Honour Roll 2008

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Professor Jeffrey B Berryman University of Windsor, Canada 
Contract law specializing in remedies, equitable remedies, alternative dispute resolution
Professor Joanna Brewis University of Leicester, UK 
Ontological & epistemological status of academic knowledge; Ethics of research; Intersections btwn the body, identity, & processes of organizing 
Emeritus Professor Michael J R Gaffikin University of Wollongong, Australia 
History of accounting thought; accounting methodology; accounting theory
Professor Joey F George Florida State University, USA 
Systems analysis & design; MIS research methodologies; IS & society; collaborative computing
Professor John Holland College of William & Mary, USA 
Financial markets & institutions; investment analysis & portfolio management; corporate disclosure & governance; qualitative finance research
Professor James S Schallheim University of Utah, USA Corporate finance: leasing, managerial incentives, Japanese equity markets, empirical financial research

Biological Sciences

Professor John Carver University of Adelaide, Australia 
Protein aggregation; heat shock proteins
Professor Thomas Chen University of Connecticut, USA 
Function of hormone in growth and cancer
Professor Joel H Rothman University of California Santa Barbara, USA 
Cell and molecular biology, particularly of development in the model animal C.elegans
Professor Joshua Schimel University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Environmental microbiology, soil-plant relationships

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor Don W Green University of Kansas, USA 
Oil recovery; heat and mass transfer; models in petroleum engineering
Professor Oluwafemi Taiwo Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria 
Process simulation; modeling and control 


Professor Peter R Griffiths University of Idaho, USA 
Analytical & environmental Chemistry, FTIR & Raman Spectroscopies, remote sensing
Dr Robert Raja University of Southampton, UK 
Inorganic materials chemistry and catalysis 
Associate Professor Michael Sherburn Australian National University, Australia 
Synthetic organic chemistry; synthetic methodology; host-guest chemistry

Civil Engineering

Associate Professor Sudhirkumar Barai Indian Institute of Technology, India 
Structural Engineering
Associate Professor James Milke University of Maryland, USA 
Fire protection engineering with specific expertise in structural fire performance and smoke management
Professor Joseph N Ryan University of Colorado at Boulder, USA 
Environmental engineering; contaminated site remediation; contaminant transport

Classic and Linguistics

Dr Paul Foulkes University of York, UK 
Phonetics; phonology; child language acquisition; sociolinguistics and forensic phonetics
Associate Professor Benjamin Munson University of Minnesota, USA 
Laboratory phonology; phonological development; sexual orientation & speech; speech perception; speech science; lexical development; phonetics

Communication Disorders

Professor Lynne E Hewitt Bowling Green University, USA 
Language development; autism; child language disorders
Professor Thomas Klee Newcastle University, UK 
Child language development; child language disorders; research methods
Professor Frank E Musiek University of Connecticut, USA 
Neurology; audiology and auditory processing
Professor Dianne Van Tasell University of Arizona, USA 
Speech perception; hearing loss; hearing aids

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Associate Professor Wendi Heinzelman University of Rochester, USA 
Wireless communications and networking, mobile computing and multimedia communication
Professor Robert Kraut Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Human-computer interaction; computer supported co-operative work
Professor Chris Mitchell University of London, UK 
Development of information security group, MSc in information security & MSc in secure electronic commerce


Professor Morris Altman University of Saskatchewan, Canada 
Quantitative economic history; behavioural economics; business cycles; labour economics; economic development; post Keynesian economics
Professor Bram Cadsby University of Guelph, Canada 
Experimental economics and experimental finance
Professor James C Cox Georgia State University, USA 
Microeconomic theory; experimental economics
Professor J David Perez-Castrillo  University of Barcelona, Spain 
Game theory, contracts and incentives, research and development, industrial organisation 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor David J Beebe  University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 
Electrical engineering; biomedical engineering; microfluidics (lab-on-a-chip); microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) 
Professor Vic Gosbell University of Wollongong, Australia 
Power quality; harmonic; voltage dips
Professor Dr Rudolf Mathar RWTH Aachen University, Germany Network planning & optimisation; cryptography; information theory
Professor Joan Redwing Pennsylvania State University, USA Nitride semiconductors, wide bandgap semiconductor based device technology, thin film growth

Fine Arts

Dr Matthys Gerber University of Sydney, Australia Painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, installation
Dr Mara Miller Moore College of Arts & Design, USA Philosophy; Japanese art history; Japanese/Asian film; Gardens & landscape


Dr Ertugrul Bilgili Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey Wildfire behaviour and management
Dr Digby Race Charles Sturt University, Australia Community forestry

Gateway Antarctica

Dr Michael James Bentley Durham University, UK Glaciation, geomorphology & climate in alpine regions with special interest in Antarctica
Dr Lorne K Kriwoken University of Tasmania, Australia Antarctic and marine studies and the environment


Associate Professor Howard Bridgman University of East Anglia, UK 
Air pollution meteorology & mgmt; climatology; atmospheric chemistry; climatic change; particulates; fog & rainwater quality; climate & history

Geological Science

Dr Kenneth Hewitt Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 
Societies at risk & in disaster; landslide & glacial geomorphology; high mountain environments; peace research; regional specialisation
Dr James A McKean USDA Forest Service, USA Geomorphology & landscape evolution; LIDAR Data Analysis; cosmogenic dating; geotechnical engineering
Associate Professor Paul M Santi Colorado School of Mines, USA Engineering geology; engineering geomorphology; geological engineering; geotechnical engineering


Professor Yehuda Baruch University of East Anglia, UK 
Human Resource management & organisational behaviour
Professor David J Smallbone Kingston University, UK 
Small business development; entrepreneurship
Emeritus Professor Robert G Wyckham Simon Fraser University, Canada 
Marketing planning; advertising

Mathematics and Statistics

Dr Michael C Bartholomew-Biggs University of Hertfordshire, UK 
Numerical optimization - algorithm development and applications.
Professor Ronald Christensen University of New Mexico, USA 
Statistics of: Linear models, Bayesian inference, log-linear & logistic regression models, statistical methods
Professor Angus Macintyre Queen Mary University of London, UK 
Algebra; logic; combinatorics
Professor Horst Malchow University of Osnabrück, Germany 
Theory & computer simulation of self-organisation in nonlinear biological, ecological, chemical & physical systems far from equilibrium
Professor Brian Sleeman University of Leeds, UK 
Mathematical biology; applied analysis; nonlinear dynamics; scattering theory; inverse problems

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Clarence De Silva University of British Columbia, Canada 
Mechatronics; robotics; vibration; control
Professor Colin Hansen University of Adelaide, Australia 
Active & passive noise & vibration control
Dr Dietmar Hietel Fraunhofer ITWM, Germany 
Mathematical modelling; numerical methods for PDEs; fluid dynamics; conservation laws; numerical linear algebra; fluid-structure interaction; CFD - tools 
Professor Takami Yamaguchi Tohoku University, Japan 
Bioengineering; biological fluid dynamics 
Dr Douglas M Matson Tufts University, USA 
Sustainability engineering; material engineering & design 
Professor Joao Pedro Oliveira University of Aveiro, Portugal Music composition; electroacoustic music; musical analysis

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Professor Margaret A Boden University of Sussex, UK 
Philosophy and history of cognitive sciences; philosophy of computer art; creativity: philosophy/psychology/AI-models 
Professor Margaret J Osler University of Calgary, Canada 
Seventeeth-century history of philosophy & history of science 
Mr Tim Oakley La Trobe University, Australia 
Epistemology and the meaning of life 

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Philip Burrows John Adams Inst.for Accelerator Science, UK 
Particle physics; accelerator science
Professor Doug Hamilton University of Maryland, USA 
Theoretical planetary sciences; solar system science
Professor Kurt R Hoffman Whitman College, USA 
Solid state physics; optical spectroscopy; physics education & course development
Dr Lewis H Ryder University of Kent, UK 
Theoretical Physics
Dr William Tobin France Stellar astrophysics; stellar photometry; history of science


Dr Peter Anderson University of Melbourne, Australia 
Developmental neurospsychology; child clinical psychology; longitudinal research methods
Dr Nicholas Chmiel Queen's University Belfast, UK 
Industrial & organisational psychology 
Professor Jeffrey Halperin Queen's College, CUNY, USA 
Neuropsychology; clinical psychology
Professor David A Kenny University of Connecticut, USA 
Interpersonal perception; social interaction dyads & small groups; structural equation models; quasi-experimental designs; analysis levels 
Professor Keith A Markus John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA 
Research methodology; statistical models & causal inference, test validity, latent variable modelling; topics in industrial & organisational psychology