Honour Roll 2012

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy & Information Systems

Professor Taylor Foster III New Mexico State University, USA
Financial accounting
Professor Joey F. George Iowa State University, USA
Systems analysis and design; MIS research methodologies; IS and society; collaborative computing 
Professor Joanna Gray University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Financial reporting; corporate governance; forensic accounting 


Professor Richard Neutze University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
Structural biology; molecular biophysics

Biological Sciences

Associate Professor David Liberles University of Wyoming, USA
Genomics; bioinformatics; evolutionary biology
Professor Robert Warner University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Behavioural ecology, the interaction of behaviour and life history, population ecology, particularly in coral reef fishes, marine conservation ecology

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor Phillip C Wankat Cornell University, USA 
Separation processes focusing on absorption, large scale chromotography & simulated moving bed stystems and distillation; improving engineering education


Professor John Arnold University of California, Berkeley, USA 
Synthetic chemistry; study of new and unusual molecular inorganic and organometallic compounds of the d-; p- and f- block elements; green chemistry
Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie, Germany 
Advanced macromolecular synthesis, kinetics and characterization, with an emphasis on living/controlled polymerization protocols
Associate Professor Kieran Lim Deakin University, Australia 
Physical chemistry (spectroscopy & quantum mechanics); analytical chemistry; forensic science; chemical education
Professor Leonard Lindoy University of Sydney, Australia 
Supramolecular and macrocyclic chemistry; metal ion molecule recognition; bioinorganic and bio-mimetic investigations

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Professor Jonathan D. Bray University of California, Berkeley, USA
Earthquake engineering and geotechnical engineering
Professor Ian Buckle
Earthquake Fellowship
University of Nevada, USA
Seismic design & retrofit criteria for bridges incl earthquake protective systems; full-scale field lge-scale lab testing; exp in earthquake reconnaissance missions
Professor Jonathan Fannin University of British Columbia, Canada 
Geosynthetics & soil reinforcement, landslides and debris flows, seepage erosion of earth dams
Professor Russell Green
Earthquake Fellowship
Virginia Tech, USA 
Earthquake engineering and geotechnical engineering
Professor Bryan Karney University of Toronto, Canada 
Engineering hydraulic and transient analysis; energy systems; engineering education
Professor Mark Loewen University of Alberta, Canada
Environmental fluid mechanics and hydraulics
Professor Sue McNeil University of Delaware, USA
Infrastructure asset management; transportation engineering; disaster science and management

Communication Disorders

Professor Paul Fletcher University College Cork, Ireland
Child language development and disorders; clinical linguistics
Emeritus Professor Harvey Gilbert Washington University School of Medicine, USA
Voice disorders, craniofacial anomalies and speech science.
Professor Bruce Schneider University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada
Hearing; vision; sensory and cognitive aging; speech perception signal processing in audition and vision

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Benedict du Boulay University of Sussex, UK
Artificial intelligence in education
Professor Dipak Ghosal University of California Davis, USA
Network security; high-speed and wireless networks
Professor Lena Wosinska KTH Royal Inst.of Science, Sweden
Data communication networks with focus on optical networks, their performance & survivability aspectst

Economics and Finance

Professor Mark Browne University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Risk management and insurance
Professor Simon Gaechter University of Nottingham, UK
Behavioural and experimental economics; organisational and labour economics and game theory
Professor Jean Helwege University of South Carolina, USA
Empirical corporate finance(financial distress, bankruptcy, capital structure. IPO's), corporate bond pricing.
Professor John Nofsinger john_nofsinger@wsu.edu
Behavioural finance; international finance; investor behaviour; governance
Professor Ronald Oaxaca University of Arizona, USA
Labour economics; applied econometrics; applied microeconomics
Professor Roger Stover Iowa State University, USA
International finance; financial risk mgmt; corporate financial strategies; derivatives & risk management; investment portfolio analysis; business relationships

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Ben Allen University of Bedfordshire, UK
Wireless systems; ultra-wideband and MIMO
Professor Vic Gosbell University of Wollongong, Australia
Power quality; harmonic; voltage dips and voltage unbalance

Gateway Antarctica

Professor David D H Walton British Antarctic Survey, UK
Terrestrial ecology; education and outreach; environmental management and conservation; current Antarctic issues


Professor Richard Peet Clark University, USA
Neoliberalism; globalisation; cities; economic policy; financial crisis; geography of power; and global political ecology
Professor Michael Peterson University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
Cartography; internet-based mapping & GIS; map use; world regional geography; geography in film; remote sensing
Associate Professor Patrick Wassmer Université de Strasbourg, France
Sedimentology and geomorphology of high energy flows and waves and associated hazards

Geological Science

Mr Mark Eggers Pells Sullivan Meynink, Australia
Engineering geology
Associate Professor Andrew D. Jacobson Northwestern University, USA
Aqueous and isotope geochemistry

Heath Sciences Centre

Professor Ian D. Coulter RAND Corporation, USA
Integrative medicine; alternative medicine; politics & health; community health; health philosophy; qualitative research in health; ethics & healthcare
Professor Getnet Tadele University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The social and behavioural characteristics of HIV/Aids transmission in sub-saharan Africa
Professor Stephen L. Walston University of Oklahoma, USA
Health leadership; strategic planning/analysis; organisational development & redesign; integration; quality programmes & organisational design


Professor Jihad El-Sanab Ben Gurion University, Israel
Computer Science

Humanities and Creative Arts

Associate Professor Imogen Dickie
Philosophy Programme
University of Toronto, Canada
Philosophy of language and mind; early analytic philosophy
Dr Karen Jones
Philosophy Programme
University of Melbourne, Australia
Philosophy; ethics; moral psychology; moral epistemology; trust; rationality
Professor Oron Shagrir
Philosophy Programme
The Hebrew University, Israel
Philosophy of psychology; cognitive science & neuroscience; history & philosophy of modern computing; philosophy of mind; philosophy of science

Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

Dr Mari C. Jones
French Programme
University of Cambridge, UK
Breton and Channel Island French; language death; language variation; French dialectology
Associate Professor Lisa Matthewson
Linguistics Programme
University of British Columbia, Canada
Cross-linguistic variation in semantics & pragmatics; syntax/semantics interface; semantic fieldwork methodology; indigenous language documentation

Literacies and Arts in Education

Professor Paul Bacsich Matic Media Ltd., UK
E-learning and higher education
Dr Kate Cain Lancaster University, UK
Different cognitive and language related skills underpinning the development of written and spoken language comprehension both atypical and typical development


Professor Jon Billsberry Deakin University, Australia
Organisational behaviour; use of film and projective techniques in management education; person-organisation fit; recruitment; selection; leadership
Professor William H. Starbuck Lundquist College of Business, USA
Business strategy; decision-making; organisational design; methodology and meaning in management and social science research

Mathematics and Statistics

Dr Frank D'Amico Université de Pau & Pays de l’Adour,France
Spatial temporal ecological modelling
Professor Huaxiong Huang York University, Canada 
Industrial and biological mathematical modelling
Professor Hajime Ishihara Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Japan
Theoretical computer science; proof theory; constructive mathematics
Professor Richard Law University of York, UK 
Ecology; evolution; mathematics
Professor Markus Stroppel University of Stuttgart, Germany 
Topology; geometry; Lie groups; mathematics for engineering students
Mechanical Engineering
Professor Philip Gaskell University of Leeds, UK 
Fluid mechanics; aerodynamics; applied mathematics; modelling and simulation; multiphase flows; thin films; combustion.
Professor Anthony J. Petrella Colorado School of Mines, USA 
Computational biomechanics
Associate Professor Scott Post Bradley University, USA 
Thermodynamics; fluid mechanics; heat transfer; instrumentation and measurements; numerical methods; aerodynamics; droplet coalition

Physics and Astronomy

Associate Professor John Cassano University of Colorado, USA 
Antarctic meteorology and climate change.
Professor Emmanuel Tsesmelis CERN Directorate Office, Switzerland 
Experimental particle physics; accelerator physics
Professor Ulrich Schreiber Technical University of Munich, Germany 
Ring lasers; laser ranging; space geodesy


Professor Tammy Allen University of South Florida, USA
Work and family; mentoring; career development; occupational health; organisational citizenship behaviour
Professor Christopher Lewis Glyndwr University, Wales
Psychology of religion; psychology of peace; conflict and violence; abnormal psychology
Professor Wilfred Trammell Neill III University of Albany, USA
Cognitive psychology; information processing & perception; complex mental processes; statistics & experimental design
Prof Rosemary Tannock University of Toronto, Canada
ADHD and learning disabilities

Sciences and Physical Education

Professor Michael McNamee Swansea University, UK
Applied, medical, research, sport ethics and sport medicine ethics; olympism and sport philosophy

Social and Political Sciences

Dr Gustaaf Houtman Swansea University, UK
Applied, medical, research, sport ethics and sport medicine ethics; olympism and sport philosophy
Professor Ralph Schroeder University of Oxford, UK
Social implications of the internet