Honour Roll 2004

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Professor Takato Hiraki Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan 
Professor Robert B Jackson Brigham Young University, USA
Object-oriented systems & development; project management; programming development for eCommerce and the Web
Professor David K Round University of South Australia
Competition law & policy; industrial organisation; telecommunications policy

Biological Sciences

Professor John R Barnett University of Reading, UK
Biophysics; structural botany; cell biology
Dr Frantisec Krahulec Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Plant evolutionary ecology and breeding systems
Dr David B Lank Simon Fraser University, Canada
Behavioural ecology; ornithology
Professor Roger Lew York University, Canada
Plant cell biology; membrane biochemistry; electrophysiology
Professor Karl J Niklas Cornell University, USA
Plant evolution; allometry; biomechanics; comparative functional morphology
Dr Pauline M Rudd University of Oxford, UK

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor James F Ely Colorado School of Mines, USA
Computer simulation of thermophysical properties and phase transitions in complex mixtures
Professor Jerzy Petera Technical University of Lódz, Poland
Chemical engineering; mathematical modeling; finite element method; fluid mechanics; rheology


Professor William Davison Lancaster University, UK
Aquatic environmental chemistry
Professor Warren D Lawrance Flinders University, Australia
Physical chemistry; Chemical physics
Dr Finian J Leeper University of Cambridge, UK
Bio-organic chemistry, enzyme mechanisms and biosynthesis
Professor Lewis N Mander Australian National University, Australia
Organic synthesis

Civil Engineering

Professor Michael G H Bell University of London, UK
Transport & traffic modelling; dynamic route guidance; traffic monitoring; public transport performance; travel demand forecasting
Professor Bryan W Karney University of Toronto, Canada
Water distribution systems and hydraulic transients
Professor James R Mihelcic Michigan Technical University, USA
Environmental engineering; sustainability engineering
Professor David V Rosowsky Oregon State University, USA
Structural reliability; probability-based design; performance of wood-frame structures under natural hazards loadings
Professor Martin S Snaith University of Birmingham, UK
Pavement design and road asset maintenance and management

Classics and Linguistics

Dr R Harald Baayen University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Morphology, especially morphological processing, frequency effectS and productivity
Dr Mary Dalrymple King's College London, UK
Syntax; semantics; computational linguistics
Professor Beth C Levin Stanford University, USA
Syntax-semantics interface; lexical semantics; non-transformational syntactic theories

Communication Disorders

Professor Hugh W Catts University of Kansas, USA
Dyslexia; phonological processing disorders
Dr Laura Justice University of Virginia, USA
Childhood spoken & written communication disorders; Early literacy development in children with speech & language disorders
Professor Ann L Michael University of Tennessee, USA
Speech-language therapy; language and literacy; clinical education; multicultural training
Professor Ann Tyler University of Nevada, USA
Speech-language therapy; child phonology; linguistics

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Ricardo A Baeza-Yates Universidad de Chile, Chile
Information retrieval; WWW
Professor Dr K Stellan Ohlsson University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Artificial intelligence in education
Professor Dr Bernd Page Universität Hamburg, Germany
System simulation; environmental modelling

Culture, Literature & Society

Professor Brian G McHale West Virginia University, USA
20th Century American literature; postmodernism


Professor Richard T Froyen University North Carolina, USA
Macroeconomics; monetary policy
Professor Charles Nelson University of Washington, USA
Macroeconomics; financial economics; econometrics
Professor Thomas D Wallace Duke University, USA

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Franco Davoli University of Genoa, Italy
Telecommunication networks; applications of grid processing
Professor Achille Pattavina Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Telecommunication networks
Assoc Prof A Benjamin Premkumar Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
DSP algorithms; multirate signal processing; wavelets; wireless communications; speech recognition
Dr István Vajda Budapest University of Technology, Hungary
Applications of superconductivity in power engineering


Dr Peter R Blandon London Metropolitan University, UK
Forest economics
Dr Marvin R Pyles Oregon State University, USA
Forest engineering, specifically geotechnical engineering in forest & harvest operations


Professor Audrey Kobayashi Queen's University, Canada
Cultural geography; women's studies; qualitative research, Asian youth; transnationalism
Professor Richard Peet Clark University, USA
Social and economic geography; globalisation; development policy

Geological Science

Assoc Prof Rebecca J Dorsey University of Oregon, USA
Sedimentology; stratigraphy; basin analysis; tectonics
Dr Romeo M Flores US Geological Survey, USA
Sedimentology; petroleum geology; coal geology
Professor John Garver Union College, USA
Applications of fission track geochronology to sedimentology and sedimentary basin development

Languages and Cultures

Professor Susan Bell Hanley University of Washington, USA
Japanese language, history and culture


Dr Keith Blois University of Oxford
Marketing of services and high technology products; relationship marketing; business-to-business marketing
Dr Graham Hall Manchester Business School, UK
Strategic management; entrepreneurship; small business management
Dr Robert Wyckham Simon Fraser University, USA
Advertising and promotion

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Jon Chapman University of Oxford
Industrial mathematics; mathematical modelling/finance; partial differential equations; fluid & solid mechanics; models in developmental biology
Professor John E Dennis Jr Rice University, USA
Optimisation; applications of optimisation in engineering
Professor Andreas Dress University Bielefeld, Germany
Combinatorics; algebra; mathematical biology; bioinformatics; combinatorial chemistry
Dr Chris Glasbey BIOSS, UK
Statistical spatio-temporal modelling of climate; image methods in spatio-temporal analysis; image analysis; DNA microarrays
Professor Willy Hereman Colorado School of Mines, USA
Algebraic computing; differential equations; wavelets
Professor Joe N Perry IACR-Rothamsted, UK
Applied statistics in entomology and ecology; spatial and temporal dynamics of populations

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Alan Cummings University of Hull, UK
Acoustics and fluid mechanics
Professor Philip E Doepker University of Dayton, USA
Engineering education; product development
Professor Joseph A King Harvey Mudd College, USA
Metallurgy; aerospace materials; manufacturing; final year project program
Professor Masayuki Kondo Yokohama National University, Japan
Innovation policies; R & D investment and evaluation; technology strategy in developing countries
Professor Ken M Wallace University of Cambridge, UK
Engineering design

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Professor John M Cooper Princeton University, USA
Ancient philosophy; moral and political philosophy
Professor Jay L Garfield Smith College, USA
Philosophy of mind; cognitive science; Buddhist philosophy; epistemology
Professor Christopher Shields University of Colorado, USA
Ancient philosophy; metaphysics
Professor David Shulman Hebrew University, Israel
South Asian religion and culture; South Indian literature, history and religion; Tamil, Telugu and Sanskrit philology

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Roger A Cowley University of Oxford, UK
Condensed matter physics; quantum physics; neutron and x-ray scattering; nanotechnology
Professor Eberhard T Grün Max Planck Inst für Kernphysik,Germany
Solar system planetary physics; interplanetary particulates, cometary & asteroidal bodies; interstellar dust; interplanetary space missions
Professor Chris Sneden University of Texas at Austin, USA
Stellar spectroscopy; stellar nucleosynthesis; stellar population studies
Associate Professor Ewan D Stewart Korea Advanced Inst.Science &Technology, Korea

Political Science & Communication

Professor Terry Nardin University Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
International relations; international theory; public policy; international law


Dr David Bjorklund Florida Atlantic University, USA
Cognitive development; evolutionary developmental psychology
Professor Walter Borman University of Florida, USA
Industrial/organisational psychology; human resource management
Dr Denny Borsboom University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Quantitative research methods; psychometrics; theoretical psychology