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Associate Professor Mary Tate Victoria University of Wellington, NZ                                                                                                                   New and innovative approaches to the design, management and delivery of digital channels and services using new technologies
Dr Muhammad Cheema University of Otago,                                                                                                                                         NZ Empirical Asset Pricing, Behavioural Finance, Energy Economics
Dr Eric Crampton New Zealand Initiative, NZ                                                                                                                               Public choice, applied microeconomics, economic policy
No visitors in 2020  
Professor Cameron Graham York University, Canada
Accounting and Poverty, Accounting and Indigenous People, Accounting and Society
Professor Ian Crawford University of Oxford, UK
Macroeconomics, Nonparametric Emprical Methods, Behavioural Economics, Consumption, Economic Measurement
Professor Ai-ru Cheng Northern Illinois University, USA
Asset Pricing, Option Pricing, High Frequency Data, Econometrics, International Finance
Professor Olivier Gergaud KEDGE Business School, France
Cultural Economics, Wine Economics, Sports Economics, Economics of Pro-Social Behaviour and Restaurant Economics
Associate Professor Emeritus Stratford Douglas WVU College of Business and Economics, USA
Energy Economics, Comptetitive Restructuring of the US Electricity Markets, Applied Econmetrics
 Professor Gary Libecap  Bren School of the Environmental Science and Management, University of California, USA
Role of Property Rights Institutions in Addressing Losses for Natural Resources 
Professor Stefan Gössling Lund University, Sweden
Tourism, Transport
Professor David Boje New Mexico State University, USA
Narrative Methods, Storytelling Methods, Antenarrative Ethics, Systems Theory
Emeritus Professor Grace Rosile New Mexico State University, USA
Storytelling in Organisations, Organisational Behaviour, Academic Integrity, Ethics
Dr Scott Morrison Oxford Brookes University, UK
Capital and Securities Market and Regulation, Listing and Prospectus Rules, Banking and Finance Laws and Legal Frameworks
Professor Brooke Harrington Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Groups and Organisations, Markets, Offshore Banking
Associate Professor Allen Johnston Culverhouse College of Business, USA
Human Behaviour in the Adoption and use of Information Security Technologies, Practices and Policy
Professor Duncan James Fordham University, USA
Econometrics (decision making under risk and uncertainty) and Finance (asset pricing, venture capital financing)
Associate Professor Chad Navis Clemson University, USA
Entreprenuership and Innovation
Associate Professor Pedro Reyes Baylor University, USA
Supply Chain & Operations Management
Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele Griffith University, Australia
Social Marketing and Behavioural Change
Professor Noel Hyndman Queen's University Belfast, UK
Management Accounting, Management Control and Not-For-Profit Accounting
Professor Paul Heald University of Illinois, USA
International Intellectual Property, Copyright, International Business Transactions, Law and Economics
Professor Ehud Ronn University of Texas, USA
Derivatives, Energy Finance, Financial Risk Management
Professor Douglas Allen Simon Fraser University, Canada
Institutional Economics, Property Rights, Economics of Family, Economic History, Transaction Costs
Associate Professor John Landon-Lane Rutgers University, USA
Econometrics and Macroeconomics
Associate Professor Ryan Whitby Utah State University, USA
Investments and Security Analysis, Equity Valuation, Real Estate Finance, Corporate Finance
Professor Guy Holburn University of Western Ontario, Canada
Sustainability, Public Policy, Energy, International Business
Professor Gyan Nyaupane Arizona State University, USA
Socio-ecological Approaches to Tourism Sustainability, Links between Tourism and Sustainable Development, Heritage Tourism, Tourist Behaviour
Professor Jeanie Forray Western New England University, USA
Organisational Behaviour, Management Education
Professor Emeritus Charles Snow Penn State University, USA
Strategic Management
Professor Nancy Niemi Yale University, USA
Gender and its Intersections with Higher Education, Education and its Impact on Social and Economic Equity
Professor David Boje New Mexico State University, USA
Narrative Methods, Storytelling Theory, Antenarrative Ethics, Systems Theory, Critical Theory, Relational Process Ontologies
Professor Nir Kshetri University of North Carolina, USA
Blockchain, E-Commerce, Cybersecurity, Big Data
Professor Jacob Rose Oregon State University, USA
Behavioural/Experimental Accounting
Professor Richard Watson University of Georgia - Athens, USA
Information Systems, Data Analytics, Database Management, Energy Informatics
Professor Cory Searcy Ryerson University, Canada
Sustainability, Supply Chains, Quality Management
Professor Jacqueline Mohr University of Montana, USA
Marketing Strategy, Marketing of High-Technology Products/Innovations, Technology and Innovation
Professor Christopher Napier Royal Holloway University of London, UK
Accounting Theory, Financial Reporting, Accounting History, Research Methods
Professor William Lee University of Sheffield, UK
Qualitative Research Methodology, Social Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Corporate Governance
Professor Russell Craig University of Portsmouth, UK
Financial Accounting, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance
Professor Sue Conger University of Dallas, USA
Management of I.T., Emerging Technologies, Business Process Management, I.T. Services Management, Knowledge Management, I.T. Governance
Professor Anindya Banerjee University of Birmingham, UK
Time Series Econometrics Including Factor Models, Econometrics of Integrated Panel Data
Associate Professor Andy Puckett University of Tennessee, USA
Investment, Institutional Trading; Market Microstructure; Executive Compensation, Sell-side Analytics
Professor Louis Murray University College Dublin, Ireland
Mergers and Acquisitions, Stock Market Volatility
Professor James Alm Tulane University, USA
Taxation; Fiscal Decentralisation; Public Finance in Developing Countries; Housing Finance; Local Government Finance; Microeconomic Theory; Behaviour Under Certainty
Emeritus Professor Ray Rees Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München
Risk and Insurance, Taxation
Professor Jayanth Jayaram University of South Carolina, USA
Supply Chain Management, New Produce Development, Logistics Strategy, Research Methods
Associate Professor Joy Beatty University of Michigan, USA
Diversity in Organisations, Diversity and Gender, chronic illness in the workplace, management education, boundary management
Professor Johan de Wet Bruwer University of South Australia, Australia
Marketing Management and Wine Tourism (Place Branding and/or Direct-to-Consumer Marketing)
Associate Professor Matthew McCarter University of Texas, USA
Managerial decision-making with a particular interest in social dilemmas and collaboration problems with organizing
Associate Professor Brent McFerran Simon Fraser University, Canada
Marketing, Business Ethics
Professor Selwyn Piramuthu University of Florida, USA
RFID systems, data science, supply chain managment, cold chains, recommender systems
Professor Joanna Gray Birmingham University, UK
Law and Regulation - financial markets law and corporate finance law
Professor Breda Sweeney NUI Galway, Ireland
Performance management 
Emeritus Professor Bill Foster III New Mexico State University, USA
Financial accounting
Professor Christopher Evans The University of New South Wales, Australia
Associate Professor David Schwartz Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Knowledge management, mHealth Internet, IS Strategy, Crowdsourcing, Computer-Mediated Communications, Cybersecurity
Professor Rossitsa Yalamova University of Lethbridge, Canada
Derivatives, investments, portfolio management, fianancial modelling, corporate finance, trading and market microstructure
Professor Martin Bohl Westfalische Wilhelms-University Muenster, Germany
Commodity markets, financial deriviatives,financial managment, monetary economics
Professor Aaron Smith University of California, USA
Econometrics, Commodity markets, finance
Professor Nicolas Schmitt Simon Fraser University, Canada
International Trade, Industrial Organisation
Professor Guido Erreygers University of Antwerp, Belgium
Macroeconomics, health inequality and history of economic thought
Professor William Starbuck University of Oregon, USA
Research design and methodology, organisational theory and change, strategic management
Professor Narongsak Thongpapanl Brock University, Canada
Marketing and new product development
Professor Timothy Coles University of Exeter Business School, UK
Tourism, international business, mobilities and transnationalism, governanace and regulation
Professor Jeanie Forray Western New England University, USA
Responsible leadership/management and organisational behaviour
Professor Arch Woodside Boston College, USA
Marketing, research methods and publishing
Professor Sue Conger University of Dallas, USA
Business process management, IT Services management/ITIL, IT governance, innovative use of IT in organisations, privacy & ethics in IT use n
Professor Sven Modell University of Manchester, UK
Social, political & institutional aspects of management accounting & control, with particular emphasis on public sector organisations
Professor Kerrie Sadiq Queensland University of Technology, Australia
International taxation (including taxation of multinationals); small business concessions; superannuation; Islamic finance taxation 
Professor Ulrich Remus University of Innsbruck, Australia
Business process management; knowledge management; collaborative technologies
Associate Professor Christina Atanasova Simon Fraser University, Canada
Empirical corporate finance; corporate governance; capital structure; corporate risk management; pension economics and finance
Professor William Schulze Cornell University, USA
Environmental economics, experimental economics, behavioural economics
Professor Daniel Schunk Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany
Behavioural economics & microeconomics, public & education economics, applied econometrics, experimental economics
Professor Juergen Wolters Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany
Macro-oriented time series econometrics
Professor Roger Stover Iowa State University, USA
Banking and Finance
Professor Kathy Lund Dean Gustavus Adolphus College, USA
Teaching organisational behaviour topics using experiential learning techniques; leadership; ethics
Professor Leyland Pitt Simon Fraser University, Canada
Marketing and entrepreneurship
Dr Rudolf Domotor WU Vinenna, Austria
Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups, Opportunity Recogniction, Interdisciplinary Collaboration 
Professor Sue Conger University of Dallas, USA
Business process management, IT Services management/ITIL, IT governance, innovative use of IT in organisations, privacy & ethics in IT use n
Professor Taylor Foster New Mexico State University, USA
Financial accounting
Dr Stewart Karlinsky San Jose University, USA
International taxation; US taxation; tax policy; tax compliance; tax professionals; comparative taxation
Professor Richard Froyen University of North Carolina, USA
Macroeconomic theory; monetary policy; analysis of economic fluctuations and stabilisation policy
Associate Professor Robert Mohr University of New Hampshire, USA
Environmental & natural resource economics; innovation & technology adoption; job design; human resources practices
Professor Ray Rees University of Munich, Germany
Applied microeconomic theory, with special interest in problems involving risk
Professor Ajai Singh University California Santa Cruz, USA
Corporate finance; financial markets
Associate Professor John Spraggon University of Massachusetts, USA
Experimental economics; environmental economics; microeconomics; game theory
Professor Ruby Dholakia University of Rhode Island, USA
e-Marketing; advertising; consumer behaviour
Professor Bo Ake Edvardsoon Karlstad University, Sweden
Service Management & Service Marketing; Value Creation through Service & the Service Logic; New Service Development & Service Innovation
Professor Ashley Burrowes Woodbury University, USA
Corporate accounting; corporate governance & accountability; internal controls & attest function
Professor Wynne W Chin University of Houston, USA
Structural equation modelling/PLS path modeling; technology acceptance; impact of IT; user satisfaction & service quality; social network analysis
Professor Alison Firth University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 
Commercial law; intellectual property law & its interaction with other areas-contract, competition, civil & criminal procedure, conflict of laws, human rights
Professor Stephen Graw James Cook University, Australia 
Contract; commercial and corporate law
Associate Professor Simon James University of Exeter, UK 
Taxation; public finance; international financial management
Professor Sung Kim University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Information systems development
Professor Douglas W Allen Simon Fraser University, Canada
Property rights; institutional economics; law and economics; contracts
Associate Professor Joel Harper Oklahoma State University, USA
International financial management; corporate finance; research methods in finance & financial institutions; financial institutions; pension plan management
Professor Duncan James Fordham University NY, USA
Experimental methods in economics & finance; decision making under uncertainty; structure & operation of market institution elicitation
Professor Kenneth M Kletzer University California Santa Cruz, USA
International economics and macroeconomics
Professor Michael Lacour-Little California State University Fullerton, USA
Real estate finance & economics; valuation of mortgages & mortgage-backed securities; mortgage default; subprime lending & housing bubble
Professor Ruth Towse Bournemouth University, UK
Intellectual property rights; cultural economics; economics of copyright
Professor Mark Hanna Georgia Southern University, USA
Operations management; quality management; supply chain management
Professor Taylor Foster III New Mexico State University, USA
Financial accounting
Professor Joey F. George Iowa State University, USA
Systems analysis and design; MIS research methodologies; IS and society; collaborative computing 
Professor Joanna Gray University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Financial reporting; corporate governance; forensic accounting 
Professor Mark Browne University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Risk management and insurance
Professor Simon Gaechter University of Nottingham, UK
Behavioural and experimental economics; organisational and labour economics and game theory
Professor Jean Helwege University of South Carolina, USA
Empirical corporate finance(financial distress, bankruptcy, capital structure. IPO's), corporate bond pricing.
Professor John Nofsinger john_nofsinger@wsu.edu
Behavioural finance; international finance; investor behaviour; governance
Professor Ronald Oaxaca University of Arizona, USA
Labour economics; applied econometrics; applied microeconomics
Professor Roger Stover Iowa State University, USA
International finance; financial risk mgmt; corporate financial strategies; derivatives & risk management; investment portfolio analysis; business relationships
Professor Jon Billsberry Deakin University, Australia
Organisational behaviour; use of film and projective techniques in management education; person-organisation fit; recruitment; selection; leadership
Professor William H. Starbuck Lundquist College of Business, USA
Business strategy; decision-making; organisational design; methodology and meaning in management and social science research
Professor Jeffrey Berryman University of Windsor, Canada 
Contract law specialising in remedies, equitable remedies, alternative dispute resolution
Professor Niels Bjørn-Andersen Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
IT strategy/planning, IT leadership/managing IS resources, use of IT in international trade, eBusiness/eCommerce, IT for collaborative innovation 
Professor Niamh Brennan University College Dublin, Ireland
Financial reporting; corporate governance; forensic accounting 
Dr Margaret McKerchar University of NSW, Australia
Tax compliance behaviour, research design, tax administration, environmental taxation, tax policy 
Professor Tim Cason Purdue University, USA
Behavioural economics, environmental economics, experimental economics, industrial organisation
Professor Richard Smith University of Cambridge, UK
Econometric theory; estimation & inference in econometrics; hypothesis testing; model selection
Associate Professor Stratford Douglas West Virginia University, USA
Applied econometrics; energy economics
Professor Jack Cooney Texas Tech University, USA
Corporate finance; financial markets & institutions; financing emerging businesses; commercial bank management; credit institutions; maths of finance
Associate Professor Daniela Puzzello University of Illinois, USA
Economic theory; monetary theory; mathematical economics; general equilibrium
Dr Nicole Coviello Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
International entrepreneurship; marketing; networks
Professor Roger Dunbar New York University, USA
Business strategy and policy; management and organisational analysis
Professor Christine Cooper University Strathclyde Business School, UK 
The impact of accounting in our everyday lives
Professor Andrew Terry University of Sydney, Australia
Business Law and International Franchising Law 
Professor Hope Corman Rider University, USA
Health economics, crime and education
Associate Professor Cary Deck University of Arkansas, USA
Economics of organisations, industrial organisation, economics of management and strategy
Professor Jonathan Klick University of Pennsylvania Law School, USA
Econometrics, Empirical law and economics, public choice and public policy
Professor Morten Lau Newcastle University, UK (now Durham University) 
Econometrics, risk and uncertainty, intertemporal choice, behavioural economics, experimental economics
Professor Michael McAleer Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Anti-trust, financial econometrics, intellectual property, macroeconometrics, modelling environmental systems, philosophy of science, risk analysis
Professor Max Stearns University of Maryland, School of Law, USA
Law and economics, public choice
Associate Professor Julian Wright National University of Singapore, Singapore
Industrial organisation, competition policy and network economics
Professor Sara Carter University of Strathclyde, Scotland
Gender issues within management development and entrepreneurship
Professor N Chanaka P Edirisinghe University of Tennessee, USA
Linear & stochastic programming theory & applications; financial portfolio optimisation models, fundamentals analysis, risk measures & management
Professor Bulent Menguc Brock University, Canada
Professor Morgan P Miles University of Warwick, UK (now School of Management, University of Tasmania) 
Entrepreneurship; marketing; corporate venturing; corporate social responsibility
Professor France Bélanger Virginia Polytechnic Institute, USA
IS project management, impacts of telecommunication technologies on individuals and organisations, e-business
Professor James Guthrie University of Sydney, Australia
Accounting, auditing & accountability, leaning towards public policy, social & environmental matters, knowledge management, intellectual capital & intangibles 
Professor Jean Shaoul Manchester Business School, UK
Financial analysis of public policy & corporate performance, case studies in corporate social accountability
Professor James Alm Georgia State University, USA 
Taxation, fiscal decentralisation, public finance in developing countries, housing & local government finance, microeconomic theory, behaviour under uncertainty
Professor Ronald J Balvers West Virginia University, USA 
Asset pricing & financial markets; the economics of information, risk & uncertainty; macro-monetary economics
Professor Ted Bergstrom University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Experimental economics, pure & applied micro-economic theory, public finance, welfare, resource & health economics, international trade, game theory
Professor Christopher Bruce University of Calgary, Canada
Environmental decision-making; microeconomic theory; law & economics; labour economics; economics of collective bargaining, and analysis of law
Professor Ahmad Etebari University of New Hampshire, USA 
Corporate finance and investments
Professor Daniel Flint University of Tennessee, USA 
Marketing strategy, research, distribution and logistics
Professor Gary J Koehler University of Florida, USA 
Genetic algorithm theory, machine learning, data-mining, scheduling, large-scale optimisation, eCommerce
Professor Ivan Light University of California (Los Angeles), USA 
Asian enterprise, entrepreneurship, business networks, Weber's theory of entrepreneurship, illegal entrepreneurship, ethnicity, gender & Australian entrepreneurs
Dr Kathy Lund Dean Idaho State University, USA 
Business ethics, organisational behaviour, business planning
Professor Stewart Robinson University of Warwick, UK 
Operational research, specifically simulation methods (discrete-event simulation, system dynamics & agent based modelling)
Professor Jeffrey B Berryman University of Windsor, Canada 
Contract law specializing in remedies, equitable remedies, alternative dispute resolution
Professor Joanna Brewis University of Leicester, UK 
Ontological & epistemological status of academic knowledge; Ethics of research; Intersections btwn the body, identity, & processes of organizing 
Emeritus Professor Michael J R Gaffikin University of Wollongong, Australia 
History of accounting thought; accounting methodology; accounting theory
Professor Joey F George Florida State University, USA 
Systems analysis & design; MIS research methodologies; IS & society; collaborative computing
Professor John Holland College of William & Mary, USA 
Financial markets & institutions; investment analysis & portfolio management; corporate disclosure & governance; qualitative finance research
Professor James S Schallheim University of Utah, USA 
Corporate finance: leasing, managerial incentives, Japanese equity markets, empirical financial research
Professor Morris Altman University of Saskatchewan, Canada 
Quantitative economic history; behavioural economics; business cycles; labour economics; economic development; post Keynesian economics
Professor Bram Cadsby University of Guelph, Canada 
Experimental economics and experimental finance
Professor James C Cox Georgia State University, USA 
Microeconomic theory; experimental economics
Professor J David Perez-Castrillo  University of Barcelona, Spain 
Game theory, contracts and incentives, research and development, industrial organisation 
Professor Yehuda Baruch University of East Anglia, UK 
Human Resource management & organisational behaviour
Professor David J Smallbone Kingston University, UK 
Small business development; entrepreneurship
Emeritus Professor Robert G Wyckham Simon Fraser University, Canada 
Marketing planning; advertising
Professor D Larry Crumbley Louisiana State University, USA 
Corporate & individual taxation; forensic accounting; accounting education, fraud
Professor Jesse F Dillard Portland State University, USA 
Business Administration, management 
Professor T Colwyn Jones University of West of England, UK 
Sociology of accounting
Professor Laurie J Kirsch University of Pittsburgh, USA 
IS project management; IS development/implementation & organisational change; knowledge transfer/sharing
Associate Professor Rajiv Kohli College of William & Mary, USA 
E commerce and IT value
Professor Carol Saunders University of Central Florida, USA 
Knowledge-based systems; collaborative work
Professor Noel Hyndman Queens University, Ireland 
Management accounting
Professor Mark Blaug University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Economic methodology; history of economic thought.
Professor Karen Conway University of New Hampshire, USA 
Applied econometrics; labour supply; public economics and health economics
Professor Peter Morgan University of Buffalo, USA 
Economics of information; search theory
Professor Andrew Harvey University of Cambridge, UK 
Time series econometrics, econometric forecasting 
Dr Julie L. Ozanne Virginia Tech, USA 
Marketing and consumer behaviour
Professor William Starbuck Lundquist College of Business, USA 
Organisational theory and change; strategic management
Dr Wynne W Chin University of Houston, USA 
Structural equation modelling; philosophy of Science MIS
Professor Charles W Christian Arizona State University, USA 
Taxation - all levels and areas, e-Commerce
Professor Alex Frino University of Sydney, Australia
Market microstructure; futures and options
Professor Teemu Malmi Helsinki School of Economics, Finland
Management control systems; performance measurement & management; cost & profitability accounting; strategic management accounting; quality costing
Professor Douglas W Allen Simon Fraser University, Canada
Applied microeconomics; transaction cost economics; industrial organization
Dr William Dickens The Brookings Institution, USA
Affirmative action; effects of trade on employment and wages; inflation; IQ & achievement testing; labour markets; monetary policy; unemployment
Professor Frank Milne Queen's University, Canada
Finance theory; asset pricing
Professor Scott Rozelle University of California Davis, USA
Economics of development and transition; agricultural economics
Professor Christopher Waller University of Notre Dame, USA
Monetary theory; political economy; macroeconomic theory
Professor David Crick University of Central England, UK
Marketing (particularly international)/entrepreneurship interface; cultural factors (eg ethnic minority-owned firms) in marketing
Dr Gideon De Wet University of Pretoria, South Africa
Electronic engineering; systems engineering; technology strategy and technology management
Professor Colin M Mason University of Strathclyde, UK
Entrepreneurial behaviour; small business dynamics; financing of small firms, especially venture capital
Dr Robert Wyckham Simon Fraser University, Canada
Advertising and promotion; marketing
Emeritus Professor Frank Clarke University of Sydney, Australia
Financial accounting; international accounting standards; corporate distress
Associate Professor M Gordon Hunter University of Lethbridge, Canada
Project management; research methods, particularly use of repertory grid technique; information systems in small firms
Emeritus Professor Warren Pengilley University of Newcastle, Australia
Trade practices; consumer protection
Professor Stefano Zambon University of Ferrara, Italy
International accounting
Professor Richard J Arnott Boston College, USA
Public economics; urban economics; economics of uncertainty
Professor Brian R Copeland University of British Columbia, Canada
International trade theory and policy; environmental economics
Dr Richard Watt Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Microeconomics; information economics; economics of risk and uncertainty
Dr Alain D'Astous HEC Montreal, Canada
Consumer behaviour; personal selling; sponsorship
Professor Robert Doktor University of Hawaii, USA
International management; organisation behaviour
Professor Takato Hiraki Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan 
Professor Robert B Jackson Brigham Young University, USA
Object-oriented systems & development; project management; programming development for eCommerce and the Web
Professor David K Round University of South Australia, Australia
Competition law & policy; industrial organisation; telecommunications policy
Professor Richard T Froyen University North Carolina, USA
Macroeconomics; monetary policy
Professor Charles Nelson University of Washington, USA
Macroeconomics; financial economics; econometrics
Professor Thomas D Wallace Duke University, USA
Dr Keith Blois University of Oxford, UK
Marketing of services and high technology products; relationship marketing; business-to-business marketing
Dr Graham Hall Manchester Business School, UK
Strategic management; entrepreneurship; small business management
Dr Robert Wyckham Simon Fraser University, USA
Advertising and promotion
Professor Lawrence R Jones Naval Postgraduate School, USA
Public budgeting and financial management
Associate Professor Kay Newberry University of Arizona, USA
Professor Prem Sikka University of Essex, UK
Accounting and auditing
Dr Brian R Webb Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Information systems - e-commerce
Professor C Bram Cadsby University of Guelph, Canada
Financial economics; trade policy; experimental economics
Professor Vincent Crawford University of California, San Diego,USA
Game theory; information economics; experimental economics
Professor Roger E A Farmer University of California, LA, USA
Macroeconomics, mathematical economics
Professor Bernard Ruffieux Inst.National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France
Industrial organisation; experimental economics; market design
Dr John Mingers Warwick University, UK
Operational research and systems
Professor Tudor Rickards Manchester Business School, UK
Change; strategic leadership; creativity; innovation
Prof. Mahmoud A M Ezzamel Cardiff University, UK
Management accounting: accounting in public sector organisations
Professor M Adam Mahmood University of Texas, El Paso, USA
Computer information science
Professor Jon M Conrad Cornell University, USA
Environmental and natural resource economics; Microeconomics
Professor Richard G Lipsey Simon Fraser University, Canada
Technical change and long term economic growth; technology policy; trade policy
Professor William Scarth McMaster University, Canada
Macroeconomics, macroeconomic policy
Professor George S Day University of Pennsylvania, USA
Marketing strategy
Professor Douglas T Hall Boston University Sch.of Management, USA
Organisational behaviour; career management; leadership; strategic human resource development
Professor Hsiao-Fan Wang National Tsin Hua University, Taiwan, ROC
Fuzzy sets and their applications, mathematical programmes, MCDM
Professor Lawrence M Wein Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Stochastic models, queuing, production & operations management
Professor Anthony F Herbst University of Texas, USA
Assoc. Prof David K Round University of Adelaide, Australia
Competition law and policy; industrial organisation; telecommunications policy
Professor Michael J Sherer University of Essex, UK
Auditing and public sector accounting
Professor Alex Cukierman Tel Aviv University, Israel
Macroeconomics; monetary economics
Professor Peter E Kennedy Simon Fraser University, Canada
Econometric theory and applications
Professor Michael R Wickens University of York, UK
Macro-economics; finance; international economics; time series econometrics
Professor Robert E Allinson The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong"
International business and business ethics
Assoc Professor George R Milne University of Massachusetts, USA
Marketing strategy; public policy; e-commerce
Professor Frank Clarke University of Newcastle
Financial accounting; corporate collapse
Assoc. Prof Graeme Dean University of Sydney
Financial accounting
Professor David T Otley Lancaster University
Management accounting
Professor George Philip Queen's University of Belfast
Management information systems
Professor Clive W J Granger Un. of California at San Diego
Time-series econometrics; forecasting; finance and demographics
Professor R Andrew Muller McMaster University
Natural resource and environmental economics; experimental economics
Professor Nikhilesh Dholakia University of Rhode Island
Marketing; e-commerce
Professor Hayagreeva Rao Emory University
Organization theory; organizational behaviour; strategic management
Professor Robin Wensley University of Warwick
Strategic management; marketing
Prof Dieter Fink Edith Cowan University
Information systems security; information technology
Assoc Prof Andrew L Terry The University of New South Wales
Fair trading law; franchising law
Dr Anindya Banerjee University of Oxford
Prof B Curtis Eaton Simon Fraser University
Applied microeconomics including game theory; industrial organisation; technology
Prof Joop Hartog University of Amsterdam
Econometrics; labour economies
Prof Pierre L Siklos Wilfrid Laurier University
Monetary economics; macroeconomics; applied econometrics
Prof Jack P C Kleijnen Katholieke University Brabant, Neth.
Management science, including information systems
Prof Herbert J Rotfeld Auburn University
Advertising; advertising law and regulation promotion; services marketing
Prof William H Starbuck New York University
Strategic management; organisation behaviour
Profesor Werner J Ulrich University of Fribourg
Management science, systems theory
Prof Albert S Dexter The University of British Columbia
Systems analysis and design; information systems administration
Assoc Prof Kian Guan-Lim The National University of Singapore
Corporate finance; financial risk management
Prof Peter W Wolnizer Deakin University
Financial accounting and auditing
Dr Neil R Ericsson Federal Reserve System, Washington
Econometric analysis of time series data; monetary macro-econometrics
Prof Nelson C Mark Ohio State University
International finance; asset pricing; open economy macroeconomics; time series econometrics
Assoc Prof Peter B Morgan The University of Michigan
Microeconomic theory & applications; search theory; sequential testing in statistics; labour markets
Prof Michael K Salemi University of North Carolina
Monetary/macroeconomics; teaching of economics education
Prof Jerry C Olson Penn State University
Marketing; consumer behaviour; cognitive structures of knowledge; philosophy of science
Prof Edward A Silver The University of Calgary
Management science; production management
Prof Emeritus John P van Gigch California State University
Strategic management; systems theory and modelling; philosophy and management