscape processes

Health Sciences

Professor William Hsiao Harvard University, USAHealth care financing and social insurance
Professor Stephen Walston University of Oklahoma, USAHealth leadership; strategic planning & analysis; organisational development & redesign; quality programmes; organisational design


Dr Agnieszka Szóstek Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, PolandInteraction design, experience design

Humanities and Creative Arts

Dr Eric MeyerHumanities/Social and Political Sciences/Media and Communications University of Oxford, UK
Social informatics; studying computational approaches to research in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences

Languages, Social & Political Sciences

Dr Mari JonesAotahi School of Maori & Indigenous Studies/ NCRE University of Cambridge, UK
French linguistics and language change


Professor Nigel Gravells University of Nottingham, UKProperty Law; intellectual property law


Professor Philip Carr Université Paul-Valéry, FranceLinguistics, esp. phonology: phonetics, sociophonetics & phonology of English & French, phonology and the mind, philosophy of linguistics

Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Professor Ruby Dholakia University of Rhode Island, USA
e-Marketing; advertising; consumer behaviour
Professor Bo Ake Edvardsoon Karlstad University, SwedenService Management & Service Marketing; Value Creation through Service & the Service Logic; New Service Development & Service Innovation

Māori and Indigenous Studies

Dr Oluwatoyin Kolawole University of Botswana, Botswana
Development studies; agricultural studies; indigenous knowledges and politics of knowledge

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Helen Byrne University of Oxford, UK
Applied mathematics; dynamica systems as applied to biomathematics and modelling cancer growth
Professor Gary Froyland University of New South Wales, Australia
Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, with geophysical applications
Associate Professor Alessandra Luati University of Bologna, Italy
Mathematical statistics; asymptotic theory; statistical inference; time series analysis
Professor Warwick Tucker Uppsala University, Sweden
Computational and pure mathematics (including statistical parameter estimation for nonlinear dynamical systems)

Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor Alessandra Luati University of Bologna, Italy
Mathematical statistics; asymptotic theory; statistical inference; time series analysis
Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen Technical Uni.of Denmark, Denmark 
Engineering design & product development including: engineering knowledge management, emotional design, design thinking
Professor Jeremy Astley University of Southampton, UK 
Finite element methods; computational acoustics; aero acoustics of gas turbine engines
Dr Nicholas Baines Concepts NREC, UK
Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of flows in turbomachines
Ms Louise Hamlin NASA-Caltech JPL, USA
Astronomical & earth-sensing instruments & missions; aeronautical engineering; rocket propulsion
Dr John Shrimpton University of Southampton, UK
Fluid mechanics; particle laden flows; human breathing; turbulence modelling; aerodynamics


Professor Richard Whitman University of Kent, UKEU Studies; foreign policy


Professor Jennifer Church Vassar College, USAPhilosophy of mind - consciousness, emotions, irrationality, perception & imagination; Kant, Freud; feminist theory & philosophy of music
Professor Susan Dimock York University, CanadaMeta-ethics; theoretical & practical ethics; political philosophy; philosophy of law; punishment theory; criminal responsibility; criminalisation; history of philosophy
Professor Harold Noonan University of Nottingham, UKPhilosophy of mind, philosophy of language, identity & personal identity; philosophical logic; philosophies of Frege, Russell & Hume

Physics and Astronomy

Dr Konstantin Arutyunov University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Quantum nanoelectronics; nanoscale superconductivity; interface phenomena; applied nanotechnology
Dr June McCombie University of Nottingham, UK
Astrophysical chemistry; laser & molecular spectroscopy; public outreach; teaching; science communication; diversity
Professor Larry Marschall Gettysburg College, USAPhysics and astronomy
Professor Stephen Rand University of Michigan, USAPhysics; lasers; electro-optics 


Assistant Professor Dan Chiaburu Texas A&M University, USA
Organisational behaviour; business administration
Professor Ray Kesner University of Utah, USA
Behavioural neuroscience & neurology, particularly memory systems in the brain
Professor Magnus Sverke Stockholm University, Sweden
Work psychology; job insecurity; industrial relations; research methods; questionnaire methods; statisticss

Sports and Physical Education

Professor Michael Metzler Georgia State University, USAPhysical Education & sport pedagogy; analysis of teaching & learning; educational research methodologies 

Teacher Education

Professor Kate Nation University of Oxford, UKReading comprehension & impairment; role of language in reading comprehension difficulties & teaching strategies