Honour Roll 1998

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Prof Albert S Dexter The University of British Columbia
Systems analysis and design; information systems administration
Assoc Prof Kian Guan-Lim The National University of Singapore
Corporate finance; financial risk management
Prof Peter W Wolnizer Deakin University
Financial accounting and auditing

Chemical and Process Engineering

Prof Alan E Mather Universite Blaise Pascal
Thermodynamics; heat and mass transfer; process analysis; natural gas processing; equilibrium stage processes
Prof Fred P Stein Lehigh University
Thermodynamic properties of fluid mixtures and electrolytes; kinetics and reactor deign


Prof Robert N Compton University of Tennessee
Photophysics; photochemistry; mass spectrometry; applications of lasers in in spectroscopy; ionization
Dr John H Dymond University of Glasgow
Accurate measurement, correlation, prediction and estimation of thermophysical properties
Prof Hanns Fischer Physikalisch-chemisches Institut der Universitat Zurich
Physical chemistry; magnetic resonance; fast reaction kinetics; photochemical charge transfer reactions
Prof Rudi van Eldik University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany
Application of high pressure techniques to chemical reaction; metal-catalysed autooxidation processes in atmospheric chemistry
Dr Gordon H Whitham Pembroke College, England
Exploratory and mechanistic studies of organoelement compounds, esp. organosulfur chemistry involving free-radicals

Civil Engineering

Prof Joseph Hun-Wei Lee University of Hong Kong
Environmental fluid mechanics
Prof Edward D Schroeder University of California at Davis
Water and wastewater engineering; industrial pollution control; hazardous waste management
Prof Robert H J Sellin University of Bristol
Hydraulic engineering
Prof Antony P S Selvadurai McGill University
Theoretical mechanics, esp. soil and rock mechanics

Computer Science

Dr Jorge R J Cuellar Siemens Research, Germany
Mathematical models for Computer Science, esp. for distributed systems
Prof Marco Ajmone Marsan Politecnico di Torino
Petri nets; data communications


Dr Neil R Ericsson Federal Reserve System, Washington
Econometric analysis of time series data; monetary macro-econometrics
Prof Nelson C Mark Ohio State University
International finance; asset pricing; open economy macroeconomics; time series econometrics
Assoc Prof Peter B Morgan The University of Michigan
Microeconomic theory & applications; search theory; sequential testing in statistics; labour markets
Prof Michael K Salemi University of North Carolina
Monetary/macroeconomics; teaching of economics education

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Prof James K Cavers Simon Fraser University
Communications systems esp. wireless communications
Prof Sujeet K Chaudhuri University of Waterloo
Optics and signal processing
Prof Robert H Lasseter University of Wisconsin
Prof William P Robbins University of Minnesota
Semiconductor devices; power electronics


Prof Huw C Davies Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Meteorology and climatology esp. mid-latitude weather systems, orographic effects, weather prediction, climatic change and variability
Prof Janice J Monk University of Arizona
Gender and geography; feminist geography in comparative international perspective; gender and landscape; gender and geographic education

Geological Sciences

Prof G Nelson Eby University of Massachusetts
Igneous petrology and geochemistry; environmental chemistry
Prof James Gill University of California at Santa Cruz
Petrology & geochemistry of igneous rocks, esp. applications of radiogenic isotopes to geological problems


Prof Edward L Keenan University of California at Los Angeles
Historical linguistics; typology
Prof Walt Wolfram North Carolina State University


Prof Jerry C Olson Penn State University
Marketing; consumer behaviour; cognitive structures of knowledge; philosophy of science
Prof Edward A Silver The University of Calgary
Management science; production management
Prof Emeritus John P van Gigch California State University
Strategic management; systems theory and modelling; philosophy and management

Mathematics & Statistics

Prof John E Dennis Rice University
Optimization; nonlinear equations; parallel computation
Prof William A Light University of Leicester
Approximation theory; numerical analysis; functional analysis
Prof Zelada B Zabinsky University of Washington
Global optimization methodologies; random search optimization techniques and probabilistic analysis of algorithm complexity

Mechanical Engineering

Prof Walter Eversman University of Missouri - Rolla
Aerodynamics; aeroaccoustics; fluid dynamics

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Prof Fred Dretske Stanford University
Philosophy of mind; epistemology
Prof Frank C Jackson Australian National University"
Philosophy of mind and cognitive science; epistemology; metaphysics; metaethics
Prof Gregory Gregory Schopen University of Texas at Austin
Buddhist studies and Indology; Buddhist languages; history of religions; social and religious history; South-East Asia and Tibet

Physics & Astronomy

Prof Volker Heine

Cambridge University
Theory of condensed matter physics and minerology

Prof Bernard E Jacquier

CNRS-Universite Claude Bernard
Optical spectroscopy; laser properties of solid state luminescent materials

Prof David L Lambert

University of Texas at Austin
Astrophysics - stars and the interstellar medium

Prof Alan O'Neill

University of Reading
Meteorology; physics of the atmosphere

Plant & Microbial Sciences

Prof Wayne M Becker University of Wisconsin-Madison
Plant biochemistry and molecular biology
Prof Robert M M Crawford St Andrews University
Stress physiology in plants
Dr Robert N Lightowlers University of Newcastle
Biochemistry; cell and molecular biology; genetics and neuroscience
Dr David W Hopkins University of Dundee
Soil microbiology & chemistry; decomposition of plant litter in soil & uses of NMR; carbon dynamics in upland soils; Antarctic soil microbiology


Prof Thomas A Brigham Washington State University
Behaviour analysis with special emphasis on self-control; prevention of HIV/AIDS infection
Prof David C Funder University of California, Riverside
Social psychology and personality psychology
Dr Sidney J Segalowitz Brock University
Developmental neuropsychology; cognitive psychology; human development; linguistics

Speech & Language Therapy

Prof Nicholas W Bankson James Madison University
Communication sciences and disorders; esp. clinical phonology
Prof Barbara W Hodson Wichita State University
Phonological development and phonological disorders; metaphonological skills and early literacy
Assoc Prof Robert C Marshall University of Rhode Island
Adult neurogenic disorders; group treatment in acute care settings


Dr Stuart Egginton University of Birmingham
Respiratory physiology; Antarctic fish biology; stress physiology
Prof Malcolm B Jones University of Plymouth
Biology, ecophysiology of littoral and estuarine vertebrates; effects of contaminants on crustacea
Dr Michael J Kingsford University of Sydney
Marine ecology
Prof Kenneth R Olson University of Notre Dame, Indiana
Fish physiology