Honour Roll 2009

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy & Information Systems

Professor France Bélanger Virginia Polytechnic Institute, USA
IS project management, impacts of telecommunication technologies on individuals and organisations, e-business
Professor James Guthrie University of Sydney, Australia
Accounting, auditing & accountability, leaning towards public policy, social & environmental matters, knowledge management, intellectual capital & intangibles 
Professor Jean Shaoul Manchester Business School, UK
Financial analysis of public policy & corporate performance, case studies in corporate social accountability

Biological Science

Professor Alison Smith
University of Cambridge, UK 
Metabolism of plants, algae and bacteria
Professor Evan DeLucia University of Illinois, USA 
Physiological ecology of vascular plants, photosynthesis, plant architecture, stress, climate change
Professor Steven Gaines University of California Santa Barbara,USA 
Marine ecology; conservation biology; ecological modelling; larval transport; coastal climate change
Associate Professor Bridget Mabbutt Macquarie University, Australia
Structure & function of proteins; protein NMR; structural genomics of the bacterial mobile metagenome

Chemical & Process Engineering

Dr Michael Bird University of Bath, UK 
Fouling and cleaning; membrane separations; separations
Professor Todd Przybycien Carnegie Mellon University, USA Chemical engineering, biomolecular engineering & biomedical engineering
Professor Laurence Weatherley  University of Kansas, USA
Liquid/liquid systems; ion exchange; biological treatments 


Professor Michael A Collins Australian National University, Australia 
Theoretical chemical physics
Professor Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 
Supramolecular & medicinal chemistry, recognition & sensing physiologically active ions & molecules, photochemistry & photophysics of lanthanide compounds
Dr David JEFFERSON University of Cambridge, UK 
Structural characterisation of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles
Professor Jeffrey Keillor University of Montreal, Canada
Bio-organic chemistry; enzyme mechanism; protein chemistry
Professor Mark Pollard University of Oxford,UK
Archaeological science, archaeological chemistry

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Professor Peter Fajfar University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Static and modal methods of dynamic analysis, response history analysis, ADRS analysis, IDA and CSM of seismic analysis
Professor Doug Gransberg University of Oklahoma, USA 
Construction engineering management including cost estimation, construction finance, project management & control, quality management
Professor Colin Smith University of Sheffield, UK 
Discontinuity layout optimisation, limit state analysis & retrofit design for masonry arch bridges, simulation of reactive flow in porous media
Professor David K Stevens Utah State University, USA 
Environmental engineering (transport processes, surface water quality modelling, bioremediation)
Associate Professor Susan L Tighe University of Waterloo, Canada
Infrastructure/Transportation, design of highway & airport

Communication Disorders

Professor Kenn Apel Florida State University, USA 
Speech, language and literacy development
Professor Jean-Pierre Gagné Université de Montréal, Canada 
Audiology rehabilitation; perceptual & cognitive processes underlying auditory, visual & auditory-visual speech perception
Professor Donal Sinex Utah State University, USA 
Audiology, acoustics and psychoacoustics

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Dr José L Marzo University of Girona, Spain 
Multimedia networks; distributed computer simulation; open distance learning
Professor Dusan Petkovic Rosenheim Uni.of Applied Science, Germany 
Associate Professor Sherali Zeadally University of the District of Columbia, USA
Computer networks and security

Economics and Finance

Professor James Alm Georgia State University, USA 
Taxation, fiscal decentralisation, public finance in developing countries, housing & local government finance, microeconomic theory, behaviour under uncertainty
Professor Ronald J Balvers West Virginia University, USA 
Asset pricing & financial markets; the economics of information, risk & uncertainty; macro-monetary economics
Professor Ted Bergstrom University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Experimental economics, pure & applied micro-economic theory, public finance, welfare, resource & health economics, international trade, game theory
Professor Christopher Bruce University of Calgary, Canada
Environmental decision-making; microeconomic theory; law & economics; labour economics; economics of collective bargaining, and analysis of law
Professor Ahmad Etebari University of New Hampshire, USA 
Corporate finance and investments

Educational Studies and Human Development

Professor Peter Bryant University of Oxford, UK 
Developmental psychology, psychology of learning and education

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor John Daigle University of Mississippi, USA 
Communications networks and systems, software radio systems
Professor Christopher F McConville University of Warwick, UK 
Surface science; semiconductor thin film characterisation; oxide and nitride based semiconductors
Professor Thomas H Ortmeyer Clarkson University, USA 
Power quality, distribution, electronics and system protection

Fine Arts, Music and Theatre

Mr Lech Majewski Poland 
Theatre, opera, fine arts, literature


Professor Thom Erdle University of New Brunswick, Canada 
Forest management planning, measurement, estate modelling
Professor José Lívio Gomide Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil 
Eucalyptus pulping of inter-specific hybrids; implications of clonal variation
Dr Raffaele Spinelli Timber & Tree Institute, Italy
Forest engineering, biomass harvesting systems, mechanisation, Italian forest industry

Gateway Antarctica

Dr Andrew Clarke British Antarctic Survey, High Cross, UK
Marine invertebrate biochemistry; evolutionary history Southern Ocean marine fauna; controls on marine & terrestrial diversity; role of temperature in extinction


Professor Robert Haining University of Cambridge, UK
Methodologies for spatial data analysis with applications in health services research; the geography of crime & economic geography
Dr James Hansom University of Glasgow, Scotland 
Coastal geomorphology & management; polar & glacial environments
Dr Anne W Nolin Oregon State University, USA 
Snow hydrology; climate change impacts snow/glaciers/ice sheets; W.US water resources; satellite remote sensing; snow-melt modelling; radiative transfer modelling
Dr Nigel Tapper Monash University, Australia 
Climatology, air pollution studies

Geological Science

Dr Douglas Burbank University of California Santa Barbara, USA 
Tectonic geomorphology, collisional mountain belts, stratigraphic and geomorphic records of global change
Professor Glenn Thackray Idaho State University, USA 
Quaternary and glacial geology; active tectonics and paleoseismology; hydrogeology; remote sensing

Humanities and Creative Arts

Professor Mark Wilson
Philosophy Programme
University of Pittsburgh, USA 
History and philosophy of science and mathematics, metaphysics and philosophy of language

Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Dr Rodrigo CACHO
Spanish Programme
University of Cambridge, UK
Spanish literature and language particularly 16th & 17th Centuries
Dr Yvonne Nilges
University of Oxford, UK
German literature, philosophy & culture, comparative studies of literature & history of music

Literacies and Arts in Education

Professor Bridget Somekh Manchester Metropolitan University, UK 
ICT in education & action research, process of innovation & management of change


Professor Daniel Flint University of Tennessee, USA 
Marketing strategy, research, distribution and logistics
Professor Gary J Koehler University of Florida, USA 
Genetic algorithm theory, machine learning, data-mining, scheduling, large-scale optimisation, eCommerce
Professor Ivan Light University of California (Los Angeles), USA 
Asian enterprise, entrepreneurship, business networks, Weber's theory of entrepreneurship, illegal entrepreneurship, ethnicity, gender & Australian entrepreneurs
Dr Kathy Lund Dean Idaho State University, USA 
Business ethics, organisational behaviour, business planning
Professor Stewart Robinson University of Warwick, UK 
Operational research, specifically simulation methods (discrete-event simulation, system dynamics & agent based modelling)

Mathematics and Statistics

Dr Wolfgang Graf zu Castell-Rűdenhausen Helmholtz Zentrum Műnchen, Germany 
Kernel based methods with applications to approximation, spatial statistics & machine learning; special functions
Professor Huaxiong Huang York University, Canada 
Mathematical modelling & scientific computing; financial & industrial mathematics; biomathematics; fluid mechanics
Professor Carey Priebe John Hopkins University, USA 
Computational stats; kernel & mixture estimates; statistical pattern recognition and image analysis & statistical inference high dimensional and graph data
Associate Professor John A Rhodes University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 
Mathematical biology; phylogenetics; applications of algebra to statistical models

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Ronald Dougherty University of Kansas, USA 
Particulates; radiative heat transfer; light scattering; thermofluids
Associate Professor Mark R Garnich University of Wyoming, USA 
Mechanics of materials: composite materials, multicontinuum theories, multi-scale analyses, numerical modelling, micromechanics
Professor Tony Medland University of Bath, UK 
Engineering design; human modelling

Physics and Astronomy

Dr Kurt Baier University of Würzburg, Germany 
Brachytherapy; image processing; tumour tracking; image-guided radiotherapy; computing in medicine; radiobiology; DICOM connectivity
Professor James Morris Portland State University, USA 
Nanotechnology and condensed matter physics
Dr Achim Weiss Max Planck Institute, Germany 
Theoretical aspects of stellar pulsations, stellar structure & evolution & radiation hydrodynamics


Professor Jennifer J Freyd University of Oregon, USA 
Cognitive psychology, psychology of trauma
Associate Professor Jeff Schimel University of Alberta, Canada 
Personality and social psychology
Mr Martyn Sloman Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, UK 
Training & development; human resource development; management development; HRM; economics
Dr Eric Stice University of Oregon, USA 
Easting disorders, mood disorders and obesity with emphasis on prevention research, health psychology

Social and Political Sciences

Professor Michael Stohl Political Science University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
The politics of terrorism
Associate Professor Susan Jacobs Sociology & Anthropology University of Nebraska, USA
Criminal justice