Psychology, Speech, & Hearing

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Dr Tracy Melzer University of Otago, NZ
Neuroimaging, MRI, and PET applications in investigating diesease 
Associate Professor Susan Foster-Cohen University of Canterbury, NZ
Language acquisition in children
Dr Jessica Kerr Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Australia
Public Health, Health Psychology
Professor Emerita Ilsa Schwarz University of Tennessee Health Centre, USA                                                                                                       Speech Language Therapy
DR EDWIN DALMAIJER University of Cambridge, UK
Experimental Psychology
Assistant Professor Sarah Karalunas Oregon Health and Science University, USA
Child clinical psychology and neuropsychology
Professor Emeritus Jaime Olavarria University of Washington, USA
The organization, function, normal and abnormal development and plasticity of the visual system in mammals
Associate Professor Melrona Kirrane Dublin City University, Ireland
Leadership; change Management; Employee selection
Professor Linda Worrall The University of Queensland, Australia
Speech Pathologist - Rehabilitation of Aspasia After Stroke
Associate Professor Vinaya Channapatna Manchaiah Lamar University, USA
Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation
Professor Tammy Allen University of South Florida, USA
Work and Family, Careers/Career Development, Occupational Health Psychology, Mindfulness, Mentoring Relationships
Associate Professor Anna Mitchell University of Oxford, UK
Neuroscience - How, Why, and When Does the Mediodorsal Thalamus Interact with the Frontal Cortex to Optomise Learning and Decision Making
Associate Professor Jorge Gomes ISEG - Lisbon, School of Economics and Management
Human Resources Management, Organisational Behaviour, and Strategy Management
Assistant Professor Sarah Smits-Bandstra University of Toronto, Canada
Speech Therapist and Fluency Specialist - motor sequence learning in relation to speech
Associate Professor Carolyn Baylor University of Washington, USA
Patient-reported outcome measures, voice disorders, motor speech disorders
Professor Mark Olver University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychological Assessment
Professor Ralph Miller Binghamton University, USA
Professor Don Hine University of New England, Australia
Applied Social Environmental Psychology
Professor Arlene Carney University of Minnesota, USA
Paediatric Audiology
Professor Lynne Hewitt Bowling Green State University, USA
Speech and Language Disorders
Associate Professor Amy Neel University of New Mexico, USA
Motor Speech Disorders, Speech Science, Clinical Phonetics
Professor Mary Fristad Ohio State University, USA
Child clinical psychology
Professor Thierry Devos San Diego State University, USA
Social Identity, Implicit and Explicit Social Cognition, Diversity, Ethnic and National Identity
Professor Jaime Olavarria University of Washington, USA
The organisation, function, normal and abnormal development, and plasticity of the visual systems in mammals
Professor Patrick Flood Dublin City University, Ireland
Organisational Behaviour, Leadership
Emeritus Professor Brian Moore University of Cambridge, UK 
The perception of sound; mechanisms of normal hearing and hearing impairments; relationship of auditory abilities to speech perception; design of signal processing hearing aids for sensorineural hearing loss
Professor Daniel Kempler Emerson College, USA
Neurological Communication Sciences and Disorders and Aphasia
Associate Professor Sarah Wallace Duquesne University, USA
Speech-Language Pathology with Expertise in Aphasia, TBI, Stroke, Dementia and Alternative and Augmentative Communication
Professor Cindy Bulik University of North Carolina, USA
Eating disorders and pregnancy, genetic and environmental risk factors in eating disorders, comorbidity, treatment of children and/or adults with eating disorders, psychiatric genetics
Professor Arla Day Saint Mary's University, Canada
Industrial and organisational psychology, occupational health psychology
Associate Professor Cheryl Kaiser University of Washington, USADiscrimination, stigma, diversity science, status-legitimising beliefs, social identity, organisational behaviour
Dr Samudragupta Bora Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Mecial School, USA
Neuroimaging and neurodevelopmental follow up of high risk infants, longitudinal research methodology, quantitative data analysis
Professor Geoff Cumming La Trobe University, AustraliaResearch methods and data analysis in Psychology, especially the new statistics approach
Associate Professor Cathy Lazarus  Yeshiva University, USA
Swallowing and swallowing disorders
Associate Professor Judith Widen University of Kansas Medical Center, USA
Paediatric audiology
Professor Peggy Nelson University of Minnesota, USA
Auditory psychophysics,speech perception and sensory aids
Associate Professor Cheryl Messick University of Pittsburgh, USA
Methods of optimising clinical education, speech/language services to young children particularly those with developmental disabilities
Professor Kevin Bennett Wright State University, USA
Human factors; sensation and perception; cognitive psychology
Professor Edward Morris University of Kansas, USA
Historical and conceptual foundations of behaviour analysis and psychology
Professor Rosemary Tannock University of Toronto, CanadaADHD, Learning disabilities
Mr Joseph Wallace University of Limerick, Ireland
Industrial relations; organisation restructuring; negotiation
Professor Barbara Cone  University of Arizona, USA
Paediatric audiology
Associate Professor Bronwyn Davidson University of Melbourne, Australia
Aphasiology (aphasia, stroke, everyday communication), Communication disability (interactional communication, mobile technologies)
Professor Nelson Roy Washington University, USA
Voice disorders (treatment efficacy, epidemiology, acoustic indices, diagnostic markers) & anatomy & physiology
Professor Nancy Tye-Murray Washington University, USA
Aural rehabilitation
Assistant Professor Dan Chiaburu Texas A&M University, USA
Organisational behaviour; business administration
Professor Ray Kesner University of Utah, USA
Behavioural neuroscience & neurology, particularly memory systems in the brain
Professor Magnus Sverke Stockholm University, Sweden
Work psychology; job insecurity; industrial relations; research methods; questionnaire methods; statisticss
Dr Louise Brown James Cook University, Australia
Development and assessment of professional competence in speech pathology and audiology
Dr Josephine Marriage Independent Children's Hearing Centre, UK
Paediatric audiology
Associate Professor Jane Pimentel Eastern Washington University, USA
Anatomy & physiology of the speech mechanism, communication neuroscience, aphasia
Professor Nancy Tye-Murray Washington University, USA
Aural rehabilitation
Professor William Baum University of California Davis, USA
Psychology, ethology and behavioural ecology; theoretical psychology
Professor Jack James Reykjavik, Iceland
Health psychology and behavioural pharmacology
DR AMY MILTON University of Cambridge, UK
Behavioural neuroscience; neurochemical substrates of memory; contribution of maladaptive memories to neuropsychiatric disorders
Professor Donald G Stein Emory University School of Medicine, USA
Behavioural neuroscience and neurology; history of neuroscience; CNS plasticity & recovery of function after brain injury
Mr Joe Wallace University of Limerick, Ireland
Industrial relations; organisation restructuring
Professor Glenn Waller University of Sheffield, UK
Clinical psychology; eating disorders
Professor Michelle Bourgeois  The Ohio State University, USA
Aphasia; cognitive communication impairment associated with dementia
Professor Barbara Davis The University of Texas, USA
Speech acquisition and relationships of phonetic patterns observed in child speakers to phonological patterns in mature speakers
Professor Fan-Gang Zeng University of California Irvine, USA
Systems/modelling approaches to understand processing of sounds; design of prosthetics & training procedures for people with hearing & balance issues
Professor Tammy Allen University of South Florida, USA
Work and family; mentoring; career development; occupational health; organisational citizenship behaviour
Professor Christopher Lewis Glyndwr University, Wales
Psychology of religion; psychology of peace; conflict and violence; abnormal psychology
Professor Wilfred Trammell Neill III University of Albany, USA
Cognitive psychology; information processing & perception; complex mental processes; statistics & experimental design
Prof Rosemary Tannock University of Toronto, Canada
ADHD and learning disabilities
Professor Paul Fletcher University College Cork, Ireland
Child language development and disorders; clinical linguistics
Emeritus Professor Harvey Gilbert Washington University School of Medicine, USA
Voice disorders, craniofacial anomalies and speech science.
Professor Bruce Schneider University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada
Hearing; vision; sensory and cognitive aging; speech perception signal processing in audition and vision
Professor Rosemary Tannock University of Toronto, Canada
Child psychology and child development
Associate Professor Kim S Schairer  University of Wisconsin, James H.Quillen VAMC, USA
Combining physiological measures with behavioural measures to study shared underlying mechanisms in the auditory system
Professor Nancy Tye-Murray Washington University School of Medicine, USA
Audiology; cochlear implants; rehabilitation of persons with hearing loss; auditory speech processing
Professor A Lynn Williams East Tennessee State University, USA
Speech development in children; assessment and intervention for children with speech sound disorders
Associate Professor Kevin Shockley University of Cincinnati, USA 
Complex systems, perception, nonlinear dynamics, human factors
Professor Donald G Stein Emory University School of Medicine, USA 
Behavioural neuroscience and neurology
Professor Peter Dowrick University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Video self-modelling
Professor Barbara Cone University of Arizona, USA
Evoked potentials; electrophysiological assessments for audiology; speech perception; paediatric audiology hearing screening; auditory neuropathy
Professor Mary Louise Edwards Syracuse University, USA
Speech language, child phonology, linguistics
Professor David B Hawkins Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, USA
Audiology; hearing aids; rehabilitation of persons with hearing loss; benign positional vertigo
Professor Jennifer J Freyd University of Oregon, USA 
Cognitive psychology, psychology of trauma
Associate Professor Jeff Schimel University of Alberta, Canada 
Personality and social psychology
Mr Martyn Sloman Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, UK 
Training & development; human resource development; management development; HRM; economics
Dr Eric Stice University of Oregon, USA 
Easting disorders, mood disorders and obesity with emphasis on prevention research, health psychology
Professor Kenn Apel  Florida State University, USA 
Speech, language and literacy development
Professor Jean-Pierre Gagné Université de Montréal, Canada 
Audiology rehabilitation; perceptual & cognitive processes underlying auditory, visual & auditory-visual speech perception
Professor Donal Sinex Utah State University, USA 
Audiology, acoustics and psychoacoustics
Dr Peter Anderson University of Melbourne, Australia 
Developmental neurospsychology; child clinical psychology; longitudinal research methods
Dr Nicholas Chmiel Queen's University Belfast, UK 
Industrial & organisational psychology 
Professor Jeffrey Halperin Queen's College, CUNY, USA 
Neuropsychology; clinical psychology
Professor David A Kenny University of Connecticut, USA 
Interpersonal perception; social interaction dyads & small groups; structural equation models; quasi-experimental designs; analysis levels 
Professor Keith A Markus John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA 
Research methodology; statistical models & causal inference, test validity, latent variable modelling; topics in industrial & organisational psychology 
Professor Lynne E Hewitt  Bowling Green University, USA 
Language development; autism; child language disorders
Professor Thomas Klee Newcastle University, UK 
Child language development; child language disorders; research methods
Professor Frank E Musiek University of Connecticut, USA 
Neurology; audiology and auditory processing
Professor Dianne Van Tasell University of Arizona, USA 
Speech perception; hearing loss; hearing aids
Professor Denise De Ridder Utrecht University, The Netherlands 
Health psychology
Professor Edmund J Fantino University of California at San Diego, USA 
Experimental analysis of behaviour; quantitative analysis; choice and self-control 
Professor Donald G Stein Emory University School of Medicine, USA 
Behavioural neuroscience
Professor Steven Yantis John Hopkins University, USA 
Visual perception, attention and cognitive control 
Professor Raymond D Kent  University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 
Neurology; speech motor control; speech development
Professor Leonard LaPointe Florida State University, USA 
Aphasia; traumatic brain injury; medical speech-language pathology
Associate Professor Catherine V Palmer University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Paediatric audiology; hearing aids; aural rehabilitation
Dr Robert Patuzzi University of Western Australia, Perth 
Hearing and deafness, epithelial & electro-physiology, biological instrumentation, biophysics & brainistem control of breathing
Professor Nicholas Bankson James Madison University, USA 
Phonology; child language disorders
Professor Thomas N Bradbury UCLA, USA
Clinical psychology; intimate relationships; family psychology
Professor Victoria M Follette University of Nevada, USA
Clinical psychology; trauma research & therapies; couple problems; psychotherapy outcome; domestic violence
Dr Jerard Kehoe Selection & Assessment Consulting, USA
Industrial/organisational psychology; quantitative psychology
Professor Raymond P Kesner University of Utah, USA
Behavioural neuroscience
Professor John M Bamford University of Manchester, UK
Paediatric audiology; newborn hearing screening; hearing aids; audiology education training
Professor Harvey Gilbert University of Connecticut, USA
Normal speech & voice production; voice disorders; acoustic & physiological aspects of speech
Professor Larry E Humes Indiana University, USA
Audiology; speech recognition; modelling hearing aid outcome
Associate Professor Diane Kendall University of Florida, USA
Speech & language pathology; acquired communication disorders; aphasia & associated cognitive communication disorders; neurosciences
Professor Jim Blascovich University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Social psychology; psychophysiology; immersive virtual environment technology
Associate Professor Kyle Cave University of Massachusetts, USA
Visual attention and perception
Professor Brenda Major University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Social psychology; coping with stress; stigma; social justice
Professor Raymond C Pitts Jr University of North Carolina-Wilminton, USA
Behavioural pharmacology; experimental analysis of behaviour; research methods
Professor Bruno E Will
(deceased 2012)
Université Louis Pasteur, France
Behavioural neuroscience
Professor Ruth Bentler  University of Iowa, USA
Audiology; childhood hearing-impairment; hearing aid fitting; aural rehabilitation; classroom acoustics
Associate Professor Robert M Miller University of Washington, USA
Speech & language pathology; acquired communication disorders; dysphagia & related disorders; neurodegenerative disorders
Professor Carol Stoel-Gammon University of Washington, USA
Speech-language therapy; child phonology; linguistics
Dr David Bjorklund Florida Atlantic University, USA
Cognitive development; evolutionary developmental psychology
Professor Walter Borman University of Florida, USA
Industrial/organisational psychology; human resource management
Dr Denny Borsboom University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Quantitative research methods; psychometrics; theoretical psychology
Professor Hugh W Catts University of Kansas, USA
Dyslexia; phonological processing disorders
Dr Laura Justice University of Virginia, USA
Childhood spoken & written communication disorders; Early literacy development in children with speech & language disorders
Professor Ann L Michael University of Tennessee, USA
Speech-language therapy; language and literacy; clinical education; multicultural training
Professor Ann Tyler University of Nevada, USA
Speech-language therapy; child phonology; linguistics
Professor William M Baum University of New Hampshire, USA
Psychology; behaviour analysis
Professor Fritz Drasgow University of Illinois, USA
Industrial/organisational psychology; quantitative psychology
Professor Bonnie J Kaplan Alberta Children's Hospital, Canada
Psychology and pediatrics
Professor Thomas P Marquardt University of Texas, USA
Speech & language pathology, acquired communication & aphasia disorders; speech physiology; motor control
Professor Ilsa Schwarz University of Tennessee, USA
Childhood language, phonological & voice disorders; programme development and administration
Professor Robert G Turner Louisiana State University, USA
Audiology; aural rehabilitation; auditory physiology/bioengineering; electrical engineering
Prof. W Thomas Boyce University of California, USA
Developmental psychopathology; developmental neuroscience; health psychology
Professor Keith Dobson University of Calgary, Canada
Clinical psychology
Prof. Raymond P Kesner University of Utah, USA
Theoretical and applied aspects of neurobiological basis of learning and memory in animals and humans
Prof. Nicholas W Bankson James Madison University, USA
Articulation & phonology; professional standards in speech language therapy
Professor Ken M Bleile University of Northern Iowa, USA
Child language disorders; special interests in phonology, developmental disabilities & multicultural issues
Professor Richard D Lamm University of Denver, USA
Health policy and ethics
Professor Rhea Paul Southern Connecticut State University, USA
Language acquisition; language disorders in children
Assoc Prof Norman R Brown University of Alberta, USA
Cognitive psychology including: autobiographical memory; frequency estimation; cognitive aspects of survey research
Assoc Prof Ronald Dahl University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA
Developmental psychopathology, developmental neuroscience, biological psychology
Professor David R Olson University of Toronto, Canada
Cognitive science and educational psychology
Professor John M Pearce Cardiff University, UK
Professor Christopher W Turner University of Iowa, USA
Speech recognition; speech by the hearing impaired; hearing aids; cochlear implants; acoustics; psychophysics of hearing
Professor John M Flach Wright State University
Human factors, cognition, control theory, ecological psychology
Assoc Prof Lee A Kirkpatrick William and Mary College
Social/personality psychology; evolutionary psychology; statistics/methodology
Professor Ralph R Miller State Un. of New York at Binghamton
Learning and conditioning; biological psychology
Professor Barbara Dodd University of Newcastle
Phonological acquisition; disorders and awareness; child communication disorder; administration of university health programs
Professor Marilyn Nippold Communication Disorders and Sciences
Language development and language disorders in school-age children and adolescents
Assoc Prof Mark Onslow The University of Sydney
Stuttering research
Professor David E Yoder The University of North Carolina
Augmentative and alternative communication; Special populations
Prof Sandra L Calvert Georgetown University
Developmental psychology; children and the media
Prof William Ickes The University of Texas - Arlington
Social psychology
Prof David C Rubin Duke University
Memory, especially autobiographical memory and everyday memory
Assoc Prof Colleen Ward The National University of Singapore
Cross-cultural psychology
Prof Jon F Miller University of Wisconsin-Madison
Child language development and disorders
Prof David E Yoder The University of North Carolina
Augmentative and alternative communication; speech and language disorders in severely disabled populations
Prof Thomas A Brigham Washington State University
Behaviour analysis with special emphasis on self-control; prevention of HIV/AIDS infection
Prof David C Funder University of California, Riverside
Social psychology and personality psychology
Dr Sidney J Segalowitz Brock University
Developmental neuropsychology; cognitive psychology; human development; linguistics
Prof Nicholas W Bankson James Madison University
Communication sciences and disorders; esp. clinical phonology
Prof Barbara W Hodson Wichita State University
Phonological development and phonological disorders; metaphonological skills and early literacy
Assoc Prof Robert C Marshall University of Rhode Island
Adult neurogenic disorders; group treatment in acute care settings