Honour Roll 2007

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Professor D Larry Crumbley Louisiana State University, USA 
Corporate & individual taxation; forensic accounting; accounting education, fraud
Professor Jesse F Dillard Portland State University, USA 
Business Administration, management 
Professor T Colwyn Jones University of West of England, UK 
Sociology of accounting
Professor Laurie J Kirsch University of Pittsburgh, USA 
IS project management; IS development/implementation & organisational change; knowledge transfer/sharing
Associate Professor Rajiv Kohli College of William & Mary, USA 
E commerce and IT value
Professor Carol Saunders University of Central Florida, USA
Knowledge-based systems; collaborative work
Professor Noel Hyndman Queens University, Ireland
Management accounting

Biological Sciences

Dr Edward G Gregorich Ottawa Research Centre, Canada 
Microbial nutrient processing and the fate of genetically modified plants in soil
Associate Professor Simon J Hiscock University of Bristol, UK 
Botany and plant evolutionary biology
Professor Kenneth R Olson Indiana University School of Medicine, USA 
Cardiovascular physiology; especially of fishes
Professor Jeremy Turnbull University of Liverpool, UK 
Glycobiology; biochemistry; biotechnology
Professor Ben C Sheldon University of Oxford, UKAnimal behaviour; evolutionary biology; population genetics
Professor Scott A Wissinger Allegheny College, USA 
Freshwater ecology, especially the ecology and management of wetlands

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor Dr Rüdiger N Lichtenthaler University of Heidelberg, Germany 
Thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria of fluids and fluid mixtures; polymer solutions; separation processes; ionic liquids
Dr Keith Murray Heriot Watt University, UK 
Chemical engineering with emphasis on sustainability, design and aquaculture 


Professor Michael Buback Gottingen University, Germany 
Polymer chemistry; physical chemistry; technical chemistry; high-pressure processes
Professor Evamarie Hey-Hawkins Leipzig University, Germany 
Inorganic and organometallic chemistry 
Professor Thomas J Simpson University of Bristol, UK 
Organic chemistry; natural products; biosynthesis; bio-organic chemistry
Professor J Justin Gooding University of New South Wales, Australia
Bioelectrochemistry, biosensors, electron transfer, nanostructured electrodes

Civil Engineering

Professor Jonathan Fannin University of British Columbia, Canada 
Geosynthetics & soil reinforcement, landslides and debris flows
Professor Essam Radwan University of Central Florida, USA 
Transportation engineering; transportation planning and traffic
Professor Poojitha D Yapa Clarkson University, USA 
Environmental hydraulics

Classic and Linguistics

Professor Gregory Guy New York University, USA 
Sociolinguistics; phonology; multilingualism

Communication Disorders

Professor Raymond D Kent University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 
Neurology; speech motor control; speech development
Professor Leonard LaPointe Florida State University, USA 
Aphasia; traumatic brain injury; medical speech-language pathology
Associate Professor Catherine V Palmer University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Paediatric audiology; hearing aids; aural rehabilitation
Dr Robert Patuzzi University of Western Australia, Perth 
Hearing and deafness, epithelial & electro-physiology, biological instrumentation, biophysics & brainistem control of breathing
Professor Nicholas Bankson James Madison University, USA
Phonology; child language disorders

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Carl Gutwin University of Saskatchewan, Canada 
Human computer interaction; computer-supported co-operative work
Professor Chris Mitchell University of London, UK 
Information Security Group at Royal Holloway; applications of cryptography
Ms Barbara Mones
Visitor to HIT Lab
University of Washington, USA 
Computer animation; digital content creation; interactive art work story development; animation production & planning
Professor Dr Rainer Unland University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Data management systems, knowledge representation, multi-agent systems, distributed systems.


Professor Mark Blaug University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Economic methodology; history of economic thought.
Professor Karen Conway University of New Hampshire, USA 
Applied econometrics; labour supply; public economics and health economics
Professor Peter Morgan University of Buffalo, USA 
Economics of information; search theory
Professor Andrew Harvey  Cambridge University, UK 
Time series econometrics, econometric forecasting 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Mansour H Abdel-Rahman  Helsinki University of Technology, Finland 
Calculation of electromagnetic Transients in power system networks and machines; power system analysis 
Professor Victor S Frost University of Kansas, USA 
Communications networks; internet quality of service; high speed networks; network simulation techniques
Professor Kevin J Webb Purdue University, USA
Image reconstruction; optics; electromagnetics; electronic devices


Dr Rien Visser Virginia Tech, USA
Harvest system planning, productivity & efficiency; cable & helicopter logging systems; environmental impacts of harvesting operations

Gateway Antarctica

Professor David D H Walton British Antarctic Survey, UK
Terrestrial ecology; education & outreach; environmental mgmt & conservation; current Antarctic issues


Professor Peter Brimblecombe University of East Anglia, UK 
Atmospheric chemistry and air pollution; history and effects of air pollution on art and architecture; chemistry of forest smoke and smogs
Professor Alan Lester University of Sussex, UK 
Historical geographies of colonialism & empire; colonial networks between southern Africa, Australia & New Zealand; apartheid in Sthn Africa
Dr Richard J L Mitchell University of Edinburgh Medical School, UK 
Social & spatial inequalities in health; risk, theory, practice & evaluation of policy interventions, notions of resilience; quantitative research method.

Geological Science

Dr Oliver Korup Swiss Federal Institute, Switzerland 
Slope-failure & channel processes in bedrock landscapes; high mountain & tectonic geomorphology
Professor Robert A. Wiebe Franklin & Marshall College, U.S.A.
Mineralogy; igneous petrology; volcanology.


Ms Mindy Chen-Wishart Oxford University, Merton College, UK
Law, particularly the law of contract, theory of contract and restitution
Professor Geoffrey K Morse University of Birmingham, UK
Corporate and tax law


Dr Julie L. Ozanne Virginia Tech, USA 
Marketing and consumer behaviour
Professor William Starbuck Lundquist College of Business, USA 
Organisational theory and change; strategic management

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Gerhard Kristensson Lund University, Sweden 
Electromagnetic wave propagation theory; inverse scattering; homogenisation theory; partial differential equations; antenna theory
Professor Richard Law York University, UK 
Mathematical modelling of ecological systems
Professor Lyman L McDonald WEST Inc., USA 
Biometrics specialising in sampling of biological communities, computer intensive methods, capture-recapture statistics and multivariate analysis
Professor Hendrik Van Maldeghem Ghent University, Belgium 
Generalised polygons; buildings; combinatorics; algebra

Mechanical Engineering

Professor R Jeremy Astley University of Southampton, UK 
Finite elements methods; computational aero acoustics (CAA) and acoustic-structural interaction
Dr George Spanos Naval Research Laboratory, USA 
Physical metallurgy; welding; carbon steel; dual phase steel and stainless steel; EBSD and 3D imaging
Associate Professor Lars Wingard KTH, Stockholm, Sweden 
Computer aided design and manufacturing; production engineering 


Dr Janice Stockigt University of Melbourne, Australia
Music in Saxony (Baroque); music at the Dresden court (repertoire and bibliographic studies); musical life in 19th century Melbourne

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Professor Allan Gibbard University of Michigan, USA 
Ethics; philosophy of mind; philosophy of biology 
Professor Willie van Peer University of Munich, Germany 
Empirical study of literature, philosophy of language, linguistics 

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Fulvio Melia University of Arizona, USA 
High energy astrophysics; supermassive black holes
Dr Damian Murphy Ice, Ocean, Atmosphere & Climate Program, Australia, Antarctic Division, Tasmania, Australia 
Atmospheric remote sensing; atmospheric physics; atmospheric dynamics
Professor Pal Ormos Institute of Biophysics, Hungary 
Physics; nanotechnology; biophysics
Dr Alan J Walton University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 
Teaching physics; thermoluminescence; acoustics.
Professor Keith Horne University of St Andrews, UK


Professor Denise De Ridder Utrecht University, The Netherlands 
Health psychology
Professor Edmund J Fantino University of California at San Diego, USA 
Experimental analysis of behaviour; quantitative analysis; choice and self-control 
Professor Donald G Stein Emory University School of Medicine, USA 
Behavioural neuroscience
Professor Steven Yantis John Hopkins University, USA 
Visual perception, attention and cognitive control 

Sociology & Anthropology

Professor Hilary A Rose City University, London, UK
Feminist sociology of science