Physical and Chemical Sciences

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Professor Stephen Ashworth University of East Anglia
Physical Chemistry, Electromagnetism, Astrophysics, Science Communication
Professor Steven Bull University of Bath, UK
Synthetic organic chemistry; Medicinal chemistry; Drug discovery
Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate
Professor Roy Kerr Canterbury Distinguished Professor; Emeritus Professor UC (retired); Yvgeny Lifshitz Professor, ICRANet, Pescara, Italy Gerneral Relativity, Black Holes
Professor David Frame Victoria University of Wellington, NZ                                                                                                                         Climate change emergence, climate modelling, climate policy
Professor Martin Castell Oxford University, UK
Surface Science and Electrochemical Gas Sensing
Professor Joseph Silk John Hopkins University, USA
Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology
PROFESSOR BEN GRIPAIOS University of Cambridge, UK
High Energy Physics
Professor Edwin Constable University of Basel, Switzerland
Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry
Professor Torsten Berger University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria
Biogeochemistry, forest nutrition, deposition of atmospheric constituents and its impact on nutrient budgets of forest ecosystems, chemical manipulations of forest ecosystems for evaluating human environmental impacts, plant-soil feedback, forest disturbances, dendrochernistry 
Professor Thisbe Lindhorst Christian-Albrects University of Kiel, Germany
Biological Chemistry of Carbohyrdrates and Glycocojugates
DR THOMAS BENNETT University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Mark Distefano University of Minnesota, USA
Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry
Professor Philipp Richter University of Potsdam, Germany
Galactics and Extragalactic Astrophysics, Interstellar and Intergalactic Matter, Cosmology
Assistant Professor Rosmarie Friemann Centre for Antibiotic Resistance, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Enzyme Strucutre and Function, Structure and Biology of Membrance Proteins, Methods in Structural Biology
Dr Markus Puschenreiter BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria
Safe Food Production, Rhizosphere Processes, Trace Elemetn Biogeochemistry
Associate Professor John Finke University of Washington, USA
Biochemistry, Systems Biology
Dr Michael Mills National Centre for Atmospheric Research, USA
Stratospheric Chemistry, Aerosol Microphysics, Climate Modelling, Geoengineering
Professor Gunther Andersson Flinders University
Molecular Strucutre of Soft Matter Surfaces and Interfaces
Professor Christian Knigge University of Southampton, UK
Astrophysics, Compact Binaries, Binary Evolution, Accretion and Outflows, (Astro-)Statistics
Professor Sally Seidel University of New Mexico, USA
Experimental Particle Physics
Professor Darin Toohey University of Colorado, USA
Atmospheric Science
Professor Scott McIndoe University of Victoria, Canada
Organometallic Catalysis and Synthesis, Development and Use of Novel Mass Spectrometric (and Orthogonal Spectroscopic) Techniques to Enable Rapid Catalyst Discovery
Professor Jonathan Morris University of New South Wales, Australia
The Chemical Synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant molecules with a particular interest in the preparation of natural product skeletons with biological activity
Professor Richard de Grijs Peking University, China
Distance Scales, Star Clusters, Structure and Formation of Stars and Galaxies
Associate Professor G. Mackay Salley Wofford College, USA
Investigations involving the optical and electrical characterisation of impurity ions in wide band gap semiconductors and insulating materials
Dr Peter Jarvis University of Tasmania, Australia
Theoretical physics techniques, algebraic structures in mathematical physics and their applications
Professor Paul Groot Radboud University, the Netherlands
Astrophysics, Compact Binaries, Gravitational Waves, Observational Astrophysics, Astronomical Instrumentation
Dr Milton Kiefel Griffith University, Australia
Glycoscience and Organic and Biological Chemistry of Carbohydrates
Professor Mark Turnbull Clark University, USA
Coordination Chemistry, X-Ray Diffraction, Magnetochemistry, Research as a Teaching Tool
Professor Chris Metcalfe Trent University, Canada 
Environmental distribution and toxic effects of organic contaminants
Professor Peter Weber Brown University, USA
Physical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Molecular Reaction, Dynamics, Diffraction, Ultrafast Phenomena
Professor George Ellis University of Cape Town, South Africa
General relativity and theoretical cosmology
Dr Andrew Gettelman National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
Climate dynamics and climate modelling
Professors Zoila Barandiaran and Luis Seijo University of Madrid, Spain
Quantum chemistry calculations focusing on Lanthanide and Actinide Ions in crystals and linear scaling models
Professor Elizabeth Winstanley University of Sheffield, UKGeneral relativity, quantum field theory in curved space-time, black holes
Professor Stephen Loeb University of Windsor,Canada
Inorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry
Professor Amanda Ellis Flinders University, Australia
Chemistry/Nanotechnology: macromolecular and materials chemistry, medical biotechnology, nanotechnology and physical chemistry
Dr Pierre-Francois Loos Australian National University, Australia
Theoretical and Mathematical Chemistry
Associate Professor Peter Teasdale Griffith University, Australia
Analytical and environmental chemistry (measurement of the speciation of trace elements)
Dr Philippe Goldner Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, France
Spectroscopy of rare earth minerals, with a particular emphasis on development of the technology of quantum information processing
Professor Krystina Tack Oregon State University, USA
Medical physics, with particular emphasis on radiation therapy, especially prostrate brachytherapy
Professor Alistair Boxall  University of York, UK
Fate, transport & environmental & human health effects of emerging environmental contaminants (including veterinary medicines, degradates & nanomaterials)
Associate Professor Greg Metha University of Adelaide, Australia
Spectroscopy of metal clusters; reactivity and catalysis of metal clusters; computational chemistry of metal clusters
Dr Derek Wann University of York, UK
Molecular structure determination using gas electron diffraction; time-resolved electron diffraction to observe molecular processes incl bond-breaking
Dr Konstantin Arutyunov University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Quantum nanoelectronics; nanoscale superconductivity; interface phenomena; applied nanotechnology
Dr June McCombie University of Nottingham, UK
Astrophysical chemistry; laser & molecular spectroscopy; public outreach; teaching; science communication; diversity
Professor Larry Marschall Gettysburg College, USAPhysics and astronomy
Professor Stephen Rand University of Michigan, USAPhysics; lasers; electro-optics 
Professor Christiaan Sterken Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Optical spectrophotometry of variable stars, scientific writing for young astronomers
Professor Bryan Brooks  Baylor University, USA
Water quality & reuse; toxicology; risk assessment, aquatic ecology & harmful algae blooms
Dr John Brown University of Oxford, UK
Organic chemistry; transition metal catalysis; reaction mechanism
Professor Philip Gale Univeristy of Southampton, UK
Supramolecular chemistry, in particular the molecular recognition, sensing and lipid bilayer transport of anionic species
Professor Richard McCreery Univeristy of Alberta, Canada 
Surface spectroscopy; molecular electronics; electrochemical kinetics; advanced carbon materials
Professor Andrew Phillips Yale University, UDA
Chemical biology; new biologically active small molecules; transcription factors & non-coding RNAs in cancer biology
Professor Stephen Withers University of British Columbia, Canada
Chemical biology; mechanistic enzymology; glycoscience
Professor Robert Lambourne Open University, UK
Educational physics; skills development; outreach; cosmology
Professor Kei-ichi Maeda Waseda University, Japan
Cosmology and relativistic astrophysics
Professor Leonard Lindoy  University of Sydney, Australia
Supramolecular and macrocyclic chemistry; metal ion molecule recognition; bio-inorganic and bio-mimetic investigations
 Professor Chris Orvig  University of British Columbia, Canada 
Medical inorganic chemistry
 Professor Andrew Phillips  Yale University, USA
Chemical biology; new approaches to biologically active small molecules; transcription factors & non-coding RNAs in cancer biology
 Dr Markus Rex Alfred Wegener Inst Polar/Marine Res, Germany 
Stratospheric chemistry and dynamics; stratospheric ozone layer; troposphere - stratosphere interaction
 Dr Claire Vallance University of Oxford, UK
Chemical reaction dynamics; imaging mass spectrometry; cavity ringdown and supercontinuum light in cavity-enhanced spectroscopies
PROFESSOR DOMINIC WRIGHT University of Cambridge, UK 
Inorganic chemistry
Associate Professor John Cassano University of Colorado, USA 
Antarctic meteorology and climate change.
Professor Emmanuel Tsesmelis CERN Directorate Office, Switzerland 
Experimental particle physics; accelerator physics
Professor Ulrich Schreiber Technical University of Munich, Germany 
Ring lasers; laser ranging; space geodesy
Professor John Arnold University of California, Berkeley, USA 
Synthetic chemistry; study of new and unusual molecular inorganic and organometallic compounds of the d-; p- and f- block elements; green chemistry
Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie, Germany 
Advanced macromolecular synthesis, kinetics and characterization, with an emphasis on living/controlled polymerization protocols
Associate Professor Kieran Lim Deakin University, Australia 
Physical chemistry (spectroscopy & quantum mechanics); analytical chemistry; forensic science; chemical education
Professor Leonard Lindoy University of Sydney, Australia 
Supramolecular and macrocyclic chemistry; metal ion molecule recognition; bioinorganic and bio-mimetic investigations
Professor Sudhakar Panda Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India 
String theory; cosmology; conformal field theory
Professor Robert Grubbs California Institute of Technology, USA 
Organometallic chemistry with applications in the synthesis of organic compounds and polymers
Professor Anthony Hill Australian National University, Australia 
Synthetic challenges in co-ordination and organometallic chemistry
Associate Professor Jonathan White University of Melbourne, Australia 
Physical organic chemistry; x-ray crystallography
Associate Professor Charles Hellaby University of Capetown, South Africa 
Cosmology and general relativity
Associate Professor Scott Palo University of Colorado, USA 
Meteor radar, large scale atmospheric dynamics, remote sensing, electronics & signal processing, engineering design
Professor John S Gallagher III University of Wisconsin, USA
Structure and evolution of galaxies
Professor Lou Reinisch Jacksonville State University, USA 
Science and entrepreneurship; physics; medical physics
Professor Philip Doble University of Technology Sydney, Australia 
Capillary electrophoresis; high performance liquid chromatography; mass spectrometry; liquid chromatography
Associate Professor Peter Geissinger University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA 
Physical chemistry - quantum mechanics; spectroscopy; reaction dynamics; statistical thermodynamics
Professor Vickie McKee Loughborough University, UK 
Synthetic & structural aspects of coordination chemistry; use of geometric factors to control metal-metal interactions; x-ray crystallography
Dr Paul J Wyatt University of Bristol, UK 
Research & practice of teaching & learning in chemistry, research in organic synthesis
Dr Kurt Baier University of Würzburg, Germany 
Brachytherapy; image processing; tumour tracking; image-guided radiotherapy; computing in medicine; radiobiology; DICOM connectivity
Professor James Morris Portland State University, USA 
Nanotechnology and condensed matter physics
Dr Achim Weiss Max Planck Institute, Germany 
Theoretical aspects of stellar pulsations, stellar structure & evolution & radiation hydrodynamics
Professor Michael A Collins Australian National University, Australia 
Theoretical chemical physics
Professor Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 
Supramolecular & medicinal chemistry, recognition & sensing physiologically active ions & molecules, photochemistry & photophysics of lanthanide compounds
Dr DAVID JEFFERSON University of Cambridge, UK 
Structural characterisation of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles
Professor Jeffrey Keillor University of Montreal, Canada
Bio-organic chemistry; enzyme mechanism; protein chemistry
Professor Mark Pollard University of Oxford,UK
Archaeological science, archaeological chemistry
Professor Philip Burrows John Adams Inst.for Accelerator Science, UK 
Particle physics; accelerator science
Professor Doug Hamilton University of Maryland, USA 
Theoretical planetary sciences; solar system science
Professor Kurt R Hoffman Whitman College, USA 
Solid state physics; optical spectroscopy; physics education & course development
Dr Lewis H Ryder University of Kent, UK 
Theoretical Physics
Dr William Tobin France 
Stellar astrophysics; stellar photometry; history of science
Professor Peter R Griffiths University of Idaho, USA 
Analytical & environmental Chemistry, FTIR & Raman Spectroscopies, remote sensing
Dr Robert Raja University of Southampton, UK 
Inorganic materials chemistry and catalysis 
Associate Professor Michael Sherburn Australian National University, Australia 
Synthetic organic chemistry; synthetic methodology; host-guest chemistry
Professor Fulvio Melia University of Arizona, USA 
High energy astrophysics; supermassive black holes
Dr Damian Murphy Ice, Ocean, Atmosphere & Climate Program, Australia, Antarctic Division, Tasmania, Australia 
Atmospheric remote sensing; atmospheric physics; atmospheric dynamics
Professor Pal Ormos Institute of Biophysics, Hungary 
Physics; nanotechnology; biophysics
DR ALAN J WALTON University of Cambridge, UK 
Teaching physics; thermoluminescence; acoustics.
Professor Keith Horne University of St Andrews, UK 
Professor Michael Buback Gottingen University, Germany 
Polymer chemistry; physical chemistry; technical chemistry; high-pressure processes
Professor Evamarie Hey-Hawkins Leipzig University, Germany 
Inorganic and organometallic chemistry 
Professor Thomas J Simpson University of Bristol, UK 
Organic chemistry; natural products; biosynthesis; bio-organic chemistry
Professor J Justin Gooding University of New South Wales, Australia 
Bioelectrochemistry, biosensors, electron transfer, nanostructured electrodes
Professor Klaas S de Boer Bonn University, Germany
Galactic structure; interstellar matter; globular clusters; Magellanic Clouds; hot subdwarf stars; astrometry; new instrumentation
Professor Harvey R Brown University of Oxford, UK
Foundations of quantum mechanics; relativity theory & thermal physics; philosophy of space & time; role of symmetry principles in physics
Professor Michel Gingras University of Waterloo, Canada
Phase transitions; superconductivity; magnetism
Professor Hellmut Haberland Universität Freiburg, Germany
Solid state physics; physics of atomic clusters
Dr Antony Fairbanks  University of Oxford, UK
Organic chemistry, particularly specialising in the chemistry & chemical biology of carbohydrates
Professor W Greg Jackson University of New South Wales, Australia
Co-ordination chemistry and inorganic reaction mechanisms
Professor Peter J Stang University of Utah, USA
Organic and supramolecular chemistry
Professor Neil Ashcroft Cornell University, USA
Condensed matter physics; science policy
Dr Martin J Jarvis British Antarctic Survey, UK
Atmospheric remote sensing; atmospheric physics; atmospheric dynamics
Dr Peter D Jarvis University of Tasmania, Australia
Mathematical physics; theoretical physics
Physics education; cosmology; gravitation; galaxy formation; high energy astrophysics
Dr Hans Zinnecker Astrophysikalisches Inst.Potsdam, Germany
Star formation; young stellar objects; extrasolar planets; infrared astronomy
Professor Martin G Banwell Australian National University, Australia 
Organic chemistry
Professor John M Brown University of Oxford, UK
Physical chemistry, especially spectroscopy
Professor Robert H Grubbs Caltech, USA
Organometallic chemistry with applications to the synthesis of organic compounds and polymers; Nobel Prize Winner 2005
Professor Peter Tasker University of Edinburgh, UK
Industrial co-ordination chemistry
Professor Roger A Cowley University of Oxford, UK
Condensed matter physics; quantum physics; neutron and x-ray scattering; nanotechnology
Professor Eberhard T Grün Max Planck Inst für Kernphysik,Germany
Solar system planetary physics; interplanetary particulates, cometary & asteroidal bodies; interstellar dust; interplanetary space missions
Professor Chris Sneden University of Texas at Austin, USA
Stellar spectroscopy; stellar nucleosynthesis; stellar population studies
Associate Professor Ewan D Stewart Korea Advanced Inst.Science &Technology, Korea
Professor William Davison Lancaster University, UK
Aquatic environmental chemistry
Professor Warren D Lawrance Flinders University, Australia
Physical chemistry; Chemical physics
DR FINIAN J LEEPER University of Cambridge, UK
Bio-organic chemistry, enzyme mechanisms and biosynthesis
Professor Lewis N Mander Australian National University, Australia
Organic synthesis
Professors Louise Antony and 
Joseph Levine (Joint)
The Ohio State University, USA
Philosophy of mind & language; cognitive science (both); feminist theory (Antony)
Professor Brian P McLaughlin Rutgers University, USA
Metaphysics; philosophy of language; epistemology; philosophy of mind
Professor Michael A Smith Australian National University, Australia
Moral philosophy; moral psychology; philosophy of action, mind, law & political philosophy
Professor Neil G Connelly  University of Bristol, UK
Transition metal chemistry; electron transfer in co-ordination & organometallic chemistry; electrochemistry for synthetic chemists
Professor Edwin C Constable Universität Basel, Switzerland
Supramolecular chemistry
Professor Peter M W Gill University of Nottingham, UK
Theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, computational chemistry
Professor Martha S Hanner California Institute of Technology/JPL,USA
Solar system astronomy; comets; design of experiments on space-craft
Professor Laurence A Marschall Gettysburg College, USA
Observational studies of binary stars, very young stars & supernovae; Astronomy education (Project CLEA); Science populariser
Professor Andries Meijerink Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands
Luminescence of various materials that are candidates for new phosphors for displays and lighting
Dr Paul T Anastas "White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, USA"
Green chemistry, science policy
Prof. Piergiorgio Casavecchia Universitá di Perugia, Italy
Physical chemistry; molecular dynamics
Professor Christopher J Easton Australian National University, Australia
Organic chemistry
Professor Jane Nelson Queens University, Northern Ireland
Physical inorganic chemistry of co-ordination complexes, concentrating on macrobicyclic ligands
Professor Terry Deshler University of Wyoming, USA
Atmospheric science, specifically Stratospheric Aerosols
Dr Joyce A Guzik Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Stellar evolution and pulsation; asteroseismology; radiation transport; hydrodynamics; nuclear reactions
Priv.-Doz. Dr Bernhard Kaiser Institute for Physical Chemistry, Germany
Clusters in the gas phase, nanostructures on surfaces
Dr Lewis H Ryder University of Kent, UK
Theoretical physics
Professor Robert J Donovan University of Edinburgh, UK
Photochemistry; laser chemistry; chemical physics
Professor Arthur B Ellis University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Materials science, chemical education
Professor Dr Heinrich Lang Tech. Universitat Chemnitz, Germany
Organometallic synthesis; molecular modelling; electron transfer processes
Em. Professor Freeman J Dyson Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton
Extra-terrestrial civilisations
Professor John R Percy University of Toronto, Canada
Variable star research; science education
DR CHRISTOPHER ABELLl University of Cambridge, UK
Bio-organic chemistry
Professor William E Geiger The University of Vermont
Inorganic chemistry; electrochemistry
Professor F Richard Keene James Cook University
Co-ordination chemistry of transition metals, esp. stereochemical issues
Professor M Tony Whitehead McGill University
Quantum chemistry; nuclear quadrupole resonance
Prof Colin A Bates University of Nottingham
Condensed matter theory
Dr Frank C Fekel Tennessee State University
Binary stars; active chromosphere stars; astronomical spectroscopy & interometry
Prof Wayne K Hocking The University of Western Ontario
Radar observations of the atmosphere; turbulence; meteors
Prof William Clegg University of Newcastle
Structural crystallography.
Prof Robert F Curl Rice University
Physical chemistry.
Dr Stephen Fletcher CSIRO, Australia
Electrochemistry; surface science.
Prof Nobuhiro Fusetani University of Tokyo
Chemistry of bioactive marine natural products; marine bio-fouling
Prof Martin Vala University of Florida
Spectroscopy; photochemistry; quantum theory.
PROF VOLKER HEINE University of Cambridge, UK
Theory of condensed matter physics and minerology
Prof Bernard E Jacquier CNRS-Universite Claude Bernard
Optical spectroscopy; laser properties of solid state luminescent materials
Prof David L Lambert University of Texas at Austin
Astrophysics - stars and the interstellar medium
Prof Alan O'Neill University of Reading
Meteorology; physics of the atmosphere
Prof Robert N Compton University of Tennessee
Photophysics; photochemistry; mass spectrometry; applications of lasers in in spectroscopy; ionization
Dr John H Dymond University of Glasgow
Accurate measurement, correlation, prediction and estimation of thermophysical properties
Prof Hanns Fischer Physikalisch-chemisches Institut der Universitat Zurich
Physical chemistry; magnetic resonance; fast reaction kinetics; photochemical charge transfer reactions
Prof Rudi van Eldik University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany
Application of high pressure techniques to chemical reaction; metal-catalysed autooxidation processes in atmospheric chemistry
Dr Gordon H Whitham Pembroke College, England
Exploratory and mechanistic studies of organoelement compounds, esp. organosulfur chemistry involving free-radicals