Honour Roll 2000

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Professor Frank Clarke University of Newcastle
Financial accounting; corporate collapse
Assoc. Prof Graeme Dean University of Sydney
Financial accounting
Professor David T Otley Lancaster University
Management accounting
Professor George Philip Queen's University of Belfast
Management information systems

American Studies

Dr Richard C Majors University of Manchester
Community psychology and race relations

Chemical and Process Engineering

Professor Ian F MacDonald University of Waterloo
Transport phenomena; rheology
Professor D Leo Pyle University of Reading
Chemical engineering; biotechnology; food process engineering


Dr Christopher Abell University of Cambridge
Bio-organic chemistry
Professor William E Geiger The University of Vermont
Inorganic chemistry; electrochemistry
Professor F Richard Keene James Cook University
Co-ordination chemistry of transition metals, esp. stereochemical issues
Professor M Tony Whitehead McGill University
Quantum chemistry; nuclear quadrupole resonance

Civil Engineering

Dr Jean-Marc H J G Franssen University of Liege
Fire resistance of structures
Professor Peter J Hills University of Newcastle
Transportation planning and research
Professor John Stanton University of Washington
Seismic design and behaviour of pre-stressed concrete structures

Computer Science

Professor Gerhard Fischer University of Colorado
Human-computer communication; artificial intelligence; education and computers
Professor Luigi Fratta Politecnico di Milano
Data communications; computer networks
Professor Toshihide Ibaraki Kyoto University
Operations research; computer science


Professor Clive W J Granger Un. of California at San Diego
Time-series econometrics; forecasting; finance and demographics
Professor R Andrew Muller McMaster University
Natural resource and environmental economics; experimental economics

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Professor Gideon De Wet University of Pretoria
Technology management
Assoc Prof David W Petr University of Kansas
Communication networks, optimisation; digital signal processing; adaptive systems
Professor K Sam Shanmugan University of Kansas
Communications theory; wireless communications

French and Russian

Professor Janet L Beizer University of Virginia
French 19th Century literature; feminist studies; narrative theory; psychoanalysis and literature


Professor Terry G McGee University of British Columbia
Third World urbanisation; geography of South East Asia
Professor Graham M Moon University of Portsmouth
Geography of urban public services; geography of health; health service reform
Professor Michael H Smith Loughborough University
European studies
Dr David E Thompson NASA Ames Research Center
Information technology; glaciology
Professor Allan M Williams Un. of Exeter
Human geography; tourism; European studies

Geological Sciences

Dr Maria Mastalerz Indiana University
Coal geology; organic and inorganic geochemistry


Professor John R McNeill Georgetown University
Environmental history; world history; international relations; European society


Professor Dennis R Preston Michigan State University
Sociolinguistics and dialectology; language attitudes; ethnography of speaking
Professor Nigel B Vincent University of Manchester
Historical linguistics; typology; syntactic theory; morphology


Professor Nikhilesh Dholakia University of Rhode Island
Marketing; e-commerce
Professor Hayagreeva Rao Emory University
Organization theory; organizational behaviour; strategic management
Professor Robin Wensley University of Warwick
Strategic management; marketing

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor John Guckenheimer Cornell University
Numerical methods of dynamical systems and bifurication analysis; non-linear systems
Dr Hilary Ockendon Oxford University
Industrial mathematics; fluid dynamics; theory of partial differential equations
Dr Paul T Barrett University of Liverpool
Statistics - multivariate and psychometrics; individual differences inc. personality theory; intelligence testing
Professor Dr Dirk van Dalen Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht
Mathematical logic; history, philosophy and foundations of mathematics

Mechanical Engineering

Professor David E Claridge Texas A and M University
Heat transfer in buildings; monitoring and analysing energy use; expert system applications in buildings
Professor Yuris Dzenis University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Composite and polymeric materials
Dr Crispin Hales Hales and Gooch Ltd
Design methodology; forensic engineering; design for safety and reliability
Professor Peter A Rosati The Un. of Western Ontario
Engineering education; learning styles and personality types of engineering students
Professor Alexander H Slocum Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
Precision machine design

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Assoc Prof Alan F Chalmers University of Sydney
Philosophy of science; history of physics
Professor Dr Dirk van Dalen Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht
Mathematical logic; history, philosophy and foundations of mathematics
Professor Terence H Irwin Cornell University
Ancient philosophy, specifically Aristotelian ethics
Professor Richard M Sainsbury King's College, London
History of philosophy (Hume); philosophical logic; philosophy of mind esp. emotions

Physics and Astronomy

Em. Professor Freeman J Dyson Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton
Extra-terrestrial civilisations
Professor John R Percy University of Toronto
Variable star research; science education

Plant and Microbial Sciences

Professor Jonathan M Anderson University of Exeter
Decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems; nutrient cycling and global warming and soil ecology, esp. the role of organisms
Professor David Gutnick Tel-Aviv University
Bacterial physiology; bacterial metabolism; bioremediation; bacterial genetics.
Professor Byron B Lamont Curtin University of Technology
Plant ecology


Professor John M Flach Wright State University
Human factors, cognition, control theory, ecological psychology
Assoc Prof Lee A Kirkpatrick William and Mary College
Social/personality psychology; evolutionary psychology; statistics/methodology
Professor Ralph R Miller State Un. of New York at Binghamton
Learning and conditioning; biological psychology

Social Work

Assoc Prof Lesley L Cooper Flinders Un. of South Australia
Social Work education; child and family welfare practice

Speech and Language Therapy

Professor Barbara Dodd University of Newcastle
Phonological acquisition; disorders and awareness; child communication disorder; administration of university health programs
Professor Marilyn Nippold Communication Disorders and Sciences
Language development and language disorders in school-age children and adolescents
Assoc Prof Mark Onslow The University of Sydney
Stuttering research
Professor David E Yoder The University of North Carolina
Augmentative and alternative communication; Special populations


Professor Herve Bercovier The Hebrew University
Clinical microbiology; fish diseases
Professor Terry D Galloway University of Manitoba
Entomology; parasitology