Honour Roll 2003

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Professor Lawrence R Jones Naval Postgraduate School, USA
Public budgeting and financial management
Associate Professor Kay Newberry University of Arizona, USA
Professor Prem Sikka University of Essex, UK
Accounting and auditing
Dr Brian R Webb Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Information systems - e-commerce

Biological Sciences

Professor Fred Allendorf University of Montana, USA
Population and evolutionary genetics; conservation biology
Dr Richard Bardgett Lancaster University, UK
Environmental microbiology and ecosystem processes
Professor Fred Benfield Virginia Polytechnical Institute & State University, USA
Stream ecology
Professor Benzion Cavari Israeli Oceanographic Institute, Israel
Molecular biotechnology, technology, transgenic fish, bioremediation, fish diseases, marine organisms, fish population genes.
Dr Alan R Harker Brigham Young University, USA
Microbiology; environmental engineering; undergraduate education
Professor Brian A Hazlett University of Michigan, USA
Behavioural ecology of crustacea
Professor Peter Lipton University of Wisconsin, USA
Cellular mechanisms of learning & memory; regulation of synaptic transmission by glycolysis; stroke & heart attack brain damage
Professor Malcolm C Press University of Sheffield, UK
Ecological, physiological, metabolic & molecular interaction between parasitic plants; regeneration ecology; global climate change ecology

Chemical & Process Engineering

Associate Professor Marc A Deshusses University of California, Riverside, USA
Design, analysis & application of systems for bioremediation of organic wastes in air, water and soils
Professor John P O'Connell University of Virginia, USA
Thermodynamics, molecular theory, computer simulation & correlation of physical properties of fluids & solutions of nonelectrolytes & surfactants
Professor Richard Darton Oxford University, UK
Chemical engineering
Professor Neil G Connelly University of Bristol, UK
Transition metal chemistry; electron transfer in co-ordination & organometallic chemistry; electrochemistry for synthetic chemists
Professor Edwin C Constable Universität Basel, Switzerland
Supramolecular chemistry
Professor Peter M W Gill University of Nottingham, UK
Theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, computational chemistry

Civil Engineering

Professor David E Boyce University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Urban and regional transportation planning; Dynamic transportation system models for planning intelligent transportation systems
Professor Mary C Comerio University of California Berkeley, USA
Performance based design; architectural design; seismic retrofit of buildings; building preservation; natural hazards & hazard mitigation
Professor D Vaughan Griffiths Colorado School of Mines, USA
Geotechnical engineering
Professor Martin S Snaith University of Birmingham, UK
Pavement design and road asset maintenance and management


Professor Alan K Bowman Oxford University, UK
Roman Imperial history; Hellenistic & Roman Egypt; social & economic history of the Roman Empire; Roman writing tablets

Computer Science

Professor Stephen Brewster University of Glasgow, UK
Human computer interaction; computer science
Dr Jana Dospisil Monash University, Australia
Software metrics; network resource allocation; distributed multimedia
Professor Ben Shneiderman(Joint) University of Maryland, USA
Human-computer interaction
Professor Jenny Preece(Joint) University of Maryland, USA
Human-computer interaction
Associate Professor Nikolay Shilov Russian Academy of Science, Russia
Program logics; algorithms


Professor C Bram Cadsby University of Guelph, Canada
Financial economics; trade policy; experimental economics
Professor Vincent Crawford University of California, San Diego,USA
Game theory; information economics; experimental economics
Professor Roger E A Farmer University of California, LA, USA
Macroeconomics, mathematical economics
Professor Bernard Ruffieux Inst.National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France
Industrial organisation; experimental economics; market design


Professor Annemarie S Palincsar University of Michigan, USA
Science education; professional development for teachers; literacy research; action research

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Aaron Gulliver Victoria University, Canada
Communications and coding theory
Professor Johann W Kolar ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Power electronics and drives
Professor Sergio Palazzo University of Catania, Italy
Telecommunication networks

Fine Arts

Dr Elizabeth Cumming Free-lance art historian and curator, UK
Arts & crafts movement, 19th & 20th century British art with special emphasis on Scottish art, history of design


Dr Edward M Bilek USDA Forest Service, USA
Forest economics

French & Russian

Professor Caryl Emerson Princeton University, USA
Russian literature, intellectual history, literary & cultural theory, comparative literature; Russian music

Gateway Antarctica

Dr Alan D Hemmings Environmental consultant, Australia
Environmental management; avian behaviour and ecology; policy

Gender Studies

Professor Sander L Gilman University of Illinois, USA
Modern German literature; history of psychiatry, Jewish studies; comparative literature; history of medicine


Professor Colin Ballantyne University of St Andrews, UK
Geomorphology & late quaternary landscape evolution
Professor Brent Hall University of Waterloo, Canada
Geographic Information Systems and Decision Support Systems; healthcare planning; health facility location problems
Professor John Mohan University of Portsmouth, UK
Geography and social policy; geography of health and health care

Geological Science

Dr Harry M Jol University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, USA
Ground penetrating radar (GPR); GIS and remote sensing/mapping of the environment
Assistant Professor Basil Tikoff University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Structure; tectonics; strike-slip transpresssional settings; pluton emplacement; strain partitioning


Professor Sandra Chung University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Syntax, Austronesian linguistic studies, linguistic field methods
Professor Janet Pierrehumbert Northwestern University, USA
Phonology; phonetics; morphology


Dr John Mingers Warwick University, UK
Operational research and systems
Professor Tudor Rickards Manchester Business School, UK
Change; strategic leadership; creativity; innovation

Mass Communication and Journalism

Professor Peter Golding Loughborough University, UK
Media sociology; social policy; political economy; cultural studies

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Dr Ranier Löwen TU Braunschweig, Germany
Geometry; topology; lie groups
Professor Brian D Sleeman University of Leeds, UK
Mathematical biology; inverse problems; mathematical wave theory; applied mathematics
Professor Philippe Toint University of Namur (FUNDP), Belgium
Numerical linear algebra; numerical optimisaton and nonlinear problems

Mechanical Engineering

Professor John Billingsley University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Teaching and researching mechatronics
Professor Neal P Juster University of Strathclyde, UK
Functional & assembly modelling; computer based tolerance representation, concurrent eng; design for X; STEP & CALS; rapid prototyping
Mr George F Vander Voort Buehler Ltd, USA
Metallurgy, failure analysis and metallography

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Professors Louise Antonyand 
Joseph Levine (Joint)
The Ohio State University, USA
Philosophy of mind & language; cognitive science (both); feminist theory (Antony)
Professor Brian P McLaughlin Rutgers University, USA
Metaphysics; philosophy of language; epistemology; philosophy of mind
Professor Michael A Smith Australian National University, Australia
Moral philosophy; moral psychology; philosophy of action, mind, law & political philosophy

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Tasoltan Basiev Russian Academy of Science
Spectroscopy and laser technology
Dr Gilles Chabrier (Joint) Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
Low mass stars; stellar evolution; stellar seismology; galactic structure
Dr Isabelle Baraffe (Joint) Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
Stellar evolution; massive stars; pulsating stars; nucleosynthesis
Professor Alan D Martin University of Durham, UK
Particle physics; neutrino physics
Professor Jayant V Narlikar Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics, India
Cosmology and astrophysics
Professor Robert A Vincent University of Adelaide, Australia
Atmospheric remote sensing; atmospheric physics and dynamics


Professor William M Baum University of New Hampshire, USA
Psychology; behaviour analysis
Professor Fritz Drasgow University of Illinois, USA
Industrial/organisational psychology; quantitative psychology
Professor Bonnie J Kaplan Alberta Children's Hospital, Canada
Psychology and pediatrics

Speech and Language Therapy

Professor Thomas P Marquardt University of Texas, USA
Speech & language pathology, acquired communication & aphasia disorders; speech physiology; motor control
Professor Ilsa Schwarz University of Tennessee, USA
Childhood language, phonological & voice disorders; programme development and administration
Professor Robert G Turner Louisiana State University, USA
Audiology; aural rehabilitation; auditory physiology/bioengineering; electrical engineering