Honour Roll 2006

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Dr Wynne W Chin  University of Houston, USA 
Structural equation modelling; philosophy of Science MIS
Professor Charles W Christian Arizona State University, USA 
Taxation - all levels and areas, e-Commerce
Professor Alex Frino University of Sydney, Australia
Market microstructure; futures and options
Professor Teemu Malmi Helsinki School of Economics, Finland
Management control systems; performance measurement & management; cost & profitability accounting; strategic management accounting; quality costing

Biological Sciences

Professor Mark Adams University of New South Wales, Australia 
Forest ecology; productivity and nutrient cycling
Professor Richard G Burns University of Queensland, Australia
Molecular microbiology; food microbiology; microbial ecology; soil biochemistry
Professor Barbara L Peckarsky University of Wisconsin, USA
Freshwater ecology and aquatic entomology
Dr Matthew L Whiteman Yong Loo Lin School of Med, Singapore
Medical Biochemistry, free radical biochemistry, cell biology

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor Adisa Azapagic University of Surrey, UK
Sustainable engineering systems; clean technology; waste minimisation, renewable and emerging energy technologies
Professor David E Clough University of Colorado, USA
Process control; chemical engineering education; instrumentation simulators; spreadsheeting for engineers
Professor Charles E Glatz Iowa State University, USA
Biochemical separations; protein processes in general


Dr Antony Fairbanks University of Oxford, UK
Organic chemistry, particularly specialising in the chemistry & chemical biology of carbohydrates
Professor W Greg Jackson University of New South Wales, Australia
Co-ordination chemistry and inorganic reaction mechanisms
Professor Peter J Stang University of Utah, USA
Organic and supramolecular chemistry

Civil Engineering

Assoc Professor Mohamed Ghidaoui Hong Kong Un.Science & Technology
Hydraulics, water resources and environmental fluid mechanics
Professor Eric R Hall University of British Columbia, Canada
Forest products waste management; wastewater anaerobic digestion; modeling of wastewater treatment systems; membrane separation processes
Professor Roger Plank University of Sheffield, UK
Analysis of steel elements & frames in fire; modelling the behaviour of complete steel framed buildings in fire
Professor Harry Poulos Coffey Geosciences, Australia
Geotechnical engineering; leading authority on pile foundations and offshore geotechnics
Professor Martin S Snaith University of Birmingham, UK
Pavement design and road asset maintenance and management
Professor Ragnar Sigbjornsson University of Iceland, Iceland
Earthquake engineering; structural dynamics; wind engineering
Professor Michael A P Taylor University of South Australia, Australia
Transport planning & engineering; logistics, transport & intelligent transport systems; road safety; traffic simulation & network modelling

Classic and Linguistics

Professor Gerry Docherty University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
Phonetics; sociolinguistics
Professor Barbara Partee University of Massachusetts, USA
Formal semantics; semantics-syntax connections; pragmatics; logic; philosophy of language; cognitive science; mathematical modelling in linguistics

Communication Disorders

Professor John M Bamford University of Manchester, UK
Paediatric audiology; newborn hearing screening; hearing aids; audiology education training
Professor Harvey Gilbert University of Connecticut, USA
Normal speech & voice production; voice disorders; acoustic & physiological aspects of speech
Professor Larry E Humes Indiana University, USA
Audiology; speech recognition; modelling hearing aid outcome
Associate Professor Diane Kendall University of Florida, USA
Speech & language pathology; acquired communication disorders; aphasia & associated cognitive communication disorders; neurosciences

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Dr Jeff Johnson UI Wizards Inc., USA 
Human-computer interaction
Professor Wojciech Szpankowski Purdue University, USA
Information theory with applications in bioinformatics; data compression; data security; networking & distributed systems
Professor Jozef Wozniak University of Gdansk, Poland
Performance modeling of wireless and wired telecommunication networks, including the Internet; network security threats and security policies


Professor Douglas W Allen Simon Fraser University, Canada
Applied microeconomics; transaction cost economics; industrial organization
Dr William Dickens The Brookings Institution, USA
Affirmative action; effects of trade on employment and wages; inflation; IQ & achievement testing; labour markets; monetary policy; unemployment
Professor Frank Milne Queen's University, Canada
Finance theory; asset pricing
Professor Scott Rozelle University of California Davis, USA
Economics of development and transition; agricultural economics
Professor Christopher Waller University of Notre Dame, USA
Monetary theory; political economy; macroeconomic theory

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr Timothy J Coutts National Renewable Energy Laboratory,USA
Photovoltaics; electronic materials characterisation; transparent conducting oxides; thin films; thermophotovoltaics
Professor Vijay K Garg University of Illinois, USA
Wireless mobile communications and networking
Professor Alexander H Hills Carnegie Mellon University, USAWireless communications systems & technology; telecommunications policy; telecommunications service in rural & remote areas
Professor Manell E Zakharia French Naval Academy, France
Underwater acoustics; wave propagation; signal and image processing


Dr Digby Race Charles Sturt University, Australia
Community forestry


Professor Robin T N Flowerdew University of St Andrews, UK
Quantitative Human Geographer
Dr Robin M Haynes University of East Anglia, UK
Medical geography; environmental epidemiology and health services research
Associate Professor Evelyn J Peters University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Urban and social geography with a research focus on First Nations Peoples

Geological Science

Professor E Art Bettis III University of Iowa, USA
Quaternary geology, environmental geoscience and geoarcheology


Professor Miles Taylor University of York, UK
Modern British History-19thC radicalism; parliamentary representation since late 18thC; impact of empire on the British state; Vict.political & cultural life


Dr Stefan Talmon Oxford University, St Anne's College, UK
European Community Law and Public International Law, particularly state recognition, the role of the Security Council and the use of force


Professor David Crick University of Central England, UK
Marketing (particularly international)/entrepreneurship interface; cultural factors (eg ethnic minority-owned firms) in marketing
Dr Gideon De Wet University of Pretoria, South Africa
Electronic engineering; systems engineering; technology strategy and technology management
Professor Colin M Mason University of Strathclyde, UK
Entrepreneurial behaviour; small business dynamics; financing of small firms, especially venture capital
Dr Robert Wyckham Simon Fraser University, Canada
Advertising and promotion; marketing

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Stephen J Gardiner University College of Dublin, Ireland
Potential theory; function theory; harmonic approximation
Professor Daniel Huson Tübingen University, Germany
Bioinformatics; mathematical biology; algorithms; genomics
Professor Jeremy Levesley University of Leicester, UK
Professor Domenico Piccolo Université di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Time Series analysis; statistical methods for preference analysis
Professor Christian Robert University Paris Dauphine, France
Bayesian and computational statistics

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Jeong-Guon Ih KAIST, Korea
Acoustics (Noise and vibration control)
Associate Professor Richard A King Oregon Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Clement Kleinstreuer North Carolina State University, USA
Mechanical Engineering; fluid dynamics; chemical & environmental engineering
Professor Brian R Mace University of Southampton, UK
Structural dynamics; vibrations; smart structures; dynamic modelling; uncertainty in structural dynamics; waves in structures

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Professor David Boonin University of Colorado, USA
Ethics; applied ethics; history of ethics; Hobbes
Professor Richard Boyd Cornell University, USA
Philosophy of science (especially philosophy of biology); ethical theory

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Klaas S de Boer Bonn University, Germany
Galactic structure; interstellar matter; globular clusters; Magellanic Clouds; hot subdwarf stars; astrometry; new instrumentation
Professor Harvey R Brown University of Oxford, UK
Foundations of quantum mechanics; relativity theory & thermal physics; philosophy of space & time; role of symmetry principles in physics
Professor Michel Gingras University of Waterloo, Canada
Phase transitions; superconductivity; magnetism
Professor Hellmut Haberland Universität Freiburg, Germany
Solid state physics; physics of atomic clusters


Professor Thomas N Bradbury UCLA, USA
Clinical psychology; intimate relationships; family psychology
Professor Victoria M Follette University of Nevada, USA
Clinical psychology; trauma research & therapies; couple problems; psychotherapy outcome; domestic violence
Dr Jerard Kehoe Selection & Assessment Consulting, USA
Industrial/organisational psychology; quantitative psychology
Professor Raymond P Kesner University of Utah, USA
Behavioural neuroscience