Honour Roll 2001

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Professor Anthony F Herbst University of Texas, USA
Assoc. Prof David K Round University of Adelaide, Australia
Competition law and policy; industrial organisation; telecommunications policy
Professor Michael J Sherer University of Essex, UK
Auditing and public sector accounting

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor Daniel P Y Chang University of California, USA
Physico-chemical behaviour of pollutants; monitoring & generation of aerosols & their effects upon health
Professor Alan Mather University of Alberta, Canada
Thermodynamics of gas treating, design
Mr Keith R Murray Herriot-Watt University, UK
Chemical and process engineering; sustainability; environmental process engineering; waste water treatment


Professor Robert J Donovan University of Edinburgh, UK
Photochemistry; laser chemistry; chemical physics
Professor Arthur B Ellis University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Materials science, chemical education
Professor Dr Heinrich Lang Tech. Universitat Chemnitz, Germany
Organometallic synthesis; molecular modelling; electron transfer processes

Civil Engineering

Professor Jean-Guy Beliveau University of Vermont, USA
Structural dynamics and vibration theory
Professor Johan Blaauwendraad Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Non-linear mechanics (concrete, pavements), finite element methods
Professor Ezio Faccioli Politechnico Di Milano, Italy
Geotechnical earthquake engineering; seismology; seismic design codes
Dr Edward McBean Conestoga-Rovers & Assoc., USA
Environmental engineering
Professor Yoginder Vaid University of British Columbia, Canada
Geotechnical engineering especially experimental methods

Computer Science

Professor Michael J Ferguson Université du Quebec, Canada
Telecommunication networks; formal methods for software engineering
Dr Kenneth R Koedinger Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Cognitive modelling
Prof Dr -Ing. Bernd Page University of Hamburg, Germany
Simulation modelling; environmental informatics


Professor Alex Cukierman Tel Aviv University, Israel
Macroeconomics; monetary economics
Professor Peter E Kennedy Simon Fraser University, Canada
Econometric theory and applications
Professor Michael R Wickens University of York, UK
Macro-economics; finance; international economics; time series econometrics

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Professor Shu Lin University of California, USA
Communications theory; error control coding
Professor Rudolf Mathar Aachen University of Technology, Germany
Cellular radio networks
Professor Robyn Anne Owens University of Western Australia, Australia
Computer vision, robotics, image processing
Professor Norman Thagard Florida State University, USA
Electrical and electronic engineering; medicine

Fine Arts

Mr Peter Burman University of York, UK
History & philosophy of architectural conservation; architecture of Arts & Crafts movement

Gateway Antarctica

Dr Paul Berkman Ohio State University, USA
Antarctic science and policy; biological oceanography; ecosystems conservation


Dr Stephen R Dovers Australian National University, Australia
Resource and environmental management
Professor Mark W Rosenberg Queen's University, UK
Geography of health & health care and research methods
Dr C David Whiteman Battelle Northwest Laboratories, USA
Local and regional meteorology and climatology

Geological Sciences

Professor Gérard Bossière Université de Nantes, France
Geochemistry re metamorphic rocks, nature of polished rock surfaces; pseudotachylytes; ceramics; geological materials use
Professor Adolf Seilacher University of Tübingen, Germany
Invertebrate palaeontology; sedimentation, precambrian life


Professor Christopher C Joyner Georgetown University, USA
International law; US foreign policy; international legal education


Professor Jack K Chambers University of Toronto, Canada
Sociolinguistics, dialectology, variationist linguistics
Professor Jennifer Cheshire University of London, UK
Sociolinguistics; code-switching, syntax of dialects; linguistics in education


Professor Robert E Allinson The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
International business and business ethics
Assoc Professor George R Milne University of Massachusetts, USA
Marketing strategy; public policy; e-commerce

Mathematics & Statistics

Professor Konstantin Beidar National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan
Algebra esp. ring theory; multi-linear identities for rings
Professor James W P Hirschfeld University of Sussex, UK
Finite geometry; algebraic geometry; coding theory
Professor Carlos E Kenig University of Chicago, USA
Harmonic analysis; partial differential equations
Assoc Prof David A Smith Duke University, USA
Mathematics and technology; calculus reform; mathematics as a laboratory subject

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Thomas L Geers University of Colorado, USA
Acoustics, numerical methods
Dr Aleksandar Subic RMIT University, Australia
Mechanical design, machine dynamics and vibration

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Professor Simon Blackburn Cambridge University, UK
Moral philosophy; epistemology; philosophy of mind; philosophy of language
Professor Martin Kinsey Davies Australian National University, Australia
Philosophy of psychology (tacit knowledge, externalism & architecturalism, mental simulation & theory of mind)
Professor Peter Hilton State University NY at Binghamton, USA
Mathematics, history, cryptanalysis and computing
Professor Jean Pedersen Santa Clara University, USA
Mathematics; history; cryptanalysis and computing
Professor Ruth Millikan University of Connecticut, USA
Philosophy of mind & cognitive science; philosophy of biology; philosophy of language

Physics & Astronomy

Professor Terry Deshler University of Wyoming, USA
Atmospheric science, specifically Stratospheric Aerosols
Dr Joyce A Guzik Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Stellar evolution and pulsation; asteroseismology; radiation transport; hydrodynamics; nuclear reactions
Priv.-Doz. Dr Bernhard Kaiser Institute for Physical Chemistry, Germany
Clusters in the gas phase, nanostructures on surfaces
Dr Lewis H Ryder University of Kent, UK
Theoretical physics

Plant & Microbial Sciences

Professor William J Bond University of Cape Town, South Africa
Plant evolutionary biology - plant populations to global floras, ecology of terrestrial plants
Dr Peter Millard Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, UK
Plant ecophysiology; soil-plant interactions; plant nitrogen relations
Professor Ian J Molineux University of Texas, USA
Bacterial viruses; genetics; host-parasite interactions

Political Science

Professor Peter Wallensteen Uppsala University, Sweden
International relation/conflict analysis


Assoc Prof Norman R Brown University of Alberta, USA
Cognitive psychology including: autobiographical memory; frequency estimation; cognitive aspects of survey research
Assoc Prof Ronald Dahl University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA
Developmental psychopathology, developmental neuroscience, biological psychology
Professor David R Olson University of Toronto, Canada
Cognitive science and educational psychology
Professor John M Pearce Cardiff University, UK


Professor Robert D Jessop Lancaster University, UK
Social and political theory; comparative political economy; theories of the State; globalisation and urban change

Speech & Language Therapy

Professor Christopher W Turner University of Iowa, USA
Speech recognition; speech by the hearing impaired; hearing aids; cochlear implants; acoustics; psychophysics of hearing


Assoc Professor Janet L Leonard University of California
Animal behaviour, neuroethology; behavioural modelling
Professor Jerrel L Wilkens University of Calgary, Canada
Cardiovascular physiology of crustaceans